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Miniature Alliance - Singapore

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Roc, Nov 13, 2004.

  1. Roc Active Member


    Miniature Alliance of Singapore has a New release

    The Commando is a new release sculpted by Alan Chan and painted by Paul Quek.
    120mm. resin kit


    Roc. :)
  2. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    120mm, Bugger!
  3. Guy A Fixture

    I just got an email from Paul Quek, of Miniature Alliance and he sent me additional pictures of the Commando.

  4. Robin Active Member

    Is it me or is the pose abit well........ off, and what has he got down teh side of his pack, one side is teh entrenching tool handle the other looks like a machete

  5. Jason W. Active Member

    I like the pose...It looks like he's about to, or has just taken a shot at "Jerry". He would look much better though, peering around a building corner or such.

    The cup on the pack is a nice touch as well. (y)
  6. LCoote New Member

    I think both elbows are a bit high which makes the whole pose look odd, but apart from that, and the brim on the helmet being too big it looks pretty nice.
    According to the H&C british soldier book machetes were sometimes issued to vickers and bren crews, I guess they could be useful in the hedgerows.
  7. Johan Well-Known Member

    I bought this figure at Euromilitaire, and I can only recommend it, it's quite good (y) , the sculpting is quite "clean" and well cast. I hope Paul is going to release more WWII allied stuff - he was talking about some interesting projects he had in mind.
    The pose is actually quite good - the correct way to hold a rifle when advancing into enemy territory, ready to fire.
    Guy, do Miniature Alliance have an UPDATED website where we can see all the rest of their stuff as well ? (I only know of a site where you can see their first three releases)
  8. Guy A Fixture

    That is the only site I am aware of Johan. Not being updated is why I haven't included it with the News Releases.
  9. Pete_H New Member

    I have to agree with Leigh: the elbows look like they're too high, as if the guy's holding his arms up while firing. Doesn't look that natural.
  10. Johan Well-Known Member

    .... (sigh)... Negative waves, I suppose, eh ? ;) :lol:

    It's really a beautiful figure you know - and hey, why don't you get in touch with Paul, he's really very keen on D-Day subjects, ... US Airborne for example. ;)
  11. Le Lancier Member

    As Guy mentioned, there is only one known site for Miniature Alliance, and it's quite unfortunate that they haven't touched it in a long while. The design was very promissing.

    As for the figure, it is true that the pose may look a little odd, however, IMHO, the elbows are not set in an unatural position. I guess it's a question of opinion, nothing more... ;)


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