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Review Minamoto no Yoshitsune VS Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by yellowcat, Oct 23, 2019.

  1. yellowcat A Fixture

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is my two in one review of Pegaso 90mm white metal Minamoto no Yoshitsune VS Mitches Military 120mm resin Samurai Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

    Both figure kits are inspired from the painting by Ebine Shundo .


    The famous battle of Ichi-no Tani (1184) where Yoshitsune led his men in a hair-raising ride down the steep cliff and into the rear of the fort to take the Taira warriors by surprise on the narrow shore. Yoshitune and his men breached the Ichi-no-Tani fortress and then set it ablaze.

    Details of the releases:


    Title : General Minamoto no Yoshitsune
    Manufacturer: PEGASO MODELS
    Scale: 90mm (1:20)
    Sculptor: Viktor Konnov
    Material & no. of pieces: 65 white metal
    Order from : The Red Lancers

    Title : Samurai
    Scale: 120mm (1:16)
    Sculptor: Carl Reid
    Material & no. of pieces: 29 cream resin
    Order from : Mitches Military Models

    Parts View



    Head, Body and Arms View







    Armour Plates View

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  2. yellowcat A Fixture

    Horse View






    Horse Reins, Abumi and Ribbon Tassels View


    Taichi Sword, Bow and Arrows View



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  3. yellowcat A Fixture

    Base View



    Final thoughts:
    On Pegaso’s - Master sculptor Viktor Konnov had done it again. The kit is well sculpted and well researched with numerous parts. The white metal casting is great but not as sharp, crisp and clean as the good old Ray Lamb Poste Militaire’s. I bought the kit From The Red Lancers six months before Chuck passed away (R.I.P.) Received the kit with one of the part missing. Thank you to PF member Alex for the Pegaso contact to order my missing part. I would insert metal rods for the front legs to prevent it from collapsing. A magnificent kit and highly recommended. You can still get it from the new Pegaso website. It is not on sale but the original price has been discounted. I paid more than before.

    On Mitches’s – Another piece from Master sculptor Carl Reid. It seems like Master Reid had finished the sculpt in a hurry to get it release. Many of the parts are lack of details namely the tachi sword, the arrow case, the bow string case, armour plates, horse reins and aori (saddle flaps). There is no tanto knife and the horse abumi (stirrup) is a major disappointment. The scale of the figure (120mm) is questionable when compare to the one from Pegaso (90mm). The horse rear legs look really long to me. Received the kit directly from Mitches with numerous broken parts. Due to the type of resin which is hard and brittle. Parts were replaced promptly by Mitches. While taking pictures for this review I noticed one of the horse rein about five mm is missing. It looks like it was broken off while packing the kit. I haven’t had a resin kit with so many blocks to be trimmed and cut before assembling. I would again insert metal rod for the front leg to prevent it from collapsing. Not sure if you can order this kit, it is not listed on their website.

    Picture of the broken parts received
    IMG_0007a.jpg IMG_0008a.jpg IMG_0009a.jpg IMG_0012a.jpg IMG_0014a.jpg IMG_0021a.jpg IMG_0038a.jpg IMG_0045a.jpg



    P.S. : Please feel free to leave any comments.

    Some Yositsune armour photo and video references:
    28.jpg 33.jpg 34.jpg 35.jpg 29.jpg 31.jpg 32.jpg 30.jpg

    Re-live the Ichi- no Tani battle scene from the Japanese TV show.
    Fast forward to start at 29:50.
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  4. grasshopper A Fixture

    Like this style of review very much.. I think so much comes down to personal preferences in workflow. People talk about something beating better or making one better...I say it’s largely how working with metal feels vs working with resin...I enjoy metal and shy off the resin gates...but in some areas the resin might be more cleanly detailed, or in others an element might be over fragile in resin ...but more than that I just like metal...from your review I can chase down the Pegaso and be confident I won’t be negatively surprised. Ditto a resin guy knows what the job will entail...either looks to build up well..for my taste the resin would be work, the metal a pleasant challenge
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  5. Alex A Fixture

    Yeap, I agree. Going with 120 mm scale is fine but, more often than not, we do not see added details in most offerings (and this is true for most manufacturers).
    Excellent review !
    You can not have too many Pegaso samurai figures !
    With this figure (which I also have in my grey army), I think that a thick long steel pin is required going inside the base, then one leg, then the horse belly and ending inside the rider. In order to do so, you will have to cut one leg following Ivo's technique. If not, the metal itself will collapse with time and a small pin inserted in the leg won't be enough (the leg will snap if there is too much sideway stress).
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  6. yellowcat A Fixture

    Hi John,
    I am glad you like the style of my review. I just let the pictures do the talking. Actually I spent two days taking all the pictures. The first day it turned out too dark and I have to re-shoot everything. LOL

  7. kevininpdx Well-Known Member

    Why isn’t Pegaso inserting rods during casting? I have a 54mm rearing horse figure from Romeo and they did. Considering the money and time spent working on a 90mm mounted model it’s surprising.
  8. yellowcat A Fixture

    Hi Alex,

    You are so right about the details on some of the 120 mm scale figure kits. For the steel pin I would use Carr's low melt temperature solder to put the horse and base together.

  9. Oda A Fixture

    A splendid review by one of PF's most well versed members on all things samurai.Love the idea of side by side presentation as well as the fact that information on availability and where to buy is added.The subject is legendary for all of us Japanese History lovers and this review is one of the most detailed and well researched and documented I have ever come across.Well done indeed Felix.

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  10. fogie A Fixture

    Absolutely agree with Oda... an excellent review from someone who knows well of what he speaks. First class

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  11. Oda A Fixture

    The Great Konnov is probably one of the most -if not the single most- well versed sculptors on samurai subjects.I cannot spot a single inaccuracy or fault in his representation of japanese armour of all ages.It is so sad that he has been absent for so long.Perhaps Pegaso's recent release of a 200mm mongol heralds his return to active sculpting.

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  12. NeilW A Fixture

    Superb review: a few comments but otherwise the pictures say it all.
  13. fogie A Fixture

    The value of a detailed and balanced review of this depth can't be overestimated. The overwhelming excitement when two such
    figures are first released generally drives us to buy them sight unseen. An overview like this however checks that impulsive reaction.
    For me what emerges here are two offerings simply not up to snuff - the overall quality of casting is just not good enough. This is
    just a personal view of course, and my judgement is coloured admittedly by comparisons with Ray Lamb's Poste Militaire stuff all
    those years ago, and ....Heresy Alert !! ...long held doubts about Pegaso and the sculpting abilities of Carl Reid. Terrific stuff Felix
    thank you

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  14. yellowcat A Fixture

    Check out this old thread Poste Miltaire vs Pegaso


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  15. grasshopper A Fixture

    Bonapartes still offers PM kits on eBay and their site..surely by now the moulds are past their best before date? I’ve been accumulating a few of the originals, and while sculpts are often now more expressive and animated, there is nothing that fits or hefts the same as original PM. Nor were they rushed to market with huge casting gates and flash as seems the case now (especially with some resin)
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  16. Ronaldo A Fixture

    Well put
  17. fogie A Fixture

    Interesting old thread, Felix - nothing much seems to have changed, does it :)rolleyes:) ? I became a Ray Lamb 'complete-ist' more than forty
    years ago and happily seem to have pretty much all of his commercially produced stuff. Little point in dwelling on old times though - we've
    all moved on, as has this hobby. I believe that today we are in the middle of wonderful times for model figures, with some seriously skilful
    sculptors and manufacturers offering us some stupendous high quality work. It's just my personal conviction that Pegaso and Carl Reid
    are not amongst them ( ... did I just hear the metaphorical crash of a brick through my window ? ) Thanks again for the great review and
    all power to your elbow.

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  18. Ronaldo A Fixture

    Im not so sure we are in a golden era , granted there is a vast amount of models coming out week by week , but I know if I have an issue with Pegaso stuff they will do there best to sort it.
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