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MilMod Vol34 No 04 Apr May 2004

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by RobH, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. RobH Active Member

    Hi all

    Saturday morning and just got my subscription copy of Military Modelling; nice read with my cup of tea (British, me).

    Quick summary of what might interest readers over here in the Planet

    Famous British Regiments: 28th Reg of Foot 1694 - 1881, 61st 1756-1881, The Gloucestershire Reg 1881-1914

    Will I see you Again? by Calvin Tan: 8 pages on mainly the painting of Calvins 120mm Marine at Hue, that some of us here saw at Euro Militaire

    US Marine Recce Desert Storm: by Bob Knee Jnr: 6 pages on 2 120 mm Velinden figures in a Vignette showing the 6 colour chocolate chip camo and the newer 3 color deset camo.

    How to Paint Realistic Leather: by Hardy Tempest; 2 pages covering Hardy's leather painting technique as seen on his version of Latorre's WW1 pilot.

    There you go then; not too bad. In the UK shops next Friday, I believe.

    Morning All :lol:

  2. Robin Active Member

    Thanks dood

    Look forward to mine off teh shelves on friday, still waiting for my HM from bonapartes

    No mags all weekend to read :(

  3. Guy A Fixture

    Just got my HM in the mail.........now I have something to read while this "Garage Sale" is going on. Last day of the sale with a lil coin for that figure I have been drooling over.
  4. johnbrewer New Member

    robin, they are on the way. I picked mine up from the shop on Saturday. just happened to be near the shop while visiting my parents. four boxes of mags ready to be posted.
  5. johnbrewer New Member

    Rob H, do you think that the ad on page 15 of mil mod will generate any letters to the editor?.
  6. RobH Active Member


    Quite possibly! Saw Miniature at Euro and noticed these.

    Quite freaky in their realism!

    Remember similar subject matter causing a flurry of letters in Historical Miniatures sometime back.

    we'll see

  7. Robin Active Member

    Thanks for the info John

  8. Lou Masses Member

    What's in the ad?
  9. RobH Active Member


    Asian Girls! thumbnail sized pics of upper bodies! Very realistic.

    from Miniature Park in Japan

  10. Lou Masses Member

    Oh, THAT letter to the editor!
  11. Pete_H New Member

    Are you serious? I hope we all don't have to read about that "argument" again. Seriously, wouldn't people be taking this argument a bit too far by complaining about this sort of stuff? We see almost the same thing on a daily basis in Britney Spears videos and Victoria's Secret catalogs (just trying to keep it mild here).
  12. RobH Active Member

    Well, the issue hasn't hit the shelves officially yet, so we'll see.

    There's always something for Mr Nimby of Tunbridge-Wells to get uppity about.


  13. Lou Masses Member

    "There's always something for Mr Nimby of Tunbridge-Wells to get uppity about."

    Maybe Mr Nimby needs some of those figures sent to his house!
  14. Pete_H New Member

    Or maybe he needs the real thing :eek: :lol:
  15. johnbrewer New Member

    How about something even more shocking than the naked ladies!!!!!!!!. Le Cimier bust 1/6 th scale of an talin knight in ornate armour, a snip at 72 pounds 50 pence with three pounds postage and packing. Or $130 approx !!!!!!!!!!!!!. Must be very expensive resin in that one

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