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Milenko in primer

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by bosko b, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. bosko b Member

    Hi all,

    This is my figure of football player Milenko Acimovic in primer.
    It is not completely scratch built, I have used a converted plastic head and legs, everything else is done in Duro aka. green stuff and Andrea sculpt.
    I am still not sure about adding a ball on his foot.

    I look forward to your coments,

    kind regards,


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  2. bosko b Member

    another one

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  3. bosko b Member

    last one

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  4. Joe Hudson Active Member


    I really love it! I have toyed with this idea myself but you have done a really great job.

    Look forward to seeing it painted. I would add the ball if not on his foot maybe down on the ground.

  5. Robert Merz New Member

  6. fsdesimone Member

    I like that Luka - nice motion going on there. Definitely add the ball.

  7. Manfred Active Member

    Nice dynamic work Luka !

    I think adding a ball would be cool.
  8. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Luca, as usual Manfred is talking sense and is absolutely right. You have to add a ball. This is an already excellent figure, but a ball wold make him unstopable. I've never actually herad of the player though, tell us about him.
  9. bosko b Member

    Thanks for the nice words!

    Looks like the ball question us not a question any more :)

    I had some thoughts about the ball; mostly because the best position for it (to capture the moment) would be in mid air and the options for doing that are very limited as I do not want a "ball on a stick". The only option I could think of was suspending it on a piece of fishing line but I do not think that would look natural either. Any other ideas?

    An alternative option is a "ball on the foot" -the moment of contact. This is an easier option that may even enhance the impression of movement. I'll try how it looks later today and let you know.

    best wishes,

  10. bosko b Member

    Hi Anthony,

    I can not say I am surprised you have not heared of him, although he did spend a season in England as a member of Tottenham, but played very little. He got there from Rad star Belgrade after 2002 world cup, being one of two slovene players ever to score on a world cup. He is currently a member of Lille and is a standard member of the first eleven.
    He is an offensive midfielder with great technical skills, as in case of the majority of slovene players, the greatest achievements of his career are associated with the national team, so I chose to model him in the national kit.

    Here is a picture

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  11. thegoodsgt Active Member

    Awesome animation! And it's great to see such an interesting non-military figure. Athletes provide such a rich source of interesting subjects.
  12. jjgurk Member

    Great figure Luka and excellent animation. Looking forward to seeing him finished.

  13. nagashino New Member

    Hi Luka

    Very nice work, and you have captured his likeness extremely well. Just shows, as with this and Francesca's excellent work with ice hockey subjects, and Bill Horan's baseball greats , figures don't need to be carrying cutlery or cannons to be interesting and dynamic ;)

    I look forward to seeing this one in paint.

    Kind regards

  14. Roy New Member

    You got that right Phil....sport is such a large part of our day-to-day news it's surprising how little we see it modelled....but it's great that those with the passion for creating these little sports personalities have such talent....and this one is great...I wonder why he didn't get to play much for Spurs...?
    Personally...I can't wait to see where Luka places the football...it's a bit like the old spot the ball pictures in the papers years ago....

  15. nagashino New Member

    Roy, I'll send you a sheet of those little crosses!

    Can we expect a Charlton Athletic character from the Roy Hunt stable in the future :lol:

    See you shortly

  16. fsdesimone Member

    Luka, I really do think this is a great figure, but I just noticed that the hands look a little thick... almost like he's wearing gloves. Perhaps you want to thin them a little bit?

  17. Roy New Member

    Well Phil...I must confess to having some thoughts about a footballer....but not one from Charlton.....but there are some tempting Italian and Spanish characters that would be make great subjects, but that's another story.

    Looking forward to the crosses...thank you. :lol:

  18. megroot A Fixture

    You are struggling with placing the ball. I remember such a " pose " of Marco van Basten, a famous Dutch player. He gets the ball out the air on his right foot, and in just a smooth movement score's the winning goal for the Dutch team.
    It is also possible for you the put the ball on his left shoe. Just like Marco.
    I think it solves the problem of the fishing line, and it is football correct.

  19. bosko b Member

    Thank you for your kind comments! I'm glad you like the figure

    Phil I am glad you mentioned Francesca's excellent work with ice hockey subjects, and Bill Horan's baseball players. Bill's work made me realize that non military subjects can be interesting and Francesca's work got me to start working on this figure after almost a year of no progress.

    Roy, I think it is because he is not as strong physically, a player in england has to be able to run for 90+ minutes non stop and he just could not do it.

    Hi Francesca, you are right about the thickness of the hands, he actually is wearing gloves.
    This is the outfit I did

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  20. fsdesimone Member

    LOL! Then they look fine. :lol:
    (I had looked at the picture you posted earlier in the thread where he isn't wearing gloves).

    Oh, and that's very nice of you to say that the hockey figures gave you a little creative energy. I'm glad to hear that.


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