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Milenko Acimovic in progress

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by bosko b, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. bosko b Member

    Hi all,

    This is what I have been working on for quite some time but made little progress until this week.
    It is a 52mm football player, Milenko Acimovic to be precise (he plays for Lille and is a mamber of the Slovene national team), in Slovene national kit.

    The figure is a combination of plastic parts and duro. Legs and head are modified Academy's French foreign legion set parts, hands/ glows are from Tamiya and an old Dragon torso was used to form the core.

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  2. RobH Active Member

    Hey Luka........excellent start!

    After seeing Bill Horan's Baseball players, I've been toying with some doing some sportsmen myself (not forgetting Joe Hudson's golfer....).

    I thought about football players too........maybe George Best!

    This I do like though!


  3. bosko b Member

    Here are some pictures of the man himself. The most obvious thing about him is that compared to other players he is quite skinny and that was one of the main features I was concerned about while sculpting the arms and torso.

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  4. bosko b Member

    Thanks Rob, a football player has been on my mind for years, I just never had the guts to seriously start one (dynamic poses, muscles anatomy etc.) It is this place (the work of other modelers) that has taught me that nothing is impossible and I decided to have a go.

    Here is another pict (the pose is taken from the b&w picture above)

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  5. bosko b Member

    back view

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  6. RobH Active Member

    Yeah, with football players you need to need to get the muscles in the legs right - if you choose a sport with long trousers..............!

    I'm starting a cricketer......a sport that means nothing to most of the membership here! Although lots of motion and dynamic posing possible, plus the chance to sculpt tight crease and paint whites!

    And a seperate head too! Was that intentional? I know that my armatures often break in weak spots and I end up with multipart sculpts.......quite useful but never intentional!

  7. Jason W. Active Member

    Looking good so far, Luka! Keep at it!
  8. bosko b Member

    I must say I am very familiar with that
    The head was supposed to come off but did not :angry: (not enough hand lotion) so I had to brake it off ruining the collar. On the other hand the left leg, that was supposed to stay in place did not. It broke off under the knee. It actually slipped of the armature wire and is now detachable. :)
  9. bosko b Member

    Thanks Jason :)
  10. Joe Hudson Active Member

    This is looking really nice. I had always planned on doing one of these myself. I had dreamed of doing one of Pele in the bicycle kick. Still just a dream. :) Look forward to seeing the rest of this one.

  11. amherbert Member

    A cricketer would be cool!

    Batsman or bowler?

    A vignette of wicket keeper, stumps and batter would be very cool.

    My Dad taught me a little about cricket, and I saw it on TV when living in the UK.

  12. amherbert Member

    Your footballer looks great.
    I can't wait to see him finished!

  13. RobH Active Member

    Andy.....I think this guy would be interesting:


    I legend in cricketing....Umpire Dickie Bird (yes folks, that's his real name!)
  14. amherbert Member

    Hi Rob

    I always thought it was funny how the umpire ended up with so much kit! That picture shows it all! At least he won't get cold!!! :lol:


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