Mikhail Tuchachevsky

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by Martin Rohmann, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    Almost certainly following this example ...



    ...the Russian sculptor Vitali Borodin made beautiful figure of the commander (and later marshal) Mikhail Nikolayevich Tukhachevsky, which can be purchased in 54 mm (Resin) at Yevgeny Strelakov.

    The price is 800 rubles (almost 11 euros).



    Tuchatschweskij was certainly the most capable commander of the Red Army during the civil war, extremely popular with his soldiers and was often called the "red Napoleon", which has hurt him a lot!

    For the landlord Yossif Vissarionovich Stalin did not like popular people (more popular than himself!) and certainly not those who were valued by military circles!

    Stalin let him arrest in 1937, sentencing to death in a show trial as "Trotskyist" and "foreign spy" and executing on the same day (12 June 1937).

    Preorders by PM only here...:


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  2. Zogar Zag Member

    Tukhachevsky was never a commander, he was famous for the fact that during the Civil War he poisoned the Tambov peasants with combat gases, and also for the fact that in a campaign against Poland he grabbed the dule from Pilsudsky and fled from there losing his pants ;)
  3. fogie A Fixture

    Did he do all this in the dead of night ? The photo suggests he did.... this might be a good figure but who can tell ?
  4. Vital Active Member

    Tukhachevsky was far from the most talented red commander, but very ambitious and with monstrous conceit. The nickname "red Napoleon" did not offend him, and he was flattered. His mediocre actions contributed to the failure of the Red Army in the Polish campaign of 1920. His destructive doctrine, "The War of Small Blood on the Territory of the Enemy," played a role in the grave defeats of the Red Army in 1941. In the mid-thirties, a group of senior commanders of the Red Army led by Tukhachevsky plotted to seize power in the USSR. But Stalin was ahead of the “junta.” The trial of Tukhachevsky’s gang provoked mass repressions among representatives of power structures and the party apparatus, as a result many enemies of the Soviet state were destroyed, but this also affected many innocent people.

    The figure is good - there are similarities with Tukhachevsky, but the photos are very dark.
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  5. svt Active Member

    During his service in the tsarist army, Tukhachevsky was an officer, and during the Civil War he was commander of the army, and at different times was appointed commander of various military formations - if this is not a commander, then who?
    Is it a beautiful fairy tale about pants?
    Much has been written about the suppression of peasant uprisings during the war, but we must understand that it was such times, and the Whites did the same (the use of chemical weapons during the war was then still the norm, because the Geneva Protocol prohibiting the use of chemical weapons was drafted and signed later). The capture and executions of hostages and much more only confirmed the identity of the commander as not knowing pity, as the French officer wrote, who was with Tukhachevsky in German captivity during the First World War. Alas, at that time such were the morals of the warring parties, which is now extremely difficult for us to accept.

    In any case, I did not see anyone writing lies, provocations, and only negative facts about the activities of the White Movement leaders in Russia, figurines of which were published on this forum. Endless debate about who is right, who is to blame, who has done more evil in history, with an understanding of those events from our modern point of view, will not lead to anything good.

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