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Michael Kontraros: Vampire Queen

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by JOEYR, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. JOEYR Member

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to share some points and my opinion about the figure called Vampire Queen from Michael Kontraros i have just recieved in the mail:

    - Figure seems to be smaller than advertised. It is clearly not 54mm (1:32) scale figure, more like 1:35 as you can see in attached picture (see fig. 2 - comparison to 1:35 Tamiya figure), which is quite a big difference when it comes to painting or if you want to make a diorama and try to pair it with a 54mm figure from different manufacturer.

    - Casting of the figure is really bad - there are multiple bubbles and holes (on the sleeves - see fig. 3) and what is even worse some of them are on the head of the figure (mainly chin and tip of the nose - see fig. 3).
    - One of the eyes is misshaped.
    - Manufacturer is advertising: "High Quality Resin Casting ... (perfect copies, no finishing needed)" which is really a bad joke considering above mentioned.

    - Figure i recieved was packed in cardboard box instead of metal box that the manufacturer is advertising.

    In conclusion this a big disappointment for me, the first and the last figure i have ever bought from this manufacturer. NOT RECOMMENDED!!!

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  2. DaddyO A Fixture

    Well first off sorry to hear that you disappointed with your purchase. At the risk of repeating what is often said when someone posts a complaint like this - have you contacted the supplier or Michael directly to see if they can offer any solution to your complaints?
    It seems that too many people jump to complain first on public forums like this without trying to sort the 'issues' out directly first. The amount of time it takes to produce and release a figure is staggering and often done more for the love of it that to make a fortune - Seems a pity to use this forum to complain

    Answering your complaints -
    Did you buy the figure directly or from a reputable supplier? (The only Kontraros figure I have is not only impeccably cast, but supplied in a tin)
    Women are generally smaller than men so I'd expect it to be smaller than a similar male figure
    54mm is not a scale, but a measurement. It gives an approximate indication of the figures size only and hardly warrants a complaint

    I've no connection to Michael Kontraros and no particular axe to grind, but I dislike this sort of post slagging off a producer without any indication that they have had the opportunity to attend to the complaints

    Just my opinion
  3. JOEYR Member

    Hi Paul,

    is it really too much to ask for that a manufacturer checks the quality of casting before he sends the miniature out?

    In this case it is really apparent that the manufacturer just didnt even bother to check the figure before packaging, therefore in my oppinion I am entitled to write about or describe (you call this "slagging of" and "complaining") the product I have recieved on this forum so that other people could think twice before buying the figure in question. This is after all the significance of any review - but it seems that as soon as the review is a negative one some people are going to think of it as "complaing" and "slagging of". And because "The amount of time it takes to produce and release a figure is staggering and often done more for the love of it that to make a fortune" I am aparently expected to be fine with this.

    I bought the miniature from reputable suplier - Berliner Zinnfiguren for 45EUR which is a lot of money for me and therefore I have expected more from the figure. I dont think this is too much to ask for, since I have seen many figures from different manufacturers and the quality of casting on this one is simply one of the worst, if not the worst one even compared to much cheaper figures.
    I am buying figures only from reputable supliers and never recasts because I want to support the original creators, but in return I expect the figures to be of reasonable quality - I dont mind some shortcomings but to recieve a figure like this - with two bubbles and misshapen eye on a 3mm face, I mean come on thats just lazy!

    This is just my opinion,

    PS: And you can call 54 mm whatever you want - a scale or a measure it doesnt matter, but if you put two 54 mm figures side by side they should approximately match (of course that women are going to be smaller and so on) as you have written yourself, otherwise what is a point to even write it on a box.

    PPS: And why should the producer have "the opportunity to attend to the complaints" before I publish my opinion on the delivered product? I mean do you even understand the concept of a review?

    PPPS: To answer your question: "have you contacted the supplier or Michael directly to see if they can offer any solution to your complaints?" What does this have to do with my opinion? I mean the review of a delivered product and the obligation of a producer to fix any eventual shortcomings of the product has nothing in common whatsoever - I have written about a product that was delivered to me originally. Or do you think I should have asked for a replacament, and than write about how flawless it is?

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  4. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    I agree Joey, the idea of a forum is the ability to express views on our hobby, if that includes calling producers to account for producing shoddy products then so be it.. it seems to me that a gulf is widening in terms of production quality, particularly with resin products. The Russians and Ukrainians seem to lead the way with YS probably foremost in western Europe.
    Rightly or wrongly I get the impression that there is a dearth of professional casters in Europe with smaller companies either self casting, very successfully in some cases,, or struggling to get their products to market due to a lack of casters. We have witnessed this on planet in recent months..
    What ever the circumstances there is no excuse for shoddy products and a company with the reputation of kontraros deserves to be brought to task, they also have an equal right to defend themselves on this forum.
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  5. DaddyO A Fixture

    So if I understand correctly Joey you assume that because you have had a problem with a figure you are entitled to 'review' it even if this may be a one off case. Seems like you are not trying to 'review' this figure and supplier, but using this forum to make a complaint about the 'problems' you have
    You are of course entitled to complain TO THE MANUFACTURER. If you do not receive a satisfactory response then feel free to post away and I will gladly hold your coat whilst you do.

    I perfectly understand English (as well as sarcasm) and yes thank you I do understand the concept of a review
    A review should be an impartial and objective view of the product.

    Like it or not 54mm is not a scale and there have been numerous threads and discussions about this. Some manufacturers use the measurement from the base of the figure to the top of the head, others to the eyes. You cannot assume that two 54mm figures will be the same height. You can assume that two 1/35th scale figures should be given the natural variation. The difference is that one is a scale the other a nominal height - hardly worth complaining about and true of all suppliers of '54mm' figures.

    Yes I absolutely believe that the manufacturer has the right to know if there is a fault with a product.
    If you bought anything else would you first go to the supplier/manufacturer to complain or post a 'review' complaining about it?

    I'm afraid I have little time for such nonsense - Life is too short.
    If you've got a problem get in touch with the supplier and the manufacturer instead of whining about it
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  6. JOEYR Member

    "So if I understand correctly Joey you assume that because you have had a problem with a figure you are entitled to 'review' it even if this may be a one off case."
    You understand it completely wrong, I am entitled to write a review (see my definition bellow) because I want to share my experience with other users of this forum so they would be aware about what to expect when they order this figure, and I have never said that my experience is going to apply to every Michael Kontraros figure out there, that is purely your assumption. Also I must say that I have written miniature reviews on this forum in past that were very favourable for the producers and nobody said that I am not entitled to do so.

    "A review should be an impartial and objective view of the product."
    You cannot be serious, a review is a always just an glorified opinion (even when written by an AI - really this is not a joke). There isnt anything like objective review, just go and look at the Imdb for yourself (try to find an "impartial and objective" Game of thrones season 8 review for example;) ).

    "Like it or not 54mm is not a scale"
    Actually the Michael Kontraros webpage itself begs to differ with you on this one, just go and check for yourself;). And anyway, I dont like it - so it is okay to sell 32mm figure with 22mm base as a 54mm figure and you are going to be fine with it? I mean come on dont be ridiculous now.

    "Yes I absolutely believe that the manufacturer has the right to know if there is a fault with a product.
    Do you think that Roger Egbert first sends his reviews to the film producers and if they dont agree to change the movie in accordance only then publishes the review?

    If you bought anything else would you first go to the supplier/manufacturer to complain or post a 'review' complaining about it?"
    Oh yes, I absolutely would. Here is an example for you: I have bought a TV last year. The TV had missing buttons and some pixels were dead. I have returned the TV to the store, but in meantime I have told all my friends (in this case other Planetfigure users) what happened so that they would be aware of the issue (you telling your mates something like this is also a form of a review, whether you realize it or not) and I have also written a opinion (again review) on the internet.

    And again this is not a nonsense for me, I like this hobby too much for that.
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  7. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    "A review should be an impartial and objective view of the product."

    In my opinion reviews only have worth if the reviewer first confirms that they have bought and paid for the product-turkeys don't vote for Xmas and reviewers don't bite the hand that feeds them.
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  8. JOEYR Member

    I hereby declare that I have bought and paid for the aformentioned turkey by myself :)
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  9. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Which makes your review very relevant..........LOL
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  10. heraklius New Member

    Honestly, I have already purchased this figure as well , and I have to say that the size of it was to me surprising. The casting was not perfect, but with a good cutter it was easily done. Mine came in a metal box, so my question is this : did you order it directly to Michael Kontraros or else ? : But I insist on one point . I had a lot of joy in painting this figure ! And I would do it once again with much pleasure.
  11. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    The figure was purchased from a reputable dealer according to the above....Berliner Zinnfiguren for 45EUR
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  12. JOEYR Member

    Hi Heraklius,

    as Tecumsea pointed out the figure was bought from a reputable dealer, but when it comes to casting quality it indeed looks more like a recast.

  13. Janos Nagy New Member

    Unfortunately i have the same experience with M Kontraros like Joeyr. I wanted to desperately buy his Saint George figure, willing to spend 100 euros. Luckily this happened on a fair and I could open the box, and faced the exact same casting issues as above.
    Despite how much I like the sculpting, the quality was just not worth 100 euros.
    Do we really trying to compare here the so cold `reviews of free manufacturer samples` (which is more a PR of pre-selected samples) vs the real shopping experience of ordinary hobbist? com`on
    I do get all the challenges the figure manufacturers going through, but we deserve to know if it is a hit or miss when we order something from them.
    btw Nutsplanet, Young, Life miniatures figures I would order anytime, never had a QC issue with them
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  14. JOEYR Member

    Hi Janos,

    first of all thank you for your reply. To share "the real shopping experience", as you have put it, whether good or bad is exactly the point of my critique (review, opinion whatever you want to call it). The producers shouldnt be above criticism just because they are (supposedly) passionate about their work, especially if the solution to the problem is so obvious (just do the quality check before packing the miniature) and should really be considered a standard practice.

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  15. franck edet A Fixture

    to me the fact that you don'T get the metal box seems suspicious ...
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  16. Warren SMITH Well-Known Member

    Hi Joeyr,
    are you going to complete the figure, Ive just looked at the site and their finished figure does look very nice...
    Over the years I think we all have bought figures, metal and resin with flaws.. and yes the manufacturer should be held to account and in this case contacted and informed of the problems so that they can be addressed their end so the next punter doesnt have to get an inferior product. Quality control doesnt always pick up all errors, cars are a perfect example of that.
    I have read on this forum on a number of occasions where people have not even received what they have ordered and all attempts to contact the supplier have gone unanswered. Customer service/satisfaction is paramount in any business.
    Thank you for reviewing the figure and I do again hope you will be able to fix the flaws and produce a great finished figure...


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  17. Helm A Fixture

    I only own one MK figure. Brought from a very disreputable dealer (Del :sneaky:) it's well cast and in a tin box, something isn't right here. If it was me I'd be onto the supplier about the fact it was not in the correct packaging.
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  18. DEL A Fixture

    Bertrelli Inc. is busy stamping out metal boxes from empty Tennents Super Lager cans............our new mission statement..
    Derek CEO STD VD {and scar)
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  19. Helm A Fixture

  20. JOEYR Member

    Hi Franck,
    the figure is from a reputable dealer and the box itself otherwise seems legit so there is not really a reason to be suspicious in my opinion.

    Hi Smithy,
    I like the design of this figure very much, so I may return to it in the future but now it goes straight to my GA since I am just too dissapointed with it.
    I dont think it is really fair to compare miniature manufacture and car manufacture - well, maybe in this case you could maybe argue that to recieve a figure with flaws like this is similar to buying a car with a half of its hood scratched. I dont mind some flaws, but in this case it is just too much, too obvious and simply just lazy.

    Hi Steve,
    I dont really care that much about the packaging of the figure, the only significance of a metal box as a package is to make sure that the miniature doesnt get damaged while it is in the transit, which is not this case. I have written about it here just to prove a point.

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