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Metal models conversion 1

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Ron Tamburrini, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    New project one of a three part scene .

    A juxtaposition of two figures and some spares .
    I know it is just a bit of wid and some bare metal , and might upset a certain member who likes to hear confessions but hey ho:D

    IMG_1513.JPG IMG_1519.JPG IMG_1516.JPG
  2. Huw63 A Fixture

    Now this will be interesting to see what the finished project will be....


  3. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

  4. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Brian I would like to do a rolled blanket /cloak on this guy but cant get it to sit right at the back due to the cartridge pouch and a bit concerned about cutting a section out to make it work .
    I have a spare hussar body so might try it on that first :facepalm:
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  5. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    I know you will get it right ron,thinking it through and good planning are your forte,i quietly confident you'll sort it
  6. Rich Sculpts A Fixture

    The composition of the horse and rider works really well, should be a corker when painted up (y)

  7. brian A Fixture

    Very interesting Ron.
  8. DaddyO A Fixture

    Nice Ron - and you mention two others to accompany it . . . .?
  9. DEL A Fixture

    I suppose you could try and lay the figure face down cover back with clingfilm and then lay the modeled blanket in position while soft.
    Is the cartridge pouch rigid? if so the blanket should find a natural lie.
    A wee bit of tweaking and then raise the angle of the figure, let gravity assist and see what happens.
    Horse and rider work really well, plenty of animation without being overdone (y)
  10. megroot A Fixture

    Nice work. gonna follow it closely.

  11. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Some small progress on this .
    Made a blanket roll out of green stuff , cut away a bit of the cartridge belt for a better fit , the bottom of the blanket will hide the slight stretching of the body to get the desired lean into the horse as its about to turn which exposed the absence of the barrel sash as the figure is wearing the Pelisse and will also make the sabretache slings a bit easier to deal with, the rein assembly is mostly in place just some slight trimming to pull taught when the figure is finally set in place .
    So all just about ready for priming .
    Ps snapped the plume off for a second time with a bit of careless handling :eek: got one spare left:)
    I will take this to the prime stage and set aside and start the second figure.

    IMG_1523.JPG IMG_1529.JPG
    all comments good and bad accepted :)

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  12. Huw63 A Fixture

    Looks good Ron - your putting this one together quickly and the rider really matches he horse.

    One question about your sources: the covered cartridge belt implies an officer in service or campaign dress and he has a rolled greatcoat too. I've never seen that combination on an officer, I've only seen a rolled greatcoat on a cavalry officer depicted on dismounted cavalry officers during the retreat from Moscow - I'm not saying that it never happened but I was curious about the source and am as ever happy to be corrected.


  13. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Huw he is an officer on escort duty 1812 campaign , as far as my resources say all the escort was picked from officers at this time .
    Some conflicting points though as a certain general said that the Chasseurs of the Garde entered Russia only with the Dolman and cape, but I am trying to stay close to the pictorial ref I have for this little scene .
    looks like you know your nap stuff :) so how did you miss the fact of the Valise :D
  14. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    This is looking very nice ron,the rolled blanket looks very good (y)
  15. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Cheers Brian , not happy with the horse pose and will relegate it to position two , keep the rider for the lead and do a heavily converted for the first as it sets the whole thing off .
    Painting will be taxing as I want as much as possible completed pre paint .
    These MM horses are cracking but they do need some serious work just to get the mould lines off
  16. Huw63 A Fixture

    Hi Ron

    Fair points - Valise was part of the Hungarian furniture for light cavalry officers on service, esecially more junior officers. On parade it probably wouldnt be used especially if they had a pantherskin schabraque. The greatcoat would be stored over the pistol holsters (which would render them pretty useless in an emergency).

    As for the dress the dolman and greatcoat would tie up with reference to the red lancers whose rank and file wore their stable jackets according to many sources.

    As for the escort be careful as there was a squadron - L'escadaron du sacre - formed only of officers to escort Napoleon during the retreat. I've a list of it's members somewhere and they were a formidable bunch of experience officers. Earlier in the campaign I believe it was the usual Guard Chasseur service squadron but as uausal I stand to be corrected.

    Finally I agree MM horses are great but the removal of mould lines takes a lot of work - sometimes It seems endless.

    Have fun and enjoy.


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  17. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    You now have given me the perfect title for this piece Huw
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  18. peedee A Fixture

    You may very well be having problems with this Ron, but you chose a great pose, as always I'm keenly watcjing this develop.
    The idea promises great things to come I think.
  19. fabrizio1969 A Fixture


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