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Medieval Soldier bust from S2K

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi Everyone

    Life's been busy to say the least so now its time to share some releases amongst them is this one from Sovereign 2000 which is owned by PF member Marc Day who had the opportunity to obtain some of the old masters from what was Wolf Miniatures with the view to reworking and re-releasing


    So what I am looking at is not a new release but a re-release under the S2K brand

    This was the original box art which I am sure you will agree did it no favour when first released and I was a little concerned when asked to review it after seeing this xxxxxx.jpg

    Medieval Armies used many different types of clothing, some wearing the civilian attire some in armour ours release has no armour , with a very distinctive hat which can be seen in the medieval manuscript pictures below , the familiar gambeson or arming coat was also worn sometimes short sleeved others long with padded/puffed shoulders based on the original Lubeck item ( see reproduction below )

    00000000.jpg 000000000.jpg x.jpg 00000000000000.jpg 000000000000000.jpg 0000000000000000.jpg 0000000000.jpg
    000000.jpg xxxxx.jpg

    As always books are available (and of course the www ) for further research , here are a few you might wish to view

    xx.jpg xxx.jpg xxxx.JPG 00000000000.jpg 000000000000.jpeg 0000000000000.jpg 00000000000000000.jpg 0000000.jpg

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap Forum Moderator

    Lets see what we are looking at:

    Title: Medieval Soldier

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of parts: 2

    Casting: In House by Marc Day

    Box Art: None available for the re-release

    The review item came in a simple but suitable box , no details on but this will be on production pieces , parts surrounded by foam chippings .

    Parts consist of just 2 , the torso and the head


    S2K Medieval 019.jpg


    As you can see there are large casting gates on both pieces but I am happy to say that Marc has positioned these to enable easy access ( on the torso they are on the under edge , on the head at the top ....all will just need carefully snipped off and then sanded down .

    Fit of the head to the neck area of torso is good resulting him looking to his left .

    On the underside there is a centred hole for drilling to fit a post for display if you wish.

    I suggest as with all resin you wash the pieces to remove any possible casting residue

    Lets look at the larger of the pieces ...

    Torso :

    As said wearing a puffed gambeson jacket with nicely defined sections with the studs holding them in position , the jacket itself has signs of wear and tear with tiny rips and cuts , the neck area is surrounded by a high collar again in sectioned .

    Under the coat we have mail and a small collar showing good casting on both , the jacket itself is held together by ties the ends hang at the lower edge of the collar .

    Despite the wear on the gambeson this character is I think well protected , certainly a lot better than the common peasantry soldiery .

    There is no emblems on the jacket but certainly space to add one ...perhaps using photo etch items

    S2K Medieval 002.jpg

    S2K Medieval 010.jpg

    S2K Medieval 003.jpg S2K Medieval 004.jpg S2K Medieval 005.jpg

    S2K Medieval 009.jpg S2K Medieval 008.jpg S2K Medieval 007.jpg

    On to the 2nd piece:


    Wearing the "Robin hood style" fore and aft hat with a lining of perhaps wool , nicely textured not only on the pulled up section but under the peak at the front.

    Hair is sculpted on , with strands coming out from the underneath of the headwear , for me I think the hair sits a little proud to the neck so I will increase the bulk.

    Facially this is a really determined looking fellow chin pushing forward , mouth shut with the eyes staring ( even when not painted !!) , the eyes are easy to get access to for painting which is a bonus , good shaping with eyebrows slightly furrowed above .

    S2K Medieval 017.jpg S2K Medieval 012.jpg

    S2K Medieval 016.jpg S2K Medieval 015.jpg S2K Medieval 014.jpg

    S2K Medieval 018.jpg S2K Medieval 013.jpg

    Finally lets have some built up pictures from S2K website


    xxxxxxxx.jpg xxxxxxxxxx.jpg


    Final thoughts

    This is a bust that that is on initial view looks fairly plain, its a very quick and simple build with minimum prep but offers interesting options for you do do as you wish , like adding a heraldic design or perhaps a weapon being carried , maybe a crossbow , the clothing is an area you could really use weathering effects on.

    Its good to see this available again and will soon be put onto the website ( there is a contact tab there as well) , or you could message via this forum.

    Website details: www.sovereign2000.uk.com

    You can also purchase this from www.historexagents.com

    Thanks to Marc for the review item and to you all for looking in

    Happy bench time

  3. megroot PlanetFigure Supporter

    Looks really good. Buy a Voltiquer bust from sovereign2000 at Veldhoven and whas suprised about the quality and sharpness of the casting.
    And for less money then the "great ones" bring there bust.
    I must echo you Nap. Its great value for less money.

    Nap likes this.
  4. Geoff Charman A Fixture

    I like the look of this one Nap, so another on my list.

    I also have painted a S2K bust being the Officer of the 71st Highland Regt 1845, which was a super sculpt, a joy to paint and great value for money.

    Nap likes this.

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