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WIP Max Wunche 1944

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by smudger1960, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Cracking start Brian, look forward to seeing how this one turns out.

    Cheers David
  2. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Many many thanks to all my fellow planeteers for your kind coments and support (y)

    Carl - Many thanks mate,and thanks for adding the links for Hendryk - (y)

    Roger - Thanks for your coments,i do like to add some info about the piece i'm doing or the materials i'm using,although i get carried away sometimes (y)

    Spyros - Many thanks mate,hopefully we will see your version on the site when its finished (y)

    Steve - Many thanks mate (y)

    Rob - Many thanks mate (y)

    Hendryk - Many thanks,the italian camo was worn by the 12th SS during the normandy campaign,i hope the links carl added for you helped (y)

    Babis - Many thanks (y)

    Stuart - Many thanks mate,this is a strange hobby,i do feel i have improved in certain areas but your'e not aware of it as its happening :confused:(y),thanks stu

    Pedro - Many thanks mate,yes i did wonder about the leggings,i would prefer them black,i will corect this today (y)

    Sam b - Many thanks sam,yes the ammo belt will be making an appearance,watch this space (y),and many thanks sam for helping me out with it (y)

    Mark - Many thanks mate (y)

    Carl - Many thanks mate (y)

    Dave - Many thanks mate (y)

    Ngai - Many thanks mate,it's a lovely kit,if you get the chance to get one i would highly recommend it (y)

    Brian :)
  3. Steve Ski A Fixture

    Now that's some incredible camo work Brian, very well done, one of the most convincing I've seen. Love the subtle shades and highlights. And your copula looks great too.(y)

    Cheers, Ski.:D
  4. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Many thanks steve for your kind coments mate (y).

    I have now moved onto the 2nd stage of the bust which incorporates the head,main body and the wiring for the headphones.
    The head is almost finished with only some finishing touches to complete,the head was now attached to the main body where i could fix all the headphone wiring between the head and the main body,this is quite a delicate operation which took me nearly an hour to complete but the effort was worth it and i liked the result.
    I decided i would paint the gloves after the figure was attached to the cupola as i needed to press the right hand onto the turret ring and painting before may have damaged the painted glove,this wont be a problem because both hands are easily accessable with a paint brush and it should'nt prove to difficult to finish.
    Unfortunately for me i missjudged :mad: the final position of the figure within the ring and the machine gun mounting and as it is the main mounting bracket is now flush with the map case / left hand :mad:,a serious oversight on my part,i did think of trying to remove the bracket from the turret ring but after some thinking i decided against it as if the ring should snap i would end up with major problems.
    I have laid down some first highlights on the gloves with oils which hav'nt been blended yet,just thought i would mention it as from the photos it looks abit odd,these i will finish tomorow.

    After first seeing the kit i knew i had to have it in my collection and the sculpting by Ebroin is superb but if i'm totaly honest i was abit dissapointed it had the MG mount but no MG34 which i thought really would have made this kit,however i know it must be difficult for these guy's to keep costs down and i still wanted the kit anyway.

    I had been looking for accessories in this scale on the web but could'nt really find anything at first but after having spoke to steve readdie he was able to point me in the right direction and i contacted Ian Hanratty at Friendship Models in Scotland who produces a white metal kit of the MG34 in 1/9th scale,although the Young Kit is 1/10th Ian explained to me the scale difference is only 15mm and after having tested it out with the figure it dosent seem out of place in fact it looks a perfect match,the MG34 kit comes with the tripid legs open,these had to me converted to show them in the closed position folded up under the MG34.

    I was also able to scrounge some 1/10th ammo from my good friend Sam b which i will be incorporating on the model in the final stages,i will add the photo's of this in the final stage.

    I would like to thank at this time Steve Readdie / Ian Hanratty / and Sam b for their help with the MG34 i really appriciate it,if anyone is interested in an MG34 kit in 1/9th scale you can contact Ian at the details below.

    friendshipmodels@btinternet. / 0131 665 0866

    Brian (y)

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  5. dArtagnan A Fixture

    Excellent paintjob, Brian! Lovely work, mate!(y)
  6. pmfs A Fixture

    Well done sir!

    Brian, the wear on camo is very realistic and you know what I think about your work on fleshtones etc
    The MG34 will give the entire set another realism that pleasing me very much.(y)
  7. housecarl A Fixture

    That does look well now Brian. Does the resin mount hold the MG OK?
    Silly question, it does, because it is. You know what I mean.:confused:
  8. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Eddy - many thanks for your kind coments (y)
    Pedro - i'm glad you like the project so far (y)
    Carl - Thanks mate,it's starting to come together now,i was concerned about the weight of the machine gun but i tested it quite a few times and i've managed to secure it in 3 places. (y)

    I have completed the painting of the MG mount and the MG34 itself,these have now been secured to the cupola ring,i have attached a piece of ammo belt into the MG34 feed and have left the rest just hanging,i did originaly want to add the ammo bag to the frame of the mount but i decided against it,i have some excellent books on the panther and tiger and found some photo's with the ammo belt hanging freely so i went with this option,the belt is unpainted in the photo's but it will be completed for the next posting (y)

    Many thanks for looking (y)


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  9. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Just caught this one Brian ,another cracker (y)
  10. housecarl A Fixture

    Looking great, and a nice piece of wood too.
  11. Duke Active Member

    Stunning Brian!
    Very nice!!

    I like the addition of the MG
    i was thinking about it too!!

  12. sam b Well-Known Member

    Great work Brian , I do really like your style of painting and the mg sets it off a treat
  13. Christosjager A Fixture

    Very impressive work Brian, my congrats !!!
  14. mil-mart A Fixture

    Brian a great idea to add the MG looks stunning .(y)(y)

    Cheers Ken
  15. sarouman A Fixture

    Hi Brian
    Very impressive work my congrats !!!

  16. Dr Force Well-Known Member

    The best i have seen on this figure............sensational!!!
  17. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Many thanks to everyone who has supported me through this project with your very kind coments and those who helped me with the MG and ammo,i still have to finish the ammo belt which i will do shortly,i just needed to reply with my appreciation (y)

    Ron - Thanks very much mate,glad you liked it.:)
    Carl - Thanks for your coments mate,the base i picked up from oakwood studios at this years figureworld.:)
    Spyros - Many thanks.:)
    Sam b - Thanks mate,i think it needed the MG,i still think the kit should have been produced with one.:)
    Christos - Many thanks.:)
    Ken - Thanks mate,without the MG the kit lacks something and it was crying out for the MG addition.:)
    Alexandros - Many thanks mate.:)
    David - Many thanks mate i'm glad you liked it,i'm quite touched about it being the best one youv'e seen that means alot to me.:)

    As i said before i will be finishing it off this week as completed.

    Brian (y)

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