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Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Ventress, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Jimmy S Well-Known Member

    Hear hear! Great service , great products (and more coming he tells me) and Moz certainly has my return business.
  2. Mickt014 New Member

    Unfortunately all 4 orders i have placed i have had to chase for delivery. No change to the latest item either, had an email 10/05/12 saying it was dispatched and have not received it yet. I have emailed twice and received no reply both times. I will seriously reconsider using his service again even though the figures are great
  3. nathan tan New Member

    i made an order on 2/5/2012, had a email reply on 10/5/12 saying it was dispatched and now still waiting for it. Saw his latest reply on this thread, i take it that my order was only dispatched this wednesday, so i will give it another week, just be patience.
  4. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    I made an order on the 9th of this month and until reading this today, hadn't thought much of the fact I hadn't seen it yet. The last time I ordered from him it took around 4 weeks as well. From the UK to Canada... feels right.

    I think with the advent of instant communication (read e-mail) people sometimes forget the physical merchandise still has to travel by post and clear customs (a nightmare thanks to 9-11). Check the small print on any mail order ad... "Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery". If something shows up at your door in less time than that, count yourself lucky, accept the blessing and be happy. Patience is a virtue.

    I will start watchung the mailbox this later this week... that seems reasonable.

    Keep up the good work MCL

  5. polyphemus Well-Known Member

    Like others I have received similar emails but still no items. If it was posted last Wednesday, 23rd May, then I would have expected the items by now. However with the vagaries of the UK postal service I'll give it a few more days.

  6. moz A Fixture

    Hi I took in the region of 35 parcels to the post office on wednesday and thursday, As a favour to the gut that owns the post office i dont stand in line but leave him with the bags, he processes them in his breaks to save holding up a queue of pensioners and spending hours waiting around, he can take ac ouple of days to do them all and this adds to the time.
    Mick sorry you are not receiving emails from me but i have replied,

    Seems a little infair that a string that was originally opened to praise Maurice's stuff has turned into a complaints bill board aimed at one manufacturer who really does good stuff, who is a member that is more than willing to communicate on this site and who clearly goes above and beyond in providing free figures that he could sell for a lot and in replacing lost or broken parts.

    I would suggest that it would be much more sporting to have a general all manfacturers "where is my stuff" string rather than picking on poor Moz. Particularly as there are clearly other manufactueres who provide zero service, charge ridiculous postal fees, who are constantly out of stock and who do not communicate at all.

    Just my 2 cents.

  8. billyturnip A Fixture

    Very considerate Moz, I've been in the que at the PO behind the bloke who makes his living buying and selling on ebay. :mad:

  9. bagelman1952 Well-Known Member

    I have not ordered from Moz so cannot comment. I would however back what Colin has just said 100% that this thread has turned bad and, in my opinion, very unfairly. A lot of the problems have been explained but some people think that their order should be hand made, wrapped in velvet and delivered by personal courier. Non delivery of something is very frustrating but you should try living in Dominican Republic. We have no postal service here and if I want anything I have to have it sent via Miami and then to here for collection and it is not a cheap service. Lets give the guy a break and create another section on the planet for these types of manufacturer/supplier heads-up
  10. polyphemus Well-Known Member

    Firstly I'd like to thanks Maurice for the update. I initially flagged up a question regarding an order which I'd been told had been despatched but hadn't arrived and my subsequent emails were unanswered. It seemed that there were others in a similar position and Maurice subsequently offered an explanation and is in the process of providing some redress for the problem to those affected customers. I agree fully that Maurice does go above & beyond the service offered by many others; free figures, free post, low prices on top of some of the very best figures out there and that the only problem seems to be a failure in communications at times.

  11. diamond cutter Active Member

    HHHMMMM ! Sanity seems to be winning through here!!
    I paid for a Beef Curry and boiled rice by paypal a number of weeks ago. Yes the curry arrived, and yes, it was eaten but there was no free poppadoms as promised and also it was Chicken.
    I just expect so much more from my back street curry house
    I will be ordering again but I will insist upon cooking it myself.
    Just my £6.49 worth
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  12. Wings5797 A Fixture

    As a favour to the gut that owns the post office i dont stand in line but leave him with the bags, he processes them in his breaks to save holding up a queue of pensioners ,[/quote]

    Hi Maurice,
    Your PO is second only to our village post office here in France;
    A small jiffy bag with no weight to it at a cost of twelve euros took four weeks to arrive in Kent.
    Happy days. Keep up the good work mate........they love you really.
  13. Mickt014 New Member

    What i cannot understand is why I received an email dated 10/05/12 saying the order has been dispatched, only to find out 2 weeks later that it hasn't. Why not be upfront and say there is a delay. I was not in a hurry for the item, but when told its been dispatched you start to look for it in the post and even with the post office it doesn't take 2 weeks to deliver
  14. diamond cutter Active Member

    Well said Keith. Moz's caster is off and he now has to wear 90 hats a day instead of the usual 50.
  15. moz A Fixture

    Mick, Yes the email was misleading, it had been my intention to send everything then but due to other reasons i was unable to do so, i cant keep going on the internet when i`m casting, its just too time consuming when i`m on my own i`ll admit i should have let everyone know, i apologise.
    you seem to be particularly disgruntled with the service and i do not blame you. as far as being up front as you call it.
    I spend about three or four hours a day packing and posting, add on another six for casting if i have to, i have a disabled daughter who takes a lot of time too, an hour getting everything to the post office, then as many hours as i can cram to sculpt which is the only way you can make enough to live on(poorly) through this business. to be up front and answer emails as well as generate alert emails to let everyone know what is going on would take too long, its always my intention to send the parcels when i say but it runs over from time to time and the communication side of it suffers. I realise that communication is paramount but its a catch 22 situation, I am a one man band for most of the time and normally if the post runs over its due to a problem, this is only sorted by putting in more time and hence the time to spend on the internet is reduced .
    I totally agree with you though and i`ll try and take steps to remedy the situation, Please accept my sincere apologies.
    best wishes
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  16. bagelman1952 Well-Known Member

    I really think it is about time the mods locked this thread to protect Moz's sanity. We all need to know about good/bad experiences when dealing with suppliers especially people like me who can only get miniatures and materials on-line but this one has been a real hammering for Moz which I think is unjustified.He has explained and made his apologies so let it now rest. I really think that a new heading in the forum should be created so that people can complain or praise manufacturers/suppliers. But please strict rules to keep it justified and fair and not just an opportunity to vent spleen.
  17. baronband Well-Known Member

    Here here Ken well said
  18. moz A Fixture

    I really don`t mind, honestly, its good to get feedback, obviously i`m aware there have been delays. I have to order online sometimes but in the main i`m told to allow 28 days, no one wants to wait that long so i do try, believe it or not, to get orders away a lot quicker than that, i can fully understand why there is some frustration when people are being told their stuff is on the way when its not, that`s my fault entirely and i take it on the chin. Must do better!
  19. bagelman1952 Well-Known Member

    Moz, stop apologising man. You have explained and said sorry enough. You have given vouchers which I am sure is something which you really can't afford to do. You cannot do any more. I have not bought one of your figures but from what I have seen they are great so keep up the good work. And you lot who have been dissatisfied with his service, you have made your point so so no need to keep labouring it. Three pages of this is enough.
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  20. Mickt014 New Member

    Moz apology accepted, i am not expecting miracles, if there is going to be delays so be it, if it takes 4 weeks ok i don't have a deadline. As you say the email was misleading and that was my only gripe

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