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Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Ventress, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Ventress Well-Known Member

    Thought I would just bang Moz's drum for his superb customer service.

    Great figures, great service and here's hoping he knocks out some new British Army stuff soon! (No rush, Moz)
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  2. Paul Kernan A Fixture

    I've made three orders so far....Beautiful pieces and no worries with service(y)
  3. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    I fully endorse this, I have bought all of the Napoleonics so far and have been pleased with the service-great to see MC back and doing well-away much too long.

  4. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    I echo keiths views,its great maurice is back and doing well,a great sculpter (y)

  5. diamond cutter Active Member

    Hear Hear!(y)
    I have just one question-I ordered a beef curry and boiled rice from my local chinese and paid via paypal.
    It's been some minutes now-can you tell me when it will arrive?
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  6. housecarl Moderator

    No need for sarcasm Mr M.;)
    Keep them coming Maurice,
  7. DEL A Fixture

    (y) (y) Totally agree great service.
  8. baronband Well-Known Member

    Must agree guys the service so far has been excellent and i will be waiting with baited breath for the next few "tiny brits"
  9. Ventress Well-Known Member

    Moz mentioned a new Brit, but I don't think 200mm is small!
  10. Dr Force A Fixture

    It is in my house!!
  11. abbo Active Member

    Ordered the new 5th dragoon from him and though it took a couple of weeks to arrive Maurice kept me informed by email as the figure proved more popular than he thought.
    Came with the free 75mm 11 th hussar figure.
    Both great pieces and worth the wait.
  12. sd0324 PlanetFigure Supporter

  13. Don Well-Known Member

    Have had some wonderful service from Maurice, in my book he is one of the best traders around.

  14. ChrisP Active Member

    I saw this post and i thought to write my opinion too.The last 15-20 days i sent 2 messages to Maurice Corry Ltd(i sent a second one in case i did any mistake at the first) asking some questions about an order, shipping costs, way of payment etc,for more than 2 kits but i got no answer at all in both messages, that's why sounds strange to me that i was the only one having problem with MC.I guess in case i still need the figures i have to find other way to buy them.Thanks Chris
  15. nathan tan New Member

    well, i made an order on 2/5/2012. Besides a softcopy receipt sent by paypal, nothing from him, no details of shipping type and make me no idea of how long i need to wait for my parcel.
  16. Mat Lambert A Fixture

    I have to add my bit just for balance here. I ordered a figure a few months back - the quality and price was great the delivery time fair and I also received a free figure too so all good so far. However there was a major part missing on the main item ordered. Tried emailing to resolve this but all attempts resulted in no response at all. I've given up now. Disappointing from a name that is apparently so well respected on PF. Maybe I got my order in at a difficult time and I wouldn't want to dismiss buying again outright but from seeing a few comments lately I don't think I'm the only one who has had customer service that is not top rate.
  17. T-34/85 PlanetFigure Supporter

    I have had nothing but great service from Maurice Corry. He even included a sabre for one of his figures that I didn't have.

    I have to agree - had an order go out to me a little late with a sound reason and an was apology sent (when not required) before I asked status.No issues with quality in 3 orders of 2 figures each.

  19. moz A Fixture

    I`m sorry to hear that some are not totally happy with the service. I`ll admit in some cases it seems its been a little sketchy.
    ChrisP, i received your second email but not your first, the second email is a fairly complicated question and i receved it on the 2nd of this month. I will try to answer it as best i can in an email later today.
    Nathan, i do have an automated reponse set up but its not the best and i`ve been working to resolve this for months, it takes on average a week to ten days from receipt to delivery,however, lately that time frame has been longer due to the unexpected demand for one of the figures, again its something i`m working on to reduce.
    Mat, this is particularly dissapointing, please accept my apologies. I have scanned my inbox and can find no record of an email from you other than the original order from paypal, if you could please PM me here I will get the part to you asap.
    I get a lot of emails and i try to answer them all, i find a lot of emails in my junk folder, i dont know why this is, it just appears that sometimes when someone uses the contact form through the web site it can put them there. I look for them now but its not foolproof and i will occasionally miss them, if an email gets no response then a PM here or a phone call or text will help.\my phone number is on the website.
    best wishes to all
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  20. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Hi Maurice.
    I am sorry that you are suffering the pains of being a nice guy making yourself totally available to your customers.
    The trouble is that they do want you to produce new figures every 5 minutes and deliver quickly and be available at any time etc etc. I do feel sorry for you having to make such entries on this website. Being more than a little long in the tooth I remember a good number of sculpters (probably some of your mates) who call it day solely for this reason.
    I am sure that for the few moans and groans here there are hundreds of very satisfied customers who appreciate; the way that you operate, understand the frailalties of modern technology and like to get a free figure with every order over £25.
    For my part, keep up the good work, you are doing a great job

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