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maudits patauds

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by eissteban, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. eissteban Active Member

    hi everybody,
    this is my new project (to alternate with "störfang" who become long :().

    "les guerres de Vendée" are just after the french revolution.
    The department of Vendée fought against the french revolution army during the year of 1793.
    In the 1794 the war will continue in Bretagne with the "chouans".

    This action represent 3 men in their last fight against the "blues"(name of the french soldiers, color of their uniforms) in front of a church.

    "patauds" was the nickname of the french soldiers in the vendéen's language.

    This is the first one, at the very start of his sculpt:

    As always, comments are welcome for this new work, thanks for looking.


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  2. Bad91Fellow Member

    good start keep us updatet. interesting topic, too.

  3. georges64 Member

    Hello Seb,
    good start my friend on an unknown period for me! I will follow it here and elsewhere;).

  4. romain Active Member

    j'aime beaucoup la pose , originale . La maintendu en résine ne semble pas de la meilleur qualité ... il y en a de mieux chez hornet je pense . Je ne voit pas trop le profil , mais attention a la courbe du dos , il y a peut etre un poil trop de matiere derriere . Voilou !! bonne continuation

  5. eissteban Active Member

    thanks for your support Lennart .

    Geo, tu vas apprendre à connaître les guerres de Vendée alors ;)

    Romain, ta réponse me fait un grand plaisir
  6. eissteban Active Member

    ... (désolé problème technique)
    Donc :
    Romain, ta réponse me fait grand plaisir
    la main est une vieille tamiya en plastique que je vais fortement retravaillé.
    Quant au dos j'en prends bonne note et je suivrai les conseils d'un sculpteur affuté comme toi.
    (Les boules de milliput sont en effet trop volumineuses, je ne les ai pas assez raboté a priori)

  7. vergilius New Member

    very interesting theme!
    don't let us wait too long
  8. megroot A Fixture

    Always good to learn something. Didn't know there was a ware with the people out of the Vendee.
    Good to see you are doing something with this.
    Good start to, and i'm looking forward to your next step.

  9. eissteban Active Member

    Patrick, i see what you mean :(

    Marc, in fact it was a civil war ( a real genocide of the population with a full "oradour-sur-glane" ) who started because the vendéens refused to fight in the french army on the east border against the austrian.
    The point of no return was the execution of Louis XVI.

    This page of our history is unfamiliar for a lot of people, so if i can change a little that, it's a good thing :rolleyes:
    The conflict belong to 1801, with a lot of story and great heroes to depict in figure.

  10. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Good idea for a vignette, excellent research and a very good start, Seb! Great pose also - very dramatic! I don't know how experienced you are at sculpting and don't want to offend, but I think both the torso and the hips pieces are too large. Maybe they will work out for you, but I personally prefer to have those structural pieces fairly small. I find that otherwise when I start to add putty the figure becomes very bulky looking. Just trying to help...

    All the best,
  11. David S. New Member

    Hi Sébastien,
    first figure looks promissing... keep it going :)
    By the way any original painting, which you're using as a study?
  12. Doberdob Active Member

    Interesting subject. Good pose, very dramatic. I think his right arm could be mounted a bit higher considering where his neck ends.
    Looking forward to seeing it finished.

    All best,
  13. eissteban Active Member

    In first, thanks my friends to take a little time to answer.
    Dan and Primoz (and Romain said the same thing in french :) ) you're right, i made a too big torso in milliput, i'll change that before start to sculpt.
    Dan, don't worry, answer like that is an help to progess ;)

    David, it's an original pose.
    The two next men will be from a painting (i'll send you this picture as soon as possible)

  14. billyturnip A Fixture

    Good luck with this Seb. I'm sure you'll do a good job on this very interesting subject and I'm looking forward to seeing it progress.

  15. eissteban Active Member

    two another vendéens

    hi everybody,
    this is the last stand of the two poor comrades of the first.

    Don't hesitate to let me your opinion ...


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  16. Bad91Fellow Member

  17. eissteban Active Member

    News !!! The priest & the wounded

    Hi everybody !
    I'm back to show you the first men of my dio (it's a long way when you see the last post :D)

    So this is the priest who try to escape with a wounded friend during the first fights against french soldiers.





    Here, if you want to see all pictures of this project :

    And here if you want to see the french site where these guys are under fire (y) :

    I'll be glad if you take an instant to tell me what you think about this work :) Many thanks.
  18. tonydawe A Fixture

    Wow Seb,this is really coming together nicely. The poises are very natural and full of drama. Bravo. I can't wait to see this finished and painted.

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