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Maris.......by Spyglass

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by RobH, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. RobH Active Member

    Hi All

    I WILL get back to larger scale miniatures really soon (head sculpt in progress), but want to finish this first:


    Manufactured by Spyglass Mniatures, I resculpted her hair
    (original can be seen in the catalogue on this page)

    and have nearly finished the groundwork - Hudson and Allen Ivy takes forever but the results are worth it!

    She's partly painted now, and should have some pics soon.

    Comments as always very welcome! :)

  2. Guy A Fixture

    Looks great Rob.....Look forward to seeing her ainted.
    The Hudson / Allen is well worth the time....looks so realistic
  3. Roc Active Member

    Hey Rob, looking good.

    Keep up the good work.

    Roc :)
  4. Manfred Active Member


    wonderful well fitting work.

    Actually some of the links you posted a while ago had me look deeper into minis after about 15 years again and I have bought a Freebooter "female archeologist" to which I gave two submachineguns.

    There a lot of charming work out lately...
  5. RobH Active Member

    Thanks Manfred.

    Glad to hear you're investigating the smaller side - there is definately a resurgence of this scale as the internet has allowed more smaller and independent manufacturers to get to a wider audience - especially since most towns have usually a Games Workshop only shop in them.

    BTW, Manfred - was that your 1:48 scale figure on saw over on ML? Very nice!

  6. Robin Active Member

    looking kewl dood

  7. Alex Lopez Active Member

    Beauty miniature Rob!! And I´ll expect your sculpt head. How have you done the climbing plant?
    :) Regards.

  8. frank h Well-Known Member

    Nice going Rob, small scale scenics really add to these pieces
    Having seen your last one at the club meet.
    Look forward to seeing the paint job

    Frank (y)
  9. Manfred Active Member

    You saw that Rob?

    I was trying to do some mini like figures with exaggerated features but seem to come out more to 1/48 scale. So I think about doing a crew for the new Tamiya AVFs.

    Yes, Internet is very helpful to find such nice and interesting products.
  10. RobH Active Member


    Its Hudson and Allen Ivy - pretty much the same stuff as those autumn leaves you see on bases, but smaller and includes a scotchbrite pad type thing you tease out to make the vine.......each leaf is stuck on individually............. :( but the results are worth it!


    I thought the 1:48 piece looked really good - interesting to hear how it developed. I'm having another another bash at a 30mm fig - GW influence. I'll post pictures soon; I'm really getting into it!

    And the larger scale head sculpt!
  11. RobH Active Member

    Having seen and read Brian Snaddon's method of applying static grass (something I'm never really happy with when I try it myself), I'd thought I'd try out the method on this figure:

    This is the first "conventional" application of the grass - diluted white glue is applied to the groundwork and the grass added - far more than will be needed. It's left for a few minutes then tipped off and then gently blown over.

    Once dry, more diluted white glue is applied over the first application of grass - this looked disasterous initially, but soaked down and I applied more grass, this time with tweezers in clumps:
    Brian teases the grass into clumps - something I forgot but will add some more clumps in discrete areas.

    I also used an idea from Marijn (thanks for the Santa article!). At the UK IPMS Nationals I picked up some Heki wild grass matting - which is just longer static grass but on a thin netting - I teased out some strands and stuck them into the grass already applied - breaks the uniformity a bit.

    I've also commenced painting the stonework and the ivy. I want the grass to be visible through the wall:

    Just need to paint the grass now - where it usually goes horribly wrong!!!


  12. Guy A Fixture

    I am in the process of trying Brian's grass idea myself Rob and will post some pics in awhile. So far yours is looking good. I usually paint my static grass a black green and come back and drybrush it with lighter greens and a final of yellow.
  13. RobH Active Member

    Cool Guy.

    Acrylic paint for that? diluted? Always seems to go horribly clumpy when I paint it!

    That will be the challenge!
  14. Guy A Fixture

    I have a special bottle of Floquil enamel I use just for grass and apply it right out of the bottle iniatally. After about half the bottle is gone it needs a few drops of thinner.
  15. Manfred Active Member

    That looks really good, sets the mood finely.

    As for painting fibre grass I have usually used Humbrol 80 mixed with a little oil colour for painting and afterwards do a kind of drybrushing with a progressivly lightened yellow green oil mix. Clings well to the fibres.

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