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Maori Warrior bust finished...

Discussion in 'Completed Figures' started by Canoehead, Sep 23, 2022.

  1. Canoehead A Fixture

    Just completed Pegaso's 1/10 bust of a Maori warrior, c. 19th C. in oils and acrylics.

    The ta moko facial markings were a real challenge both physically (such thin lines!) and historically to make look authentic. The moko is mainly based on a photographic portrait of Rangitupu Take, Chief of the Warangui district in the mid-19th Century, although I did not copy the design line for line.

    Thanks to pFers Mike (The Kiwi) Butler and Tony Dawe for the insights, advice and research on ta moko patterns and history, and for the invaluable advice on painting these culturally complex and significant designs. Thanks too to the other pFers (Nap, Steve Ski, et al) who bucked up my courage with encouraging words as I worked on the bust. Thanks one and all, gents!

    IMG_4855.JPG IMG_4099.JPG IMG_4107.JPG IMG_4100.JPG IMG_4101.JPG IMG_4108.JPG

    IMG_4102.JPG IMG_4103.JPG

    IMG_4105.JPG IMG_4106.JPG IMG_4104.JPG
  2. MoboSchreuder A Fixture

    Wonderful paintwork

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  3. Nap Moderator

    Hi Brian

    Thanks for posting pics and what a fine result

    All credit to you for the piece

    Skin tones and the ta moko look the business

    Thanks for sharing the SBS ...it was fun being along for the ride


    Look forward to seeing the next ...no matter what the choice

    Happy benchtime

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  4. NigelR A Fixture

    Superb, very well done indeed.
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  5. housecarl Moderator

    Very nice indeed.(y)
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  6. Mike - The Kiwi A Fixture

    Brian you captured the wairua (spirit) & essence of a proud middle aged warrior. His eyes show deep thought while reflecting on all he has faced.
    I especially like sheen & colour of skin, which you’ve handled beautifully, contrasting nicely with the korowai cloak

    Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for this project throughout.
    We’ve all learnt much along the way.
    Kia Kaha! Stay Strong mate
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  7. Ferris A Fixture

    He turned out beautifully!
    Very skilled and precise work, with lifelike and attractive colours. And the intricate feathers are a bonus.

    Looking forward to your next work.

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  8. Steve Ski A Fixture

    Brian, this is one of those busts that I just have to keep looking at because I keep finding more minute details, all over! This really is top shelf work, like so many of the impressive guys and gals here on PF, inspirational to me, period! This is a great reference piece for future paints.

    You've magnified one of my weak spots by your incredible work, the eyes. They are truly captivating and the for me the most important part of this paint, besides the tats, they draw you in.

    Not sure what yall are drinkin down there on that underside of the globe, but I want some, HA!

    Thanks for posting this SBS, it’s been a very informative and enjoyable ride, as far as I’m concerned! Bravo, Buddy, Bravo!
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  9. Canoehead A Fixture

    Thanks all for the kind comments - very much appreciated.

    I think I'll unwind from this with a wee change of pace...I have a little Bandai Y-Wing in the stash...no figures... and no tattoos ;)

    Thanks again,
    Mike - The Kiwi and Steve Ski like this.
  10. santi fernandez Well-Known Member

    Brian,the paint on this piece is really good.
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  11. Giwe Well-Known Member

    Fantastic work!!!
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  12. Jimbo A Fixture

    Hi Brian,
    Great work, the skin tone & tattoos have come out really well, very nice(y)
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  13. Edorta A Fixture

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  14. arj A Fixture

    Superb painting throughout Brian.
    The flesh and tattoos, and particularly the eyes draw you in for a closer look.
    That just makes you find other items which hadn't been noticed initially.
    Very, very well done.

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  15. Larsen E. Whipsnade Moderator

    Tattooing and skin tones are really well done. Congratulations on a great job.
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  16. Canoehead A Fixture

    Thanks everyone - much appreciated!
  17. callmehobbes Active Member

    Beautiful paintwork.
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  18. Wayneb A Fixture

    Impressive paintwork and completed bust....Keep up the good work.

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  19. Cannonball A Fixture

    Super piece of painting. Love the skin tones and the body art.

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  20. Canoehead A Fixture

    Thanks folks - I appreciate it!

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