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Many recast

Discussion in 'Report Piracy' started by Knill22, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Knill22 Member

  2. Bournouna Active Member

    Does anyone know anything about this company? Where are they from? How can they recast from so many existing manufacturers ,without any problems?
  3. Alex A Fixture

    They are from Russia.
    And as you can see they are also selling EK castings.

    My little finger says to me that the people who are behind EK castings are also the ones recasting famous european kits without having the rights to do so of course.
    As you can see, the figures are done the same way, be it a EK casting one or a Pegaso, Andrea, Alexandros, etc. one.
    with the figure being sold most often as a one part product

    So in my book, EK castings should also be regarded as being produced by counterfeiters and if I would be an admin on this forum, I would ban any thread containing 'EK castings'.
  4. theBaron A Fixture


    Yes, from Russia. They sell on eBay, too.

    You touch on the main themes of this issue, which will always be discussed because piracy will always be with us. How they can recast without any problems rests largely on the point that it's the copyright holder who has the best standing to do anything, generally speaking. But for many manufacturers, it's just too costly to pursue legal action, and it's difficult enough here in the West. When you have a pirate in Russia or other countries east of Central Europe, where our value of rule of law is not quite as established or honored, or in Red China, which has a completely different idea of intellectual property rights, it becomes nearly impossible for a maker to take action.

    What we can do is to let the copyright-holders know, wherever possible; undertake not to buy from pirates, when we know a piece to be a copy; and to let the admins/managers of marketplaces like eBay and other trading places know that a piece is a pirated copy and that the vendor is copying. That's about it.

    Here's an example: I know an eBay seller who sells copies of classic toy soldiers and early kits. He has solid copies of Britains hollowcast, for example, and also, copies of Imrie-Risley kit figures. When I saw the I/R copies, I emailed I/R and let them know, sending them the URL to the seller's store. They decided not to do anything, because in the end, they couldn't prove that the figures weren't originals but just out of the package. To me, that illustrated the tough position an original maker is in.

  5. pmfs A Fixture

    Also recast EK Castings with SP Model name. Unbelievable the impunity of these people. (n)
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  6. eas6644 Active Member

    Recasting is an issue no doubt. But I'm curious if companies like Andrea pay Marvel for the use of their Spiderman figure? Isn't that a type of stealing intellectual property? They label it "The Arachnid" I believe because they don't want to use "Spiderman". But it's plain to see it's Spiderman. If the Chinese/Russian re-casters can be criticized then should Andrea and others be too?
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  7. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys

    No doubt they are recasts IMO

    I sent them an email through the site ...wonder if I will get a reply ?



    I see you products are very low compared to other traders

    Are these originals or recasts ?

    Are they in the original boxes ?

    Can you send a picture of the parts for instance the RFC Pilot from MJ Miniatures ?

    I hope to receive a reply

    Thank you


  8. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    I think it may be unfair to tarnish EK without giving them the chance to speak for themselves- If you look on the EK castings website you will see that they have their own range and no recasts. I will write to EK to give them a chance to repudiate the comments on here.

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  9. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    I have just sent a note to Michael at EK and inviting him to comment. I bought 11 superb figures from him last week from his own range so the contact is recent and I had his mailing address still on file.

  10. Nap A Fixture


    I agree Keith as you say they have their own range on the site , an opportunity to get a response is essential and thanks for contacting them .

  11. Cuprum Member

    I had just received an email from Keith with reference to the shop that merchandises "pirated" figures. It's a shame!
    I do not work for a company EK-castings, I only trade the their figures (and the figures of other Russian companies).
    I can definitely say that this store has no relation to the company EK-castings. These crooks - or they themselves produce pirated copies of EK-castings (note, they even write the company name wrong!) Or are buying them wholesale and resell (the price is much higher than that of the manufacturer).
    For the company EK-castings there is no need to engage in production of pirated products. They have his own range of about 400 figures and every month appears 1-2 novelties. This is a widely known and respected company in Russia, which has existed for 20 years.
    The same thing I would say about two other companies with whom I worked. This is the "Soldiers of Publius" - on the site they are called "SP-miniatures" and Ukrainian company "Ronin". Never and nowhere, they not been noticed in piracy.
    I now will tell these companies that their products are sold along with pirated goods in this store. But I do not see on the pirate site - no address, where these located crooks.

    Michael Medin
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  12. Nap A Fixture


    Thank you for clarifying the matter and a very positive reply

    As you say a shame it's happened

  13. Cuprum Member

  14. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Just picked this up from their website-they actually admit to selling copies! Thank you Michael for clarifying the situation.

    Originally Posted by tin-soldiers [IMG]

    most original figures. of 300 figures 250 original, 50 copy.
    In the first message of this topic all original figures.
  15. theBaron A Fixture

    This is a rhetorical question, right?

    I believe your question about Andrea answers itself. I've used the same example in these discussions: Spock from the "Star Trek" movies, packaged as "Space Captain", Clint Eastwood as Joe/the Man with No Name from the Sergio Leone spaghetti Westerns as "Gunslinger" or some such. I agree, I don't think Andrea has paid any royalties, or they'd use the proper terms. I concede that some things might be in the public domain by now, but I doubt that these particular subjects are.

    Some toy solder makers, as well as some figure makers, have done the same thing with characters from "Kelly's Heroes." And you're right, theft of intellectual property is theft of intellectual property. Though, it's possible that Andrea has done something just enough to skirt the letter of various laws, if not the intent.

  16. amcairns A Fixture

    Theres a crowd in Poland pirating one of my 1/35 figure sets.
  17. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Will you take any action Andy?

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