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Making Nameplates...Help!

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by TWOMOONS, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. TWOMOONS Active Member

    First, let me say that I am positively Neanderthalic when it comes to the PC, cyberspace, computers... whatever it's called (oh, and photography too). So when I say I need a tutorial as if teaching a 7 year old, I'm stone serious. That's just the way it is. Duh-h-h. Me no can help it...
    Anyway, waiting and spending money on brass plates by people who do such things is fine...but there are drawbacks- especially when I know and am aware that beautiful paper ones (or whatever they are) can be made on the PC...but I don't have a clue. And I sure would love to know how.
    I see great printing and typeface styles with borders around the plate, colors, even irregular torn- edge types ( I love 'em big time!)that are glued on the title side of bases of minis; and quite frankly, they look every bit as good as an expensive brass plate.
    I asked many, and the inevitable "oh, that's easy" comes...and then they walk away before I get it. Or whatever.
    So if anyone can help me; tell me what I need to gain this awesome power, I will send you the winning lottery numbers in your area.
  2. Personally I like to use software that is vector base like Adobe Indesign, Freehand and Illustrator, but these are meant for graphic design so might not be easy for newcomers.

    I have seen guys working on MsWord but mate I hate that programme for anything to do with graphics, on the other hand Ms Publisher might be handy ... as you find templates for businesscards in that you might work around them to make nameplates ...

  3. housecarl A Fixture

    If you have MS word go into insert, press text box. Shrink your box to size and type a way.
    If you get stuck use help, that's all I can suggest.
  4. DEL A Fixture

    here's my method using MS Publisher, you need a printer that can do reverse printing

    1. Use printable acetates for overhead projectors.
    2. Create in publisher a text box bigger than you want the plate to be.
    3. Format the box with a black background.
    4. Create another box iside the original.
    5. Format this one as before, and create a white border to your chosen thickness.
    6. In this box type your text in white.
    7. Reverse print.
    8. When dry, spray reverse side with gold or silver this will fill the text and border which will have printed clear.
    9. Lay strips of double sided tape on back (printed and sprayed side) and stick to black plastic card or similar.
    10. Cut to size.

    A bit of a fuss but you do end up with a rather good end product. Remember to use acetate sheets that have a gloss face.
    Worth planning ahead because 1 sheet gives you about 15 plates for an average 54mm plinth.

  5. TWOMOONS Active Member

    Thanks for the responses, guys.
    Now, at least I have something to try...and buy,,,and cry, probably.
  6. megroot A Fixture

    I also use MS word.
    Just like Carl. But have some pictures of marble (from the internet). I choose the marble as background.
    If i can find the time i will put something on paper for you. But that will be tonight when i'm home.

  7. garyjd Well-Known Member

  8. MCPWilk A Fixture

    One alternative is to use Letraset or similar rub on letters directly onto the base and varnish over the top. Another is to use Slaters Plastikard letters on a plasticard backing, cut to shape, which you can spray paint, highlight etc. to get the effects you want.
  9. TWOMOONS Active Member

    Wow...that sounds very interesting MCP... with this Slaters Plastikard...is there a website that get it from, or a local shop?
    Letraset for me is always a problem (when I tried it in the past) keeping it all level.
  10. megroot A Fixture

    Try here: http://www.slatersplastikard.com/plastikard/alphabets.html

  11. Mongo Mel Active Member


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