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WIP making cast with Magic Sculpt (MS)

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by jmarc, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. jmarc New Member

    Hello guys. I am thinking of making quick 2 part molds using MS (to cast my own base head, torso...). Now, a few questions: My idea would be to let the MS cure a little bit, then position the part to be reproduced and then wait for the MS to fully cure before removal. The trick would be to prevent the MS to stick to the part. Any ideas what to use? Is the all approach sound? Thank in advance.
  2. TorMag Member

    I use Aves all the time for making two part molds, I would not wait too long for it to set up, the softer the better to smush into crevices. WD40 makes a great mold release and will keep everythign from sticking.
  3. Einion Well-Known Member

    I would probably try it doing one side at a time, but from TorMag's post it seems like you can do it all in one go. I think the advantage of doing it in two sections would be that you could form proper keys to assure alignment.

    For a release agent for casting MS and AS from hard moulds I'm very happy with talc but a thin coating of anything oily will work too, I just prefer not worrying about whether I need to wash the cast afterwards.

    Incidentally if you ever have a casting that's resisting coming out from this kind of mould try giving it a good heating, it'll often help it pop right out (works especially well if it hasn't completely cured, although it might save your bacon even if you forget to unmould for a couple of days).

  4. jmarc New Member

    Thanks guys, I will try that. Huh TorMag what is Aces?
    I would never have thought of usinf WD40. Live and learn
  5. jmarc New Member

    *I mean Aves
  6. btavis Active Member

    Are you going to use resin to actually make the part from the mold?
  7. Michaelminiatures A Fixture

    I live in Edmonds, if you need a hand casting , I cast everyday and could help you.
  8. jmarc New Member

    Thanks Mike. Maybe one day I could get to see you in Edmonds?
    Bob: I was thinking of making the part with MS too. Sort of a "pressed" casting. What I am looking at is simple base heads, torso.. stuff that don't need a very precise definition.
  9. gordy Well-Known Member

    Green Stuff makes great press mold as weel, the slight rubbery properties of cured Green Stuff make it easy for popping out :D
  10. TorMag Member

    Sorry I was not clear about that. The molds are done in two parts. I make one side, spray the master with WD40 press it into the Aves (smiliar to Magic Sculpt) push in a few key holes with the end of a paint brush and let that cure. I then pop out the master, so to make sure it is not stuck and then place it back in. Spray the whole first side and master with wd40 and then push the second side down on top and let that cure. Sometimes you might need a screwdriver to pop the two halfs apart the first time. I use sculpey, Aves or green stuff in the molds. wd40 for the mold release with Aves and green stuff. Cornstarch for the sculpey.
  11. jmarc New Member

    Great. Thanks TorMag, Gordy and all.
  12. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    Good ideas there, am taking notes!


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