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" Mad Jack " preorder

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Pathos Miniatures, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Andreas ,

    It's great you are showing this .

    Very interesting to see the process

  2. Pathos Miniatures Active Member

    Yes indeed Kevin..
    i think i am gonna do this in a regular basis..is good for people to get an idea of how its made
    for the last 3 months i was really working hard ,learning all about 3d ..
    now i made my own 3d printer and i do all the production my self just to be sure !
    from 3d protoyping to resin casting...
    its an amazing process..

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  3. Filipe Well-Known Member

    I was also suspicious about 3d (I still am, to be honest), but I have two busts of Pathos Miniatures, plus some of the base plaques. They are very nice, you can buy it without fear.

    What you see is what you get, simple as that (rhyme not intended)
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  4. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    If they'll remain like they're rendered, the bows in both novelties will pick heavy flak: Please people - ask someone first how this instrument is made and how is handled: 1/10 scale is completely unforgiving in this matter - you can't make a bow looking like 1/72 scale (somehow, just ask yourselves why sculptors run like hell from representing bows :) )

    Luckily to Andreas, in his version the bow is not tensioned (unlike Hugo's offering where all his miniature lives around the bow - an extremely ambitious pose but that needs advising as well)

    Speaking positively, I purchased recently a couple of Pathos busts and I was highly surprised by their quality! The 3D prints were impecably casted in resin. Highly recommended to all! And BTW, the same goes to RP - I acquired their first two miniatures and the quality is fantastic! It will be tough to choose - so gentlemen - do the best you can possibly can: We, your customers, will be the primary beneficiaries. :)
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  5. Nap A Fixture

    Hi BT,

    I can guarantee that both companies strive for the highest quality in everything they will release whatever the subject

    It will be my pleasure to share reviews on both pieces very soon

  6. Pathos Miniatures Active Member

    Hello guys,
    the sword guard prototype is finished..
    this two parts fit together to form the guard and the handle of the sword

    Sword guard1.jpg Sword guard2.jpg Sword guard3.jpg

    i will update later for the other parts of the sword.
    hope you like it .
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  7. Pathos Miniatures Active Member

    Finished leather glove and sword guard prototypes
    leather glove and quard1.jpg leather glove and quard2.jpg leather glove and quard3.jpg
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  8. Bootneck Well-Known Member

    I recently received the commando bust released by Pathos and now having had the opportunity to have a real good look at it. I am very pleased with the product.

    I wasn't too keen on doing pre order but I wanted the version with the backpack. Personally I believe this should be made available to all purchases of this figure. But it was used as a lever to fund production costs!!

    I like other commentators was suspicious of a 3D render as they have never looked organic to me but now I have taken the plunge and bought one I am glad I did. The level of detail is very fine and indeed Andreas is to be congratulated at some of the really finally sculpted parts such as rifle slings and pack straps.

    I am considering buying the Churchill bust. And will buy with confidence from Pathos.

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  9. Tommys War A Fixture

    Just to back-up what Peter's said, I received my Commando bust yesterday and am really pleased with it. The figure is really nice and neat, good detail and well cast. Looking forward to the Churchill one as well.
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  10. Pathos Miniatures Active Member

    Hello guys,
    i am glad you liked the commando bust..
    i would love to see some paint on it in the near future
    "Bootneck" regarding the Bergan ,you are right. it would be better to include it in the final kit but this means i have to raise the price of the bust
    so i am thinking of selling it seperately in my site..as an extra item..
    Also thanks to "Gaudin" valuable help we have corrected the logbow so now its more accurate.
    i will update on this later..
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  11. Pathos Miniatures Active Member

    revised longbow..thank you "Gaudin"
    new bow.jpg
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  12. Bootneck Well-Known Member

    Hi Andreas

    Thank you for the explanation regarding cost. I agree that it would be nice for the customer to have the choise of with or without the Bergan.

    Mad Jack Churchill is looking good.

    How many different commando figures do you see in the range?

  13. Pathos Miniatures Active Member

    as many as possible Peter !!
    early sbs included
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  14. Pathos Miniatures Active Member

    Body prototype..
    body1.jpg body2.jpg
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