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Discussion in 'Figure News' started by SCALE75, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. SCALE75 A Fixture

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  2. Johan Kees Active Member

    Mmmmm, not sure about this one... A Roman miniature with a comic book appearance is IMHO not what the average enthousiast is waiting for. I could be wrong of course!

    The rendering of detail is also not my cup of tea...

    Lots of other nice miniatures in the Scale75 range though.

  3. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    In that scale the shield should be much thinner.

    Janne Nilsson
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  4. Babelfish A Fixture

    Agree with the comments above. Not Scale 75's finest hour.

    - Steve
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  5. debrito A Fixture

    Very bad, the shield is horrible:eek:
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  6. Robert Laclavik Active Member

    The shield of this thickness should weight a ton (n)
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  7. ometz Well-Known Member

    Agree with all prior comments. Not a fan of this one.
  8. Helm A Fixture

    Not a Roman expert at all but I thought Centurions had no shield that's why the sword is on the left?
  9. Bailey A Fixture

    Yeah, I think there's the theory that centurions did not carry shields (based in part by the sword being switched to the other side), but I don't think there's definitive proof. There are plenty of Roman centurion figures on the market that have shields, so this guy is hardly unique in that respect.

    I appreciate Scale75 doing another Roman subject and really like a lot of their other pieces, but this one isn't doing it for me either. The face looks off... he's supposed to be yelling but the upper half of his face feels relaxed and not engaged in the expression. Not that I could do a better one of course, I've got no sculpting abilities. The armor seems off too, all the centurion depictions I've seen are with chain mail and not the segmented armor of the regular legionnaire.

    I still look forward to seeing what Scale75 puts out next.
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  10. mortier A Fixture

    Yes,i agree,all that is right
  11. gforceman Well-Known Member

    Pfwww, another Roman figure. It's almost the same as German WWII figures. Doesn't excite me, sorry.


  12. Pedro Molina A Fixture

  13. kevininpdx Well-Known Member

    Is the design on the shield sculpted on?
  14. tomifune A Fixture

    I don't care what rank I am, if rocks, spears and other things are flying in a battle, I'm grabbing a shield.

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  15. Ferris A Fixture

    I don't think we can say with much certainty that centurions in general did not have shields. I also think we cannot state that the armour is wrong. Both points are not a problem for me.
    I think the sculpt is quite nice in many aspects, the sculptor clearly has skill (the figure has many nice details), but not so good in a few key ones. The thickness of the shield is a very visible one, the face another. I'm very surprised mainly about the shield. It is so obvious and so simple to get right....?
    I'm afraid that companies have to be more critical of their own releases for them to do well. It's all about value for money and in today's market, with today's standards, I'm afraid for me this one does not offer the right price/quality combination.

    Sorry to be negative, I don't particularly like to, but I think it is only fair to give feedback to a commercial company, especially when we don't like particular things. I hope it helps towards the next release.

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  16. Tom W. Well-Known Member

    If one likes a centurion,he can try Pegasos 90 mm classic.Or in 54 mm Alexandros arrogant looking chap.They were sculpted by Magic Adriano Larrucia.
    I think,I will buy this one,perhaps changing the bulky shield.
  17. Babelfish A Fixture

    Have to agree Adrian. Personally I'm struggling to see anything good in this one, and that the feedback so far has been so overwhelmingly negative speaks volumes about this figure I think. Scratching around for something positive to say, just about all I can come up with is that the red cape is very nicely painted.

    And it's a real shame, because the sculptor David Fernández Barruz has actually done some very nice fantasy / steampunky type pieces in the past - so the talent is clearly there. And the Scale 75 range includes some lovely stuff. I guess we are all entitled to an occasional "off day" though, and hopefully their next batch of releases will see normal (and usually very good) service resumed.

    - Steve
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  18. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Love the scale, love the subject. But this one just doesn't look right.
    Shame, as otherwise it looks good.
  19. Gaudin A Fixture

    If they go to reconstructors as only source of historical evidence, then they probably deserve whats coming. Whole design is based on that re-enactor's attire, he obviously approved the figure.

    But what has happened to " if you dont like it dont buy it " mantra ?Seems like some companies are getting flak, some companies are not supposed to get any... For example, Alexandro's superb Maximus gets dissed because of size of the sword, Youngs Maximus gets only praise despite some obvious issues, Nutsplanet release Sallahuddin with similarly oversized sword, but no one flinches, just praise...

    Some strange bias ís happening, not sure why...
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  20. TADATSUGU Guest

    I've seen much worse figures being praised. I'm not saying the critiscisms here are not justified, but someone seems to have really opened a floodgate of hate. How much work does it take to cut off and replace a rectangular sheild? I'm usually a stickler for historical accuracy and not being a student of all things Roman, I can't comment on the armour but I can't see many Centurions at Teutoburg having spent too much time thinking, "Hmm, I can't possibly pick that sheild up, it's against the rules!"
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