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Lt Chard RE Rorkes Drift

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Carl Edward Sambrook, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. Carl Edward Sambrook Active Member

    This is just the start of my work on Lt Chard RE from the film ZULU it still needs a lot of tidying up, but a great bust to work on.

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  2. bistray Well-Known Member

    great bust, well painted and, as an ex Royal Engineer, a hero of mine. A good likeness to Stanley baker to
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  3. Carl Edward Sambrook Active Member

    Bistray, I to am an ex RE, Armoured Engineer :) 32 Armoured Engineer Regiment. The bust is of Stanley Baker from the famous film.
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  4. baronband Well-Known Member

    Looks like plenty of us ex Sappers on here then eh? I was Amphibious.

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  5. Dewi Evans Member

    It's looking very good :)
  6. Huw63 A Fixture

    A good start on this interesting bust.


  7. Davy Member

    Ex RE postie here as well
  8. bistray Well-Known Member

    hey us Engineers are everywhere, i was 73 Ind Fld Sqn, later 23 Engineer Regt, then 39 at Waterbeach
  9. Carl Edward Sambrook Active Member

    John I served with 28 Engr Regt from 1992.1994 (12 months with 23 Amph Sqn) Paul I was at the disbandment parade for 23 Regt. But it's a proven fact that Armoured Engineers are the poster boys for the Corps.
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  10. Davy Member

    Was that the disbanding parade in the Traz in early 93? Wanted every unit of RE at it cost me a place on Snow Queen as I was one of small few in 3 PC RE who could do rifle drill with the SA80 :( as we still had the SMG as primary weapon
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  11. Waterman Active Member

    Good Morning Mr Stevens, it's a lovely day today.
  12. arj A Fixture

    Nice start on a very good likeness of Stanley Baker.
    This is the first of the MMM Rorke's Drift trio that I've seen with paint on it.

  13. bistray Well-Known Member

    Carl i can only imagine that you proved the fact, in my day armoured farmers were the bottom of the food chain ;)
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  14. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Great start Carl,:)
  15. jai A Fixture

    not an engineer, and I have never been a military ..... I can leave my comment?:LOL::LOL::LOL:

    Good start
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  16. Carl Edward Sambrook Active Member

    Davy, yes that was the parade it was bloody freezing. Not sure about being bottom of the food chain, but we certainly liked our pies :) washed down with beer. Brilliant time in the Corps and still have many friends who I'm still in contact with, and have been asked if I'm going to the SAPPERFEST next year.
  17. Carl Edward Sambrook Active Member

    Davy yes it was, we spent hours on the drill square in Hameln prior to the parade getting ready, which was a waste of time as we only marched passed the dias once.
  18. Davy Member

    Aye was a very cold day that one. Thankfully we had no hours of rehearsals as we were a 24/7 unit. Promosed a mega piss up afterwards which turned out to be 2 free cans in the gym IIRC and all the units who attended got shunned/left to their own devices afterwards no thanks etc. We had the chance of staying an extra night and going on the pop down town but decided to get back down the road to Duss. The parade was an utter waste of time to be honest.
  19. bistray Well-Known Member

    Well the formation parade wasn't any better :(
  20. Davy Member

    THe only good thing out of it was it was the first time I got to try out the new bouncing bomb doss bag jumped in to it expecting it to be like a knackered 58 maggot with a load of quills off the feathers ripping into you.

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