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Open Book Lt Cairns VC from RP Models

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hello out there ,

    We are all aware of the releases from RP models ......particularly if you went to Euro this year where you would have met the owner Hugo , if you didn't then he will be at SMC this year as well ...still armed with releases and Porta wine to taste !!
    So the release I will be sharing for you is a true hero and in keeping with RP's concept of paying tribute to real hero's in the series "Wall of Heroes"

    As with all of RP's releases they are limited editions so when they are gone they are gone ...and they go fast!!!!!

    Lt Cairns VC


    Note: In this part for reference only I will include a wound picture

    This is the picture that the release is based on : 0.jpg

    Lets have some information on the release subject.


    George A. Cairns was born in Tooting, London in 1913 and commissioned into the Somerset Light Infantry in 1941.
    He was later attached to the 1st Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment, which was part of Wingate's Chindits.
    The battalion landed by Dakota aircraft at the Broadway airstrip, and marched for six days through the jungle to reach its objective.
    On a flat-topped hill stood a pagoda and some huts, occupied by the Japanese. Brigadier Mike Calvert gave the order to charge, and the 1st South Staffords and the 3/6th Gurkha Rifles swept up to the top of the dusty slope to engage in hand-to-hand fighting. It was here that Lt Cairns was killed.

    Brigadier Calvert wrote:
    In front of me I saw a young Staffords subaltern, Lieutenant Cairns, attacked by a Japanese officer who viciously hacked off his arm with a sword. Cairns shot the Jap point-blank, flung away his revolver and picked up the sword that had maimed him before leading his men on, slashing fiercely at any Jap within his reach.
    Finally he dropped to the ground mortally wounded, but that gallant youngster refused to die until the battle was over. I was able to speak to him before he closed his eyes for the last time.
    ‘Have we won, sir?
    Was it all right?
    Did we do our stuff?
    Don’t worry about me.‘

    He was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross.
    The citation reads :

    Lieutenant George Albert CAIRNS
    (198186) ,
    The Somerset Light Infantry,
    attd. South Staffordshire Regiment.

    On the 5th March, 1944, 77 Independent Infantry Brigade, of which the 1st South Staffordshire Regiment formed a part, landed by glider at Broadway (Burma).

    On the 12th March, 1944, columns from the South Staffordshire Regiment and 3/6 Gurkha Rifles established a road and rail block across the Japanese lines of communications at Henu Block.

    The Japanese counter-attacked this position heavily in the early morning of the 13th March, 1944, and the South Staffordshire Regiment was ordered to attack a hill-top which formed the basis of the Japanese attack.

    During this action, in which Lieutenant Cairns took a foremost part, he was attacked by a Japanese officer, who, with his sword hacked off Lieutenant Cairns left arm. Lieutenant Cairns killed this Officer; picked up the sword and continued to lead his men in the attack and slashing left and right with the captured sword killed and wounded several Japanese before he himself fell to the ground.

    Lieutenant Cairns subsequently died from his wounds.

    His action so inspired all his comrades that, later the Japanese were completely routed, a very rare occurrence at the time.

    A truly amazing feat of bravery I am sure you will agree

    00000.jpg 00000a.jpg 00000aaa.jpg 00000aa.jpg 0000000.jpg 000000000.jpg 0000000000.jpg 000000000000.jpg 0000000000000.jpg
    00000000000000.jpg 0000000000000000.jpg AA.JPG A00.jpg A0.jpg
    Chindit insignia
    Wound Image follows

    Continued in next post


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  2. Nap A Fixture

    For me the Burma Campaign is special , my father served there ..he came home ...but was never the same man ..so this review is dedicated to him as well as Lt Cairns.

    The award of a star was made to the men of the "Forgotten Army"

    14th Army Formation badge variations
    abab.jpg aba.jpg

    bbbbbb.jpg bbbbbbb.jpg
    There are plenty of books about both reference and fact driven , here are a couple I would recommend looking at

    bbbb.jpg bbbbb.jpg bbbbbbbbbbb.jpg

    bbbbbbbbbbbb.jpg b.jpeg bb.jpg bbb.jpg bbbbbbbb.jpg ab.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Now lets look at the release

    Title: Lieutenant Albert Cairns

    Series: Wall of Heroes

    Scale: 1/9th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of pieces: 14

    Sculpting: 3D techniques by RP sculptors

    Casting: RP Models Team (limited run)

    Box Art: N/A

    Although we are looking at the bust in this review there is a 75mm full figure version of the subject, again this is a limited run.

    The parts were held in a good cardboard box within air bags and in clear bags also , there is a history sheet and a certificate of authenticity on the other side.( this is personally numbered and signed by Hugo...mine was #37/200 )
    C 001.jpg C 041.jpg

    Parts consist of the main torso , head, right arm, a choice of left arms ( 1 severed hence wound picture) , 5 pieces of webbing including 2 small pouches , water bottle , a haversack and a pistol holster, and lanyard , also we have a machete and the japanese sword blade.
    C 002.jpg C 003.jpg

    Note the long piece at the top is the surround for the actual blade itself

    Note: ..there is no pistol lanyard as the carpet monster got mine and despite much crawling about ..its gone!!!so thanks to Peter Barraclough who sent me a picture of his here:



    This is the first cast done by RP themselves so I was particularly looking ...good to see that the casting has been done so that any flashing runs along the actual clothing seams ..suffice to say the whole kit prep was minimal

    Torso...Fine casting line across the shoulders
    Left Arm ...Flashing in palm of hand only , slight filling at shoulder location
    Right Arm...Nothing
    Webbing pieces..Nothing
    Haversack...Remove casting former from top
    Sword..if warped straighten with a head source ( hairdryer or hot water )
    Pistol...fit Lanyard to it

    As I have a lot of picture I will split the resin ,in this part we will look at the torso only here.

    Torso wearing the uniform shirt tucked into his belt with the webbing arrangement being worn , the right shoulder/upper arm is raised as in the reference picture , the textures are there on the shirt with good folds running under and around his collar we have the lanyard , nice work on the cording , this leads down to a locating cutout for the rest of it which fits in turn to the actual pistol .
    C 004.jpg
    When I do mine I will replace this lower part with wire as its hanging loose after his wound

    The shirt is unbuttoned at the neck with good collar detail and whats this we have ...his dog tags peeking out with their string running inside the collar .

    The neck area is spot on and ready to receive the head and neck casting with not a smidgeon of filler needed .

    The shirt sleeve on the right arm is folded up , again nice strong folds , the inner part ready for the arm. looking at the Left , a choice of 2 , one severed cut just above the elbow , the other also has the sleeve rolled up but cut.

    The webbing he wears is a mass of straps all pulling into the clothing as it should with the cutouts provided for the various pieces of equipt , the webbing has a nice texture to it with stitching being in the right place as well.
    C 009.jpg
    As an officer we have the epaulettes of his rank of 1st lieutenant is shown on each shoulder ( nice shaping on these)

    C 013.jpg
    C 005.jpg C 006.jpg C 007.jpg C 008.jpg C 011.jpg C 012.jpg C 010.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  4. Nap A Fixture

    On now to the remaining pieces

    Starting with the Head

    Pictures of Lt Cairns are scarce and often not very clear but its with pleasure that RP have got an extremely good likeness to the man , using the pictures as references including the painting of him in action we are in for a treat in the shape of ..........................

    ........a strong determined jawline his teeth grinding together in the heat of a frenzied attack , he features are as I said very lifelike , nice work all over with the neck muscles straining with his exertions.
    C 014.jpg C 015.jpg C 017.jpg C 018.jpg C 020.jpg
    Casting is clean and sharply done with the neck angled to fit perfectly into the collar area.

    Hair is well worked with a very high cut , the shaved part showing some nice surface detailing .

    Arms ...the right arm consists of the lower part , fitting well into the sleeve on the torso , on the surface we see the veins and features of an arm that is in a full downward flow , the hand is gripping the sword handle, this has a designed on it ., the fingers are sculpted accurately with the thumb pressing down on them
    C 026.jpg C 027.jpg

    The left you have a choice of a partly severed arm hanging loose down of no use whatsoever to the Lt. the cut into the arm is angled , the shirt cut to pieces , with what will be blood seeping out

    C 021.jpg C 022.jpg C 023.jpg
    Or you have the full severed upper arm with the features of the wound well displayed ...accurate as Hugo is a specialist doctor and had first hand experience of this type of injury

    C 024.jpg C 025.jpg

    The Webbing looking at them all they show the correct shape , fit is easy to the cutouts on the torso , the buckle details are good with the haversack looking like it has some kit in it ,
    C 028.jpg C 029.jpg

    the pistol holster has been given a well worn look , its empty as the pistol hangs from the lanyard .
    C 032.jpg C 033.jpg
    The small pouches are above the belt when in position and a little too square/ new looking in shape ..when I get mine on the bench I will knock them about a bit and lower them ...but that's me !!!

    C 037.jpg

    The water bottle is a real nice bit of work really well shaped and with the top on it , stitching along the lower edge as well

    C 030.jpg C 031.jpg

    The revolver is yet again a real good version , the chambers are empty the trigger details very good , the barrel is drilled out which is good to see and shows how good the casting is , fit is by a small plug on the lanyard that hangs down when in place .

    C 038.jpg

    The sword blade , this was slightly warped in the review piece but no worries as this was sorted by applying heat ( in my case the wife's hairdryer!!!) , fit is easy to the hand .
    The blade is accurate in shape but some may wish to replace it with a metal version .

    C 039.jpg C 040.jpg

    The machete , in its sheath , the surface is textured , very good details on the handle ...a vital and deadly piece of issued equipt.

    C 034.jpg C 035.jpg C 036.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    Well this was a moving piece for me to review bringing back many memories but a honour to do so , sculpting is really very good , well cast and with the minimum of preparation you will have an outstanding display piece ...mine will be WIP very soon

    RP continue to bring some of the best work to the market , always happy to listen to the customer and always striving for top quality and beyond .

    Well done to all at "Team RP"

    A special thanks to you all for looking in and to RP for the review model...looking forward to the next one

    For more information on this and future work and release have a look at the website as well as following on FB and of course look out for posts on this forum.

    Website: www.rpmodels.pt
    E Mail: sales@rpmodels.pt
    FB: www.facebook.com/RPmodels

    Happy modelling

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  5. Tutilo17 Active Member

    Once again a great and helpful review.Thanks.
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  6. Bootneck Well-Known Member

    Bought both the review bust & 75mm version at the recent Euro & can only reiterate what Nap says. Superb bust. Interesting that RP have started casting their own products. Excellent quality as with all of RP offerings.
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  7. Nap A Fixture

    Cheers Guys for the comments

    Put a lot into the review for obvious reasons , it's a great kit and the casting is something I will certainly keep a look on but to be honest I have no concerns if this is anything to go by.

    Good to see you at Euro Peter ...why not do a review of the 75 ?

    Happy modelling

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  8. swralph A Fixture

    Thanks for the great review Nap:) .
    What a bloke eh..
    Reminds me of the battle's of the big hill's when I was younger.
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  9. Wayneb A Fixture

    A great review Nap....There's a lot to like........... However:unsure:.........Oh..Oh....Don't get picky,.picky Wayne.

    Regards Nap,

    P.S...................O.K..........I don't like the unnatural hair:)
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  10. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys ,

    Thanks for the comments I have this on the bench alongside Rogers Ranger one as well !

    Ralph ..glad you like the review ..something special as a subject for me to do

    Wayne ....cheers ...everybody is entitled to their thoughts and ideas mate , looking at it perhaps it's a little too full but all the strands of hair are there so painting will be fun ..as well as that shaven neck as well!

    Happy painting

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  11. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello my GOOD FRIEND Kevin

    How are yoy my friend? I hope everthing is alright...

    Congratulations for the excellent review... It was a great lauch in Euro and people love it the character... Lt Cairns its full of emotions, action and dinamic... This is the kinds of things that we love to develop... I was very happy because people said so many good things from us in Euromilitaire and SMC... Its amazing all the support that we receive it... I felt a very honorable men because I never imagine have so many people that believe in us and are ready to support us... And the chat with so many people, so many ideas was discuss... So many interesting histories for future figures... Its amazing...

    And people drink all Porto Wine and Licor Beirão... LOL... The only thing that we have are empty bottles... LOL... LOL...

    Thank you my good friend for this EXCELLENT review...

    Big ugg and take care
    Hugo Pereira
  12. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Peter...

    Thank you for your comment... We start to do our one castings because we are very demand... And we are using tecniques for dont appear mold lines... Our main object is for people do a very and quick assemble, and starting to put glue on... This is our main goal... Im very happy because you liked...

    Thank you my good friend...

    Big ugg and take care.
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  13. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello Mr. Mayne

    Thank youf or your comment...

    We will try to do better for teh next time... I like the hair cut... And I think its good, but we will try to do better...

    Thank you Sir.
    With best regards
    Hugo Pereira
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  14. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello mr. Ralph...

    Thank you Sir for your comment... Kevin did a EXCELLENT JOB... And give us many book references for people can see and try to check book ideas and references...

    With best regards.
    Hugo Pereira
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