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WIP Lord Lovat from RP Models

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Nap, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. Paul Kernan A Fixture


    Nice effect on the webbing(y) Are you using oils or are you part of the acrylic illuminati:cool:
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  2. Bootneck Well-Known Member

    Hi Nap.

    Love the additions and I'm afraid to say I've been peeking over your shoulder and will be copying you when I get around to him.

    My LL is away at the moment as working on the badges.

    Following with interest.

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  3. Nap A Fixture


    Thanks Mick must admit I was dubious putting them on ..but painted up they look good IMO

    Thanks MM pleased you are liking the SBS would be better if I remembered to take pics .

    Thanks for looking in

  4. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Paul

    Thanks for comment on webbing as with most of my stuff I use Cobra water soluble oils but only in very tiny amounts with Acrylics ..various.
    Peter ,

    Thank you. It looks a lot better in the flesh ! You are very welcome to look over my shoulder anytime ....looking forward to seeing yours on the bench

    Thanks for looking in

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  5. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Just playing catch up Kevin,
    Superb work on this complex casting mate.
    Beautiful work on the webbing to very good effect and the addition of the ever present award tapes works very well. It was always a Lady Elizabeth Butler trademark to add a splash of colour within the drab greys and browns of war.
    Press on My Friend this will be one of your very best pieces.
    All the very best wishes,
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  6. swralph A Fixture

    Looking good Nap.(y)
    I think you should repaint the hand's as they look a little bland:LOL:
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  7. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Keith,

    Thanks for looking in ...need to paint something colourful next!..Kharki overload! ..but more will be coming!

    Looking forwZrd to doing the badges .....no honest I am!!!

    As for Lady Butler she was a great artist brilliant atmosphere in all the pictures

    Blimey Ralph ..thought no one would notice !......that's another couple of things to do ...wish be had gloves on!

    Thanks for looking in both of you appreciate your comments

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  8. MalcC A Fixture

    Coming on a treat, I look forward to your next installment.(y)

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  9. peedee A Fixture

    Hey buddy, it's all looking good except for one thing.
    The sculptor has the grenade ring held wrony.
    You could not pull a grenade pin this way.
    All soldiers were taught to use the 38 grenade in the following way.
    "With a firm grip on the Bomb in the right hand, and ensuring the spoon, (handle) is squeezed and depressed,
    Look down, and place the centre finger of the other hand into the grenade ring,
    close the fisat and whilst looking down at the weapon,
    pull the hands apart in out nto the aim position.

    So if you can mate you may wish to change that.

    Sorry to tell you this now, I didn't spot that in the
    Black primed piccie before euromilitaire.

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  10. Nap A Fixture

    Don't you buddy me Paul ...you could at least have waited till it was all painted!!!!!!

    Thought you knew stuff mate ........but haven't you heard of the Lovat pull....a regimental tradition to pull grenade pins likewise.........

    Oh cue the grown man sobbing bit!.........

    So are you saying the ring should be on the middle finger ......can you draw a pic you please .......

    Cue sobbing loudly !!!!!

    Cheers Paul , the comment will help others as well as me when they are doing their LL

    Happy blooming Sunday ....he he

    Nap image.jpeg
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  11. mick3272 A Fixture

    Naah Paul You got that wrong mate.

    Everybody knows you pull the pin out with your teeth. all those war movies can't all be wrong.
    Think of it propper the way you explained it, If you were left handed you would throw the pin and hold on to the grenade. :whistle:
  12. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Mick ,

    Blimey that's it ...in his teeth ...for me I reckon I will throw Paul and keep the grenade ....bless him

    Seriously though ..I want this right so appreciate all thoughts on this !

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  13. peedee A Fixture

    This is one Kev threw.
    As you can see I was trying to distract a sniper at the time.

    I have withdrawn the pin and am about to give it back, it's not mine !


    'Owzat ?

    Pee chucker
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  14. Nap A Fixture

    Actually Paul ...reckon this is me !

    Nap image.jpeg
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  15. peedee A Fixture

    If it is mate, you are going to be on a 252 charge form !
    Take them stripes off and sew 'em back on the right way up,
    And get a f~#*ing shave, you 'orrible slovenly corporal.

    Lovely shoulders though,

    Show'em orff lovely boy

    Off to the Sgts mess for a wad and a wet$

    Windsor Dee
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  16. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys ,

    That fellow worries me and look what he did for me .......he has the pin ...but where's the grenade..probably behind the cat basket !

    Notice picture before he did his nails ...he he what a star he is

    Question is ...should the pin be happy or droopy of half droopy?


    image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  17. peedee A Fixture

    Kev what happened was....

    I said cheese and it went rigid.

    And then after I flashed.........


    DOH :(


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  18. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys ,

    Well after the ironing moved the grenade pull and pin .......much cursing but glad this was pointed out by my good friend and like me a general reprobate Paul ...cheers mate

    Quick picky with iPad ......eat your heart out David Bailey! the pin is split in two as in original , this will show better when painted !

    Thanks guys


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  19. peedee A Fixture

    Looks great that Kev.
    It looks like he's pulling the pin now.
    Earlier it looke more like he was putting it back in !

    Thankfully a quick fix too, even with big brother watching from behind him.

    Love your mug there handsome.

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  20. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    This one slipped the net, this looks superb. Khaki looks like khaki and not washed mud and now Peedee has shown you how to chuck a grenade.
    Our Platoon Sgt had nerves of steel till it came to grenade practice.

    keep up the excellent work.


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