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Review "Loose your bow" 90mm release from Legion Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jan 2, 2021.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi one and all

    Following on from Legion Miniatures other version of a archer which I looked at here:


    That one was in a relaxed pose this release is in a action position with the bow fully extended seconds before he and others release a hail of arrows towards the enemy ...hence the title of "Loose your bow"

    This is a painted version by the talented MIKHAIL MALININ


    We will see more pictures of this artwork later on

    Lets have some pictures for you


    long bow 6.jpg [IMG][IMG]


    Books as always are available in addition to online resources

    longbow 1.jpg longbow 1a.jpg longbow 2.png longbow 5.jpg [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]

    The release is under the banner "OLD SCHOOL/NEW SCHOOL

    As with all Legion miniatures the contents were in a laser cut box with unpainted images on the top and a side

    Legion Longbow 90mm 001.jpg Legion Longbow 90mm 002.jpg

    Contents consist of torso, legs, arms , head, end piece of a hood, a arrow case (in 2 parts ) a large bag 1 bow , sword, dagger , 1 full arrow, 2 top part of arrows, a tree stump and a base

    Longbowman 001.jpg

    Details of the release :

    Title: "Loose your bow"

    Reference: LMM 014

    Scale: 90mm

    No of pieces: 17

    Material: Medium Gray resin

    Sculptor: A. Bleskin

    Casting: In house

    Box Art: N/A on Review box


    Torso...Sand around lower edges and fit to legs ( Filler needed )
    Legs....Sand off the casting line on inner thighs and remove excess resin under feet and put together ...slight filling needed
    Arms ....Sanding needed where fitting into torso on both and filler
    Head... Remove excess resin underneath and fit to torso...filler needed
    Large bag...Sanding needed to fit to torso and then filler
    Hood...Remove from former and fit ..note: this sits on top the bag when in place
    Bow...Sand on inner curve and remove resin from one end , string as needed
    Sword/knife...Cut away resin from scabbard lower , on knife remove flashing and post , fit both in place
    Arrow case...Remove casting post , sand edges and fit together...filler needed
    Arrows....remove excess of shaft by the flights , straighten using a heat source ..be careful!!, fit the arrow parts into case
    Tree trunk/Base...Remove casting excess and fit together or incorporate into a larger basework

    General Comments
    • The prep looks a lots but its a detailed breakdown and should take no more than just over a hour ...worth taking the time before priming
    • Plan the paint ie: fit the arrows last
    • There is the option of 2 firing position ...with the arrow in place as on the box or you could leave the arrow off and string the bow straight as though the aroow has been relaeased
    Continued in next post

  2. Nap A Fixture

    On to the resin now


    Our subject wears loose clothing with a tabbard style front and back , this is held together by ties at the sides , there is a cloth strap running over the right shoulder going across the body at the front

    Details on the side ties are not too bad but could perhaps have been more sharper , nice undercuts on the shoulder hood edges which separates at the front

    The cloth strap is as it should be , raised at the edges and a good knot on place at the rear

    Folds and creases of the material are natural and well shown

    The shoulders have deep areas cast to take the arms , the same applies to the neck area

    Fit to the legs will need a filler to be used

    Legion Longbow 90mm 015.jpg Legion Longbow 90mm 017.jpg

    Legion Longbow 90mm 018.jpg Legion Longbow 90mm 016.jpg


    The largest of the pieces , they are spread wide in a determined stance in relation to the action , the left leg forward , wearing boots , hose

    The lower part of the upper garment is cast onto the top of legs with a small pouch and a money bag, together with straps

    The small bag is rounded and full from the bulging at the lower , nice buckle work and corners on the flaps, the bag is held on two defined straps from the belt

    The money bag is also full , pulled together and sitting nicely onto the body , to the left is what could be a bow string covered , this is secured onto the belt which again has good buckle detailing the sword straps are cast into position with cut outs and a locating hole to fit the sword and dagger respectively

    The hose he wear shows off his manhood well , the material is torn at a knee and on the seams which form the stripes ...a good idea is to include the lines of each section ...making painting easier ...nice thinking Legion

    The boots are ankle high and pointed the upper parts folded over nicely and with the boot held in place by a knotted tie , the folds and creases through wearing all well shown

    There is a good cutout to take the upper torso as well

    Longbowman 002.jpg Longbowman 003.jpg Longbowman 004.jpg Longbowman 005.jpg Longbowman 006.jpg Longbowman 007.jpg

    Longbowman 008.jpg Longbowman 009.jpg

    Longbowman 014.jpg Longbowman 010.jpg Longbowman 011.jpg

    Longbowman 012.jpg Longbowman 013.jpg


    These are sculpted in the position of the left fully extended with right bent at the elbow , together forming the firing position

    Both arms are padded , and nicely section , on the left there is no hand ( cast onto the bow ) with there is a much needed wrist protector held in place by 2 small straps , the ends hanging loose from the buckle

    The right has the hand cast in position this is sculpted with the fingers holding onto the bow string before letting loose

    The fingers are well done with 2 being protected by covering leather

    Legion Longbow 90mm 019.jpg Legion Longbow 90mm 020.jpg Legion Longbow 90mm 021.jpg Legion Longbow 90mm 022.jpg Legion Longbow 90mm 023.jpg


    Wearing a helmet type as in the references simple in style with a patterned rounded piece on each side , holding the strap in place to the helmet , the strap is secured under the chin pulling into the hood he wear undeneath

    Facial features are accessible for painting , the face is slightly off centre when looking directly

    Fit is no problem into the cutout on the upper torso

    Legion Longbow 90mm 027.jpg Legion Longbow 90mm 024.jpg Legion Longbow 90mm 025.jpg

    Continued in next post

  3. Nap A Fixture

    Onto the remainder of the parts


    To finish the clothing he is wearing there is the end to the hood ...very long as was the fashion and sitting naturally when in place fits over the large bag ( see the completed figure and unpainted one )

    Legion Longbow 90mm 031.jpg

    The bag is again full and well cast with the folds , nice touch is a little repair in the form of sowing ...with stitches !!! , the flap is held in place by toggles ( bone or wood )

    You fit this first then the hood end as above ..., matches up to the strap ends with a little filler

    Arrow case (Quiver )

    This comes in two parts , fitting together easily , a touch of filler , the rounded top with holes is cast into one side , some might like to redrill the holes as well , material folds etec are well done and fit is no problem ...you could also pin this as well

    Legion Longbow 90mm 028.jpg Legion Longbow 90mm 029.jpg

    Legion Longbow 90mm 030.jpg


    Shaped correctly , as I said there is a bow string option ...pulled back in the draw being held in fingers or released and at the bow . The bow has the knocks at the ends to fit the string which you will need to provide ....I suggest a wire or similar

    There is the hand sculpted in place holding the hand grip tightly , good details on the fingers and posiition

    Legion Longbow 90mm 032.jpg

    Legion Longbow 90mm 033.jpg Legion Longbow 90mm 034.jpg


    The sword is in a scabbard and has a stylised hand and protector , the grip is wrapped around in leather perhaps to assist the grip , at the scabbard top a small pocket , maybe for a small knife

    The Dagger is what was known as a "bollock" ...for obvious reasons!!! , shaped accordingly with a post to locate to the hole in the waist area

    The arrows or should I say arrow , there is one full one to fit in place if you choose the box postion , if not you could easily include this pushed into the basework , the other 2 pieces are designed to fit in the arrow bag

    All weapons and arrows fit simply

    Legion Longbow 90mm 035.jpg Legion Longbow 90mm 036.jpg

    Base/Tree trunk

    The base is oval in shape textured with cutouts for the feet to fit to and one for the actual tree trunk

    Legion Longbow 90mm 039.jpg Legion Longbow 90mm 040.jpg

    The tree trunk is again suitably textured and could be used as provided or added into a bigger base

    Legion Longbow 90mm 037.jpg Legion Longbow 90mm 038.jpg

    As promised lets have a rear view of the unpainted version showing the hood etc in postiion


    Now ENJOY some more pictures of MIKHAIL MALININ's artwork ..thanks to Andrey at Legion for the pictures

    IMG_5540.jpg IMG-5538.JPG IMG-5540.JPG IMG-5541.JPG IMG-5543.JPG IMG-5545.JPG

    Final Thoughts

    A good figure plenty of painting options, prep isn't overly too much with casting being good and with nice details , idea as a single figure but even better with others that Legion have released...so have a good look around the website ...you wont be unhappy seeing whats on offer ....and their customer service is as good as well

    Don't forget that Andrey has offered PF members a discount as well

    RECOMMENDED zx.jpg
    Legion are members here ( user ID Andrey ) [IMG] )

    ....so you can order direct from him here on PF or via the website which is:


    They also have a FB page:


    Thanks to Legion for the review item

    Cheers also to you all for viewing

    Enjoy the modelling

  4. clrsgt A Fixture

    I'm not much into medieval figures, but this one looks very good as expected from Legion. Excellent review as always Nap.
    Nap likes this.
  5. MCPWilk A Fixture

    What appears to be an accurate depiction of the scourge of the French aristocracy beautifully finished.

    Nap likes this.
  6. Alex A Fixture

    Very nice figure.
    What is the price for this figure and other 90mm in the range ?
    Nap likes this.
  7. Nap A Fixture

    Thank you for the comments , there's a Crossbowman as well which I will also be looking at soon

    Alex ...msg Andrey here on PF , there's a kind offer of a discount offered to PF members

    Happy benchtime all

    gogok and Alex like this.
  8. rjray Member

    Looks fantastic. I'm trying to build up a collection of archers in 54mm, but this would tempt me out of that scale :).
  9. MrBMB A Fixture

    Nice Nap
    I really do like the look of this one, very tempting with that great pose

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