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Looking for 18th Century kits?

Discussion in 'Just starting...' started by ssorc1, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. ssorc1 New Member

    Hey all. I'm looking for ideas and leads on any kits based in 18th century warfare, particularly the Seven years War, Austrian Succession, French Indian etc. I've managed to find a few kit makers along the way but I'm still fairly new to recent kits. I grew up on Imrie Risley, Stadden, Historex and all the classics but I'm open to finding some new lines or single figures. I was very impressed with Andrei Bleskin but I have had no luck finding where his kits can be purchased. Also Ulrich Puchala. If anyone has any ideas I'd be happy to hear from you. Cheers.
  2. marco55 Well-Known Member

    Hi Mike,
    Have you tried La Meridiana?They have an large line of FIW figures and just released a river port.They are large figures I would say 60mm.Bestsoldiers has a nice set of a two figures with 4 heads,2 each of indian and european.Michael Roberts also has a few sets as does Andrea.
    Hope this helps.
  3. captnenglish Well-Known Member

  4. ssorc1 New Member

    Thanks very much for the link and the lead. I did check them out and they have a lot of kits I am interested in. Much appreciated. I also managed to get in touch with Ulrich Puchala directly so I am going to try and get a full listing of what kits he's had produced and where I can get them. Cheers.
  5. theBaron A Fixture

    Hi, Michael, I'm sorry I missed this thread! The 18th century is one of my favorite areas.

    Regarding Ulrich's 54mm figures-when he concentrated on the larger-sized figures, Mueritz Miniaturen picked up the rights to produce his 54mm line. Their website is:


    I think Chuck Robinson might carry their line, too, I asked him a while back but I'm sorry, I don't remember if he said for sure. But you can contact him through his website, www.redlancers.com, if you don't want to bother with international shipping.

    Another German manufacturer whose figures might interest you is Rylit, run by Ursula Litterscheidt. Her website is www.rylit.de. The website does shows only a couple of figures from her SYW line, but you can email her and ask about getting hardcopy of the full catalog. I have a bunch of her figures, albeit from eBay auctions.

    You might also want to consider Helmut Peipp's figures. They are detailed and very animated, albeit in a distinctive style that tends towards humor or even caricature. He produces SYW Prussians and 18th century civilians, in 54mm and 45mm, including vignettes such as a hunting party, complete with lords, ladies, huntsmen, horses, dogs, the catch and a picnic spread. I buy Peipp figures through Scholz's Berliner Zinnfiguren website, which is at www.zinnfigur.com. Their service is excellent. They also carry MiniWelt, who made a splash with an excellent series of figures from Frederick the Great's army, albeit in a slightly larger size, around 60 to 62mm, but more recently, MiniWelt's Napoleonics have been featured.

    Another dealer to consider is John Eden, who has some of the old Rose figures. He advertises them in sets painted in toy soldier style, but castings are also available. His website is www.johnedenstudios.com.

    If you're looking for the old Phoenix kits, an outfit called S&D Models has picked up many of them from the wreckage of Soldierpac, Ltd. Their website is http://www.sanddmodels.co.uk/

    I don't know what style you're looking for, whether the actual detail level on an Andrea or Pegaso. I paint my figures in gloss, and I want as much detail as I can get in the castings, but I have a range of makers reaching from the classics you mentioned, to the makers I've listed above, to current Tradition offerings. But I hope those references all help.

  6. Michaelminiatures A Fixture

  7. Hans Member

    And don't forget the Preiser Series in 54mm and 75mm. Plastic kits, sculpted by Puchala.
  8. ssorc1 New Member

    Those are some of my favourites. They work great as Prussians and are excellent for conversions. Very much like the figures that Mueritz offers. Thanks very much for the help.
  9. ssorc1 New Member

    Wow. Thanks. I like quite a few of those kits. Looks like I'll be very busy over the next few months. Thanks for the link. Much appreciated.
  10. ssorc1 New Member

    Hi Baron,

    I recognize you from the Jenkins forum. I hope all is well with you. These links are great. I have quite a few of the classics and I have bought quite a few of John Eden's castings, as well as Tradition etc. The Puchala figures are some of my favourites but has been very hard to find other than the Preiser plastic kits. I have Puchala bookedmarked on Ebay just in case but he doesn't come up often. I did contact him recently so maybe I can get a line on where his sculpts ended up. Mueritz is definitely on my next purchase list and I do quite like the Peipp figures. I haven't checked out the Rylit link yet but there was also one that was just sent to me: www.unitedempireminiatures.com. Lots of great kits there too. Again, much appreciated. Cheers, ssorc1
  11. theBaron A Fixture

    Hi, Micahel, glad to help, and glad to meet another enthusiast!

    Thanks to Captnenglish for reminding us of Hecker & Goros, too, I had forgotten about them. Their new Prussian fusilier figures are very good, too. Chuck Robinson carries those in his catalog, too. I have those, and also, H&G is one of the few makers to make any Austrians.

    I've even picked up a bunch of the old Monogram/Verite Rogers' Ranger figure on eBay, I've got 4 or 5 of them, a well-detailed figure.

    I'll check my catalogs for some of the older or defunct makers, whose figures you'll find at shows or online (eg, eBay) and elsewhere on the secondary market. Monarch comes to mind, and Old Guard. Monarch is still in business, I think, but he is old-school, nothing online, everything via snail mail and hard copy. Old Guard had a couple of figures of Frederick, one, striking a pose while strolling with his whippets.

    I've even picked up Franklin Mint figures. They produced a series commemorating Frederick the Great's army, which was sold in Germany. There are some excellent figures in that series, some of which are now available from the Spanish company Army House (whose Internet domain is currently unregistered, though, so something has happened). The Hessian Jaeger from FM's Yorktown series is also a nice casting, and fits in with other SYW figures.

    Sorry, I keep thinking of more, it's running on :lol:
  12. Diegoff A Fixture

  13. ssorc1 New Member

    Hey Baron, Thanks again for the links. All good sources. Hecker and Goros had quite a few I will be buying so I look forward to those. I'm a sucker for the older makers as well, including Old Guard, Monarch, Imrie Risley (who is now up for sale), Stadden etc. But I really like the diorama figures the most; figures I can customize more. There is a great link but I have had no luck getting a response from these guys: http://www.1st-guards.com/ some great figures that Andrei Bleskin sculpted. I have found some on Ebay but this link is live but gets no response? Great figures though. Thanks again for all the info. I'll be a busy (and very broke) man from now on. Cheers, michael
  14. ssorc1 New Member

    Thanks Diego. Very nice work! If I caught what you said correctly you actually sculpted some of these? Excellent work. Wish I had that skill; I'm working on it but very slowly. I will be posting in the fall where I'm at wit my figures. Look forward to seeing more from you. Cheers

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