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Looking for 10/0 Brushes in Series 7 Quality?

Discussion in 'Painting Techniques' started by blf, Feb 20, 2020.

  1. blf New Member

    Hey guys ---- my Abteilung 502 10/0's are getting ratty and the newer ones from them are like uneven straw for some reason! My favorites are W & N Series 7 but only have them in smallest in 00 and 000

    Anything in the 10/0 size with that quality that you guys know of?
  2. Richard Baxter Well-Known Member

    Try David Jackson of The Brushman. Top quality and great service. Can provide just about any kind of brush, tailored to your needs.


    He's based in Staffordshire in England
  3. Nap A Fixture

    Try Rosemary and Co

    Series 33 or 22 , I have 10/0 from her ...very high quality and excellent service as well



    image.png image.jpeg
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  4. Hawk_Uk PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi blf,
    Our range of sable brushes go down to 10/0 see our website for more details.

  5. theBaron A Fixture

    Welcome to the Planet, blf!

    If you're in the US, you might try Dick Blick Art Materials, too. Website is https://www.dickblick.com/, you can order online, or look to see if they have a bricks-and-mortar location near you.

  6. blf New Member

    I checked with Blick and nothing smaller than 000
  7. Jimmy S Well-Known Member

  8. kevininpdx Active Member

    One change I’ve made that has increased my skill is I stopped using tiny brushes. I don’t use anything smaller than a 0 with the majority of my painting done with a 2 even for 28mm scale. Teeny brushes don’t hold enough paint and they dry on the hairs very quickly which makes painting a pain but also ruins the brush. I’m talking about acrylics here but maybe small brushes are good for oil but I’m not sure. At least for acrylics there are no details too small for a 0 with a good point.
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  9. Venko Active Member

    Agree, a good point is more important than size of a brush. I use mostly size 1 and 0 of my Raphael 8404 :)
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  10. NeilW A Fixture

    I thought I'd look at his site but I'm sure you don't mean these?



    Seriously though, as Kevin and Venko say, the old advice was that it's all about the point and that 'size doesn't matter' :angelic:
  11. malc Well-Known Member

  12. Ronaldo Well-Known Member

  13. socko47 Active Member

    If you are in the USA Jackson's ships free of VAT . The US dollar is relatively strong right now. [There use to be no shipping for orders of brushes over 20 pounds but Covid has new shipping restrictions.]
    FYI - I happened to check Blick and they carry a 5/0 and 6/0 in Raphael's 8404 :playful:
  14. theBaron A Fixture


    That was something that took me a while to learn, because it was counter-intuitive to me when I started working more with acrylics. My experience with enamels and oils, was that the paint stayed wet long enough that it wouldn't dry on the brush, from the time I picked up the paint to the time I applied it to the piece. It was like working with ink in a ball point pen. So I could use a small brush to paint fine lines or details. And it was also what I usually needed to do when painting a scale model.

    When I started working with acrylics, I really had to experience the fast drying time, to understand that a fine brush, with a small head, was no good. The paint would dry on the brush before I could apply it. So I watched what my friends who paint figures did, and noted the brushes. Then I went and got my first rounds. It took me a while, practicing with them, but one day, it hit me-the round is akin to a fountain pen. The full brush head holds the reservoir of paint, delivering it via the fine point. That's when it clicked for me, and I understood.

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  15. malc Well-Known Member

    A light bulb moment Brad.

    But yes it takes a while to discover..your brush and technique.

    Had to write something as I now have 1 more post and I hit 1000..... yaaa
  16. Richard Baxter Well-Known Member


    Hi Neil,

    Sorry for late reply, just seen this thread again. No, the address I meant is DavidTheBrushman@hotmail.com, e-mail only, doesn't have a website. A first-class chap.

  17. elgreco Well-Known Member

  18. arj A Fixture


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