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Review Long Range Patrol Vietnam from Recon Productions

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    Its with much pleasure to share along awaited piece from Sverre Melleby who owns and runs RECON PRODUCTIONS ...inbetween a intensive military career.

    As you can see we are staying in the vietnam special forces theme this time with the LRRP soldier

    Recon Cover.jpg

    I have looked at other 4 releases all special forces



    [IMG][IMG] [IMG]




    Whats the release:

    Title: LRRP Vietnam 1967-69

    Series: Men with Green Faces

    Scale : 1/9th

    Reference: RP09-09

    No of parts : 23 resin

    Also included: 1 information insert and a comprehensive build sheet

    Material: Gray Resin

    Sculptor: Sverre Melleby using traditional sculpting

    Box Art; Sverre Melleby

    Weapon design : Junsang Park using 3D sculpting

    Casting by : YS Castings

    The review piece was received prior to the final covering but all will now have this wrap around the box itself , easily slipped off when opening the box

    Recon Full wrap around.jpg

    As well as 2 very good insert as here:

    Recon 002.jpg Recon 003.jpg

    above front and back of the information sheet with the build advice below

    Recon 004.jpg

    We also have original magazine bag ...a nice twist to a release.....

    The bag was designed to hold one twenty-round M16 magazine to protect it from the elements with a built-in metal strip allows the bag to be sealed well.
    The bag was designed to be thrown away after the magazine was removed, then to be picked up by an enemy combatant. The combatant could then use the bag as a "get home free pass" to leave the Viet Cong.
    The full translation reads: “Returning Chieu Hoi will help you to again see your parents and family in a peaceful and democratic South Vietnam”.

    A fascinating piece of history in every box!

    Recon 005.jpg

    Packaging of the resin was excellent to say the least ....using resealable clear bags which were then packed in shredded paper with the magazine bag and inserts on top

    Recon 001.jpg

    Recon 006.jpg Recon 007.jpg

    Parts consist of torso, upper part of legs, 2 arms, head, hat, rucksack , 3 hands, 4 pouches, weapon, and a base


    This is a area that Recon are very good at limiting suffice to say its minimal consisting of removing tiny casting posts , slight flashing on the weapon, fitting the pieces together...all with very minimal filler if any is needed

    Important to note ...take a look at the build sheet , a well produced printout with good advice

    General comments
    • Excellent quality resin
    • Very good casting from YS
    • Fit is really good
    • Depicted wading through water hence legs
    • Well researched prior to sculpting no matter which piece
    • 2 patrol hand signals option
    • Weapon hand is gloved

    This will be a picture heavy review so I will add my many references at the very end

    Continued in next thread

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Onto the resin looking at the torso, legs and arms first

    Click on smaller pics for larger images

    Upper torso

    Sculpted with the right shoulder slightly raised in keeping with the arms position when fitted, the piece shows very good and natural folds in the uniform itself , with the M56 pattern webbing shoulder straps and belt in place , good undercuts on these , very good buckle work , both on the webbing and the belt , the buttons are spot on as well

    The neck area is wide open with the collar spayed out ready to take the head and neck , the "drive on rag" is hanging just outside the "V" on the shirt

    Of note is the really good survival knife cast onto the webbing , really sharp retaining tapes and good work on the handle

    The torso is cut just below the waist belt with a good locating cut out underneath to fit the legs

    Of course if you can present the piece as a bust rather than with the upper legs...great option IMO

    As you can see we have good cut outs for both arms and pouches , at the back a large block of resin to fit into the rucksack cut out

    Recon 008.jpg

    Recon 014.jpg Recon 011.jpg Recon 009.jpg

    Recon 013.jpg Recon 017.jpg Recon 010.jpg

    Recon 018.jpg Recon 012.jpg

    Upper legs

    Sculpted with the left thigh forward moving carefully through a water environment when on the base , very good clothing interpretation, good seam work on the lower edge of the jacket and also around the pocket top
    on the top a block of resin that fits to the cutout of the torso , under each thigh a rounded post to fit to the base

    Using the legs will make it into a 3/4 figure ...some might wish to extend the legs and put him into a different scenario

    Recon 020.jpg Recon 022.jpg Recon 021.jpg Recon 023.jpg Recon 019.jpg


    Both have been sculpted with much care and are cut at the wrist , the left positioned to cradle the weapon in the hand with the right raised to compliment the hand signal of your choice

    Again the work on the folds and creases is very good with the lower sleeves folded up to just above the lower arm with the left sleeve having a pocket on it , nice button detail on this as on torso

    Fit is as expected really good with the right wrist cut to take the hand of your choice , the left cut level ready to fit inside the gloved hand

    Recon 026.jpg Recon 027.jpg Right
    Recon 025.jpg Recon 024.jpg Left

    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Lets look at the head , hands and hat


    A fine piece of sculpting even unpainted this guy looks very alert and slightly worried and who can blame him , patrolling through enemy area's ...great work on the features being well defined , mouth slightly open with teeth showing , very good neck muscle showing , the head is slightly to the left looking forward and with a good profile

    Neck is cut at a angle with the rest of his drive on around his neck , very nicely folded and the neck fitting into place with no need of filler .

    Hair is textured

    Recon 028.jpg Recon 029.jpg


    The left hand is gloved wearing a M1950 glove , to protect against the weapon heat after intensive use on a contact , really good work on the fingers edging and the retaining strap at the wrist is pulled in tightly , the hand itself is cupped ready for the weapon to sit into

    Fit is really good with the wrist area having a cut out that holds the wrist in position

    There are 2 hand signals to choose from , a clentched hand or a splayed out one , both have excellent finger details with the veins straining on the open version

    Recon 032.jpg

    Recon 033.jpg Recon 034.jpg Recon 035.jpg Recon 036.jpg

    Recon 037.jpg Recon 038.jpg


    This is known as a boonie hat , sculpted with the rim hanging down , this hat was often personalised to the users choice , at times each side held up , again a really good sculpt including air vent holes

    Recon 039.jpg Recon 041.jpg Recon 040.jpg

    Continued in next post

  4. Nap A Fixture

    Now to the remainder of the pieces

    Webbing,grenades,weapon and base

    The larger piece of the webbing is naturally the CISO backpack , this is fully loaded with all that the LRRP will need on patrol , the cotton canvas straining to keep it all in , strap work is very good along with the buckles .

    A nice touch is that some of the straps are tucked around on a side pouch and the underneath straps, beneath he main flap there is the signal panel , each side just under this flap there's the corded pull tie

    On the rear a cut out that matches well the block on the torso rear

    Recon 045.jpg Recon 042.jpg Recon 043.jpg

    Recon 046.jpg Recon 044.jpg


    You will find 3 water bottle pouches with 2 of these having bottles inside , the 3rd holding magazines as well or perhaps his rations , like all SF much variation in use of pouches was seen

    There is also 2 ammunition pouches that fit one each side on the belt

    All pouches are very well shaped and correct for the M56 patterns with the water bottles having tops ....one is without the retaining strap ...another nice variation

    Recon 053.jpg Recon 054.jpg

    Recon 055.jpg Recon 056.jpg

    Recon 047.jpg Recon 048.jpg


    Several versions are included including Smoke and HE , all have good details including pull rings and top clips , one having a "key" type pull

    Recon 049.jpg Recon 050.jpg

    Recon 051.jpg Recon 052.jpg


    This is a real gem of a 3D sculpt ( the only piece included that is this ) , excellent details all over from the foresight to the butt

    The mechanism is all in place , carrying handle , a magazine , foresight , the flash eliminator ......a real bonus as it looks so good with the well sculpted figure , fitting into he left hand well and naturally

    Recon 057.jpg Recon 060.jpg Recon 062.jpg

    Recon 058.jpg Recon 061.jpg Recon 059.jpg


    Square in shape depicting water moving around the legs of the model , the water bubbling slightly , god fiment points

    The option is there also to use the base within a larger groundwork or on its own

    Recon 063.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    Always good to see a release from Recon , so much care in the sculpting is evident , high quality research resulting in great details , very well presented and a really good subject matter , tying in nicely with the Special Forces theme of Sverre choice of releases


    There is a website of course but Sverre tells me its easier to contact him via the FB page wich also has great details of this and previous WIP's

    Follow on FB: facebook.com/reconprod/

    Website: www.reconprod.com


    Thanks for looking in , hope you enjoyed the look at this release as much as I enjoyed working on it

    Next will be references , books etc

    Happy benchtime

  5. Nap A Fixture

    Reference Books I recommend

    v.jpg V1a.jpg v1.jpg V1aa.jpg vvv.jpg vvvv.jpg

    vvvvv.JPG vvvvvv.jpg vvvvvvvvv.jpg

    Plenty to look at there!!!

  6. Nap A Fixture

    Now for references

    One thing to note the camo pattern "tiger stripe" varied greatly with different suppliers producing including local theatre ones , fabric quality varied , fading often.



    wwwwwwwwwwwww.jpg wwwwwwwwwwwwww.jpg wwwwwwwwwwwwwww.jpg ww.jpg w.jpg www.jpg wwww.png wwwwwwww.jpg wwwwwwwwww.jpg


    Enjoy the modelling

  7. Bournouna Active Member

    Hello Nap,
    Great review. Where can we order this figure and what is the cost?
  8. Sgt. Red Active Member

    Im buying this bust!!!! Just fantastic!!
  9. Nap A Fixture

    Contact Sverre via the FB page as in the review , not sure if cost but would imagine about €40

    You won't regret it for sure as above contact via FB ....there's also a great Marine Grenadier piece as well ...details in first part of review

  10. yellowcat A Fixture

    Some LRRP references from the book Vietnam: US Uniforms in Colour Photographs


    field1 final1c.jpg

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  11. yellowcat A Fixture

    Tiger stripe

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  12. Mookie Active Member

    Very concise and thorough review.Nice and informative.Sverre always does a great package of sculpts with lots of information
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  13. Bootneck Well-Known Member

    I contacted Sverre via his Facebook page with the intention of purchasing this figure but unfortunately he doesn’t supply individual figures owing to the high cost of postage from Denmark.
    Sverre says he will list suppliers on his Facebook page once the orders come in. Unfortunately at this time I believe nobody in the UK will be stocking Recon. Unless things change.
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  14. Mookie Active Member

    Steve Kirtley at S.K miniatures usually stocks Recon stuff.Im.sure he will stock this one at some stage.
    Cheers from Rich.
  15. Bootneck Well-Known Member

    Hi Mookie.
    I contacted Steve a few months ago when I first saw this figure. He told me he did not anticipate stocking it.
    I have emailed Steve again to see if he has had a change of heart. Awaiting response and will post his reply.
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  16. Nap A Fixture

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  17. Bootneck Well-Known Member

    Great news indeed!!!!!!!
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  18. Chris Kelm Active Member

    I want this bust! How much is it?
  19. Bootneck Well-Known Member

    Hi Chris
    Steve at this http://www.skminiatures.co.uk/ has it on pre order at £52 Sterling with £7 p&p to the states. In total £59 sterling.
    I have bought a few things from Steve & he is a great bloke to deal with. Recommend. Ps I have no affinity with skminiatures.

    Hope this helps.
  20. Chris Kelm Active Member

    ok thanks. stupid question, what is sterling? is it another name for pounds?

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