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L'OLONNAIS - 75 MM Pegaso Models

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by MAB, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. MAB Well-Known Member

    Dear Friends of Planet here my last Work........
    The piece is in 75 milimeter....... naturally the painting is for Danilo Cartacci
    and the historical search and of Marcello Grimaldi.

    Good vision to all and Naturally the comments are very appreciate.

    Saluti To ALL MAB :)










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  2. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Beautiful work like always Maurizio!

    Extremely well posed figure and the details are fantastic.
  3. madeg Active Member


    My god this is fantastic and what painting skills . I presume it is all in acrylics .
    Beautifull work .
    Is it a future pegaso release ?????
  4. KeithP Active Member

    Wonderful work and I always enjoy viewing the in process sculpt.
    Congrats to both Maurizio and Danilo. :)

  5. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    Maurizio, very well sculpted as usual. I don't want to take anything away from your sculpt, but this is some of the best painting I've seen Danilo do, maybe some of the best I've seen ever! Well done gentlemen.

    Jay H.
  6. megroot A Fixture

    He was on my list to buy at Euro.
    This is awesome, and i really want to paint it.

  7. Ernest A Fixture

    just AMAZING!!
  8. daniel Well-Known Member


    Whenever you sculpt a new model ... is better than the last one ... Fantastic you are near the perfections ... Hope to see it at Euro ... o)
    The duo Maurizio/Danillo is the better we can do now in figurines !!!
    Congratulation my friend !!!

  9. eissteban Active Member

    is it true a beauty like that ? :)
    congratulations for the maestros

    (Marc, this w.e will be hard for the money ;) )
  10. EFO New Member

    Great work by both artist involved :)
  11. Christos Well-Known Member

    One of the most beautiful figures I have ever seen-Compliments!
  12. nektar Member

    Absolutely magnificent ... !!! , congratulations i think is precious little for you.

  13. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Nektarios said it - magnificent! The drapery of the musketeer costume is un-believable! And the painting is awesome!

    All the best,
  14. BlackWarrior Member

  15. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    Dear Maurizio , this one i think is one of the best figures youhave ever sculpted. The pose , the body language, the face , the character, is amazing . and Danilo's painting has amazingly completed this work

    I think this figure will be a clasic one !! I simply adore it , and of course it will be inpriority on my bench for painting !!!!

    Thanks for beeing such a great artist my friend !!!

  16. Jim Patrick Active Member

    :eek: I'm with Costas on this one my friend. It sounds too repetive but your figures are better and better with each new sculpt. This is without a doubt your best to date. I'll have to get a couple of these just to have that extra one to stare at ;) . Your sculpting combined with Danilio's painting are also the best duo going in the hobby today. Simply beath taking!

    On another note Maurizio, I have a few questions for you. You can answer them here or start another thread, your choice.

    1. Which are your favorite creations you have sculpted and why?

    2. Which 5 figures do you consider "classic" figures and why?

    3. Which sculptors inspire you and why?

    Thanks my friend,
    Jim Patrick
  17. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Absolute masterpiece in a miniature!
    " The rough applause and tears of envy! ":)
    Yours faithfully to the big master!
  18. John Belcher A Fixture

    Absolutely stunning work.A real master piece.I love all the detail in the sculpting and the painting.Kind regards John:)
  19. vergilius New Member

    I give you the best compliment I can give ; I'm going to buy this one !!
    Can you tell me what colours Danilo used for the glass?
  20. MAB Well-Known Member

    WOOW ........ Hi Marc - Anders - Keith - Jay - Marc M. - Ernest - Daniel - Efo - Chris - Nektarios - Dan - Kyon Jae Lee - Costas - Sergey- John - Vergilius and JIM ........

    Thanks to all for the good comment are well apreciate ...... thanks :) also for part of Danilo and Marcello and for the Pegaso Team .

    For Jim ...... My Favorite creation is always the next one that I will make......... why I always try to improve in my technique..... must always push itself beyond.... otherwise I would not amuse myself.

    I do not have of the particular creations that I prefer more than others..... they are all beautiful..... some more and some than less....... but they are always the fruit of the job of good artists.
    I do not have of the preferred sculptor ...... but of the colleagues of which I admire their particular abilities and from which I take cue .....
    As an example.....
    :) Jula...... is for me one of most complete.... Anatomy, Sense of the Movement, facility of approach in whichever historical period, great experience in decomposing, creativity.
    :)Lebovitz and Lamb ....... for the details and for the sculpture much cleaning up
    :)Good ......for the aces much characterizes
    :)La Torre ....... for the realistic draperies
    :) Konnov ....... optimal sense of the movement much Bravo in large-scale
    :)Palacios ......... good anatomical acquaintance
    :)Bergholtz ....... The great artist the best on large-scale
    :) Horan ........ for the Pathos in the movement and telling one history with its job
    :) Van Jills........ for the inventiveness
    here........ others are many that I admire for their job and I make excuses myself if I do not have I list them..... I try to assimilate the best of their qualities and to apply it on my sculptures....... not to always I succeed us..... but to at least I try us. ;)

    Saluti to all MAB :)

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