Lion Hunter

Discussion in 'Completed Figures' started by Ernest, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. Ernest A Fixture


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  2. Bootneck Well-Known Member

    Not to my taste,even though Alan Quatermain is a literary character I cannot glorify in the killing of wild animals for "sport".

    Only my opinion.

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  3. Ernest A Fixture

    I also don't glorify nazis or socialist but we paint a lot of them
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  4. taff edwards A Fixture

    Hi mate
    Great paint job but God he has some teeth
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  5. Gaudin A Fixture

    That is certainly not Alan Quatermain I imagined from reading the books... Bill Sykes may be.
  6. Babelfish A Fixture

    As much as I normally disapprove of big game hunting, that's a cracking bust to the point that I'd even consider painting it! I say just appreciate it for what it is.

    I'm not sure about the native face though. Certainly an original idea, but I think it vies for attention and distracts from the main piece.

    - Steve
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  7. Michaelminiatures A Fixture

    This bust not going hunting, it plastic! The lion head is plastic ! It all plastic! The native shield is a separate piece and the bust can be painted with or without. The base stem can be cut down to fit. A little story about this bust. It is one of the previously unreleased Adamola 22 sculpts I acquired a couple years ago. I think Roman had the sculpt for 8-10 or so. The bust was unfinished but very close. I finished off myself and got it ready for casting. It is different and has a lot of character but is fictional as was the character it is based around. It could be a dangerous bust though but only in the sense that when packing up orders for it I find out the kit weighs 11 oz. if you order one be sure not to drop it on your bare toes. I have one primed and will paint it soon. I am not offended by this bust or any of the pieces I have painted and all of them are associated with death and the killing of something. It's just something to paint!
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  8. Metal Extremo Well-Known Member

    Curious bust. Very stange an original composition. I like it.
    Enormous painting Ernest. Great work again mi pana.
  9. feneseges_henceg New Member

    I saw the photos and thought Sabretooth from X-Men :)
    I curious how the bust looks without the lion head

  10. ranchhand Active Member

    Great paintjob, I like it except for the teeth (the lip biting isnt working for me ) but its a cool piece with lots of attitude.
  11. ranchhand Active Member


    I am currently working on a Civil War figure of the 3rd texas cavalry, and they (according to historians) where almost all slave owners. I would hope people realise that just because we build these things we are not agreeing with them.
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  12. peedee A Fixture

    I do support valid crtitiscm of any model personally and I have to say I was a little taken aback .

    Yet again, I turn on the internet only to find another
    bleeding cat :D hahaha.

    Cracking paint job well done, thumbs up from me

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  13. fmargem Active Member

    Excellent sculpture and concept. Although I do think the lion head is way too small... Just saying.
  14. Ernest A Fixture

    I guess that everything is just a concept (face, lion, shield, etc) not an hyper realism

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