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Review Life Miniatures presents : "The Few"

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. storm_zh Well-Known Member

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  2. DBenz Member

    For those wishing to get this correct for the Battle of Britain, and it is marketed as that period, the forum link to another thread below has on page 2 further references and pointers on what few errors there are, (namely microphone, wiring loom, release box disc shape (should be totally circular for 1940) and removal of raised dash stitching down harness centre (the colour coded strands were part of the weave, its the thing that stands out the most as strange and wrong) on the resin side of things, and on the colour side of things, oxy mask details inc chamois V piece underneath, wiring loom colour, buckle colours (chrome !!!, black is post war !) harness colour and tunic colour ... the box art is truly stunning despite these errors.


    In it I point out that the guy in the greenery has a replica maewest and it is a bad replica in that strange green colour, also the harness is the wrong colour, note the black buckles . Maewests were more often than not sprayed roundel yellow, the part with the bladders in that is, such for some reason are extremely scarce, only the unpainted ones survive, maybe the cellulose wrecked them in time. I have seen just one correctly painted at Duxford with the re-enactors. Study of B/W pics shows the yellow repainted ones prevalent, done to spot pilots in the sea, so who would not want it done ! The painter would only have seen the colour pics used by re-enactors and for sale. For accuracy its trainer yellow lobes and the dull greenbrown vest part...with some overspray ! Sometimes the sprayer allowed the stencilled instructions to show through.

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  3. DBenz Member

    Mike - The Kiwi's painting and correcting of this Life Miniatures 'The Few' to be seen on their website:-
    just blew me away, its just as it should be, glad my comments have proved useful, chrome buckles, full circle release panel, D mask corrections, loom twists removed, uniform colour is perfect, as is dull green maewest, just shows what can be done with some simple research.
    Furthermore the woofer really benefits from a duo colour, the painting of eyes, skin tones, , seams, the leather gauntlets are awesome, just stunning work. You have that something extra you bring to your work. Your work on Wings Figures also nails it !
    I am a fan !

    Any describing of how the gauntlets was done would be great. colour mix for uniform, hopefully useful to all, never sure how some folk see it as cyan !

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  4. Mike - The Kiwi A Fixture

    Hi DBenz
    So neat to hear from you as your threads were vital ingredient in getting details right in this little pair.
    Each of them have a special place in my heart as they both presented unique challenges.
    I've actually done an article on them in Mr Black on their "coats":
    Key to this colour is purple & gray rather than cyan I think.

    Ref Gauntlets these are painted with Games Worshop Citadel paints I think as these have tendency to gloss up when over worked.
    I normally used mix of Abaddon Black, Rhinox Hide, Snakebite Leather & Zambesi Desert.
    Hope this helps.
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