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Review Life Miniatures presents : "The Few"

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to all on PF ,

    "The Few" as a phrase is instantly linked to those so brave young pilots who fought in the skies above Britain in the dark hours of 1940 .

    The phrase originates from a phrase quoted by Winston Churchill :

    "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few"

    ............... truer words have never been said.

    The Few has been honoured by the release from Life Miniatures which we will be looking at in this thread :

    Allow me to honour these brave men ( and of course those wonderful women who manned the operation rooms) lets have something about this so hard time in the 20th century. ...The Battle of Britain was fought over the skies of southern britain in the summer of 1940 and involved many nationalities including Poles, French, American and many others . aa.jpg a.jpg tha.jpg aaa.jpg

    British 2340
    Americans 9
    Australians 32
    Barbados 1
    Belgians 28
    Canadians 112
    Czechoslovakians 89
    Free French 13
    Irish 10
    Jamacians 1
    Newfoundland 1
    New Zealanders 127
    Polish 145
    South Africans 25
    Southern Rhodesians 3
    TOTALS 2936

    ....Pilots were of course normally officers a.jpg th.jpg with us also finding SNCO's aaaa.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg winning their wings and flying alongside in what has become the iconic planes of the war ..amongst them the Hurricane h.jpg and of course the famous Spitfire. s.jpg 8.jpg 7.jpg 2.jpg As you can see mascots featured heavily in the lives of these men ..often keeping them calm returning from a sortie under such severe strain of battle.

    In the summer of 1940, 2,936 pilots took part in an historic battle against the German Luftwaffe that was to become the only battle to be fought entirely in the air, this battle has become known as;
    The "Battle of Britain" and the pilots as "The Few"
    These brave pilots came from all walks of life, many were trained and experienced, but most had come from civilian duties to become fighter pilots with RAF Fighter Command. During that battle which lasted almost four months, 544 of them would lose their lives, many of them killed in action, while others were never to be heard of again, and officially listed as missing in action. The Battle of Britain was a prelude to the German invasion of Great Britain which after just four months had to be abandoned because of the dedication, courage and tenacity of those 2,936 pilots, who, against a formidable and experienced foe and against all odds, fought only for success.

    These brave men and women fought for our freedom during the darkest days of WW2 ...I would like to dedicate this Review to them ...God bless them all we owe them everything .

    Continued in next post:

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Lets now move to the actual model itself :

    Title: "The Few"- RAF Fighter Pilot 1940 Battle of Britain

    Ref: LM-B009

    Material: Resin

    No of parts: 19

    Sculptor: Seung-Yeop Lee

    Box Art: Sang-Eon Lee

    Those that have purchased LM releases previously will no doubt be well aware of the care and dedication taken by them in the presentation of the pieces to the modeller , this is the case with this release , packed in a secure cardboard box with the Resin parts all safely packed between foam ( the smaller bits being secured further by being placed in clear bags). kev 001.jpg

    The box art is lovely , reproduced in full colour with very clear colours , on the sides we have pictures of the life jacket as additional reference kev 021.jpg ..there is of course the website pictures to refer to as well .

    The parts consist of the torso , the arms , the head the 2 sides of the flying helmet , 2 hands (one holding his flying gloves , the pedastal base , the dogs torso, the head and a further 8 pieces to add onto the harness and flying equiptment .
    kev 020.jpg kev 022.jpg kev 026.jpg kev 027.jpg
    Initially looking at the pieces overall , the smoothness of the casting is I am quite willing to say : second to none...super smooth , sculpted details on all pieces has been wonderfully reproduced by skilled and careful casting .

    Lets have a look at the Torso first :

    Our Pilot Officer is wearing his life jacket with the parachute harness over it , prep needed just involved removal of a casting plug on the undersides of the torso ..perfect positioning . kev 029.jpg

    You will need to fit the various wires and release buckle before primimg ..refer to the website if you are unsure as to the location.....these are on formers or have tiny plugs to remove ...easy to do ..all giving even more detail to an already packed model. kev 028.jpg

    Details of the clothing are great , of particular note is the stitiching on the harness , folds are finely worked , the harness will need a little bit of flashing removed where it blouses out at the front over the life jacket...easily done with a small drill and files .. he wears a pullover , around his neck he has a scarf ..perhaps his school one .proudly worn ..maybe Eton or Cambridge.

    kev 031.jpg kev 033.jpg kev 032.jpg kev 030.jpg kev 034.jpg kev 035.jpg kev 036.jpg

    An amazing amount of sculpting details all carefully researched .

    Continued in next post:


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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Lets now have a look at the remaining pieces :

    Firstly the arms and the hands....as before sculpting is really good , with only 2 very accessible casting plugs to remove from the arms (1 on each elbow , folds are smoothly done natural with his single rank ring around the lower sleeve

    The hands again have casting plugs to remove ..out comes the razor saw and wet and dry , the left hand holds his flying gloves , these are nicely done with the distinctive stitching around the fingers being well represented , they are held in a natural position , the fingers are well formed with nice work on the finger nails , the same comments goes for the other hand which sits onto the head of his beloved dog when the piece is completed .
    kev 048.jpg kev 049.jpg kev 050.jpg
    On now to the head ..this is IMO the best piece of the model ..it depicts a brave and oh so innocent young man , caught up in the desire to serve his country ..perhaps he joined up with some others from his college ..perhaps he will survive ...perhaps not .
    kev 040.jpg kev 042.jpg kev 055.jpg
    Facial features depicts a grinning young man kev 037.jpg , laughing at his dog so precariously perched on his shoulder , he wears a flying helmet which again iw a fine piece of sculpting , there are the side pieces to fit carefully to the helmet kev 039.jpg kev 040.jpg kev 041.jpg kev 042.jpg kev 043.jpg kev 044.jpg kev 045.jpg kev 046.jpg kev 048.jpg kev 049.jpg kev 051.jpg kev 052.jpg kev 054.jpg kev 055.jpg ...he also wears the flying goggles and these are a veritable mass of details ..great stuff ..and a challenge to paint the lens. kev 041.jpg

    Now to mans best friend , the dog ..consisting of 2 parts the main body and the head , a small amount of filler is needed ...could the dog stay in this position ...not for long I reckon but I see him scrambling on his masters shoulder to stay on ..relishing the closeness between them . Small casting plugs are required to be removed before priming and building . kev 051.jpg kev 052.jpg kev 054.jpg kev 057.jpg

    Finally we have the base ... a pedastal piece which if you choose to use fits tightly into the locating hole in the torso of the bust .

    Continued in next post:

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  4. Nap A Fixture

    My Final thoughts now :

    This is without doubt a wonderful and very moving piece of work depicting a tender moment captured in time by a skilled sculptor and brought to life by Sang -Eon ..an amazing painter IMO .

    This scene must have been reenacted many times as a battle stressed pilot clambered out of the cockpit to be greeted by his faothful dog ...a true friend in an often unfriendly time .

    Sculpting is really tight and smoothly cast , well presented , with all parts well secured to safely get to your workbench .....

    Lets now finish the review with some great pictures of the painted model ...begin drooling now friends ..I am !!!

    For more details why not visit their website: www.lifeminiatures.kr

    or have a lok at UK distributors of LM products for instance : El Greco/SK Minaitures and Historex to name but a few.

    Enjoy the pictures:
    lm-bu09d%20(421x450).jpg lm-bu09e%20(421x450).jpg lm-bu09f%20(421x450).jpg

    Thanks for looking in

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  5. tomifune A Fixture

    I don't know what I liked better, your history lesson or the beauty of the kit itself.(y)(y)(y) Three thumbs up !!

  6. JasonB A Fixture

  7. Wayneb A Fixture

    Thanks Nap,
    Tough to beat your review.......Or the piece................Regards.....Wayne
  8. steve j Active Member

    bought this myself very nice kit
  9. FigureLover A Fixture

    I received mine the other day and have to agree with all you have said, its one beautiful kit with a lot of character. Thanks for the review and the telling us the history it depicts
  10. swralph A Fixture

    Another great review(y)
  11. Mark Dollery Well-Known Member

    Nice figure & nice review Kev, of the guys who did us proud. I have this bust as well & hope to do a favorable paint up very soon! :)
    Mark D ;)
  12. yeo_64 Active Member

    Awesome review, my friend, accompanied by such an engaging historical background piece to boot (y)(y)(y)(y)(y). Kudos!
  13. storm_zh Well-Known Member

    Very informative review. Thank you, Nap!
  14. kiwi45 Active Member

    Great review of a magnificent bust, LM are arguably one of the best and which is why I have nearly all of their releases, superb!!!
  15. Marco22 A Fixture

    I have just ordered this kit ...
    looks gorgeous!
  16. rafaelega Active Member

  17. taff edwards A Fixture

    Great review Kev very informative all linking well to a most dramatic and important time in history .
    Looking forward to seeing you get some acrilics on this wonderful sculpt .
    Cheers Chris
  18. Jimbo A Fixture

    Top notch review Kev, makes me want to go & buy this one(y)
  19. Bob Orr Active Member


    yes and then put some legs on it! Go on Jimbo you know you want to!!!

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  20. Tarracus A Fixture

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