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Life Miniatures New Bust Is Coming Soon

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Tommi, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. mil-mart A Fixture

    A stunning likeness. I'm guessing the other head will include a hat maybe. ?:unsure:

    Cheers Ken
  2. Tarracus A Fixture


    Perfect opportunity for someone to call him"two faced".....sadly missed. :)

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  4. Waterman Active Member

    Gallipoli, glad that was mentioned, yes that took Rupert Murdochs father,Sir Keith Murdoch, to be the one that exposed the failings there to the Australian people, and then again as Moz stated ,they were to be put upon the sacrificial alter in the 2nd War. And then we must also remember his Morals, and shady dealings as a young man, a person not to be trusted, as indeed was his father Rudolph . Money, Power,Influence, were always their guiding light, and his statement to the striking Durham Miners, in the 1920s, when he said ,quote , Tell The Rats to Get Back Down Their Holes, will never be forgotten , while he stood by and watched wives and children evicted from their homes and into the street. My Father thought the man was wonderful, but then again Alf Garnett must have been modelled on my Father, they were like peas in a pod.
  5. Filipe Well-Known Member

    Perhaps the bust is of the "Gangster Churchill"


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  6. IIICorps Active Member

  7. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Firstly, a superb sculpt that has captured the great man's indomitable spirit.

    Secondly, the Aussie view of Churchill.

    This is based on either Gallipoli or the return of the Aussie troops after Alemein. My late father served in 463 Squadron RAAF, flying out of RAF Waddington. Having been educated at a good school in Sydney, until he served in England, he was unaware that the ANZACS made up 20% of the forces, the French and British contributing 40% each. On the ANZAC beaches you were as likely to hear British as Aussie/Kiwi accents because many of those serving in the AIF were first generation immigrants who had joined up to defend their recent mother country.

    After Alemain (a truly international Empire/Commonwealth victory) the Aussie Prime Minister wanted the troops returned to Australia, Churchill wanted them diverted to the Far East to prevent the Japanese getting near Australia. As regards Churchill's "Germany First policy", what did the Aussies expect? The Third Reich was 22 miles away from England, just across the channel. The Nazi war machine, especially as regards armour, was certainly superior to the Japanese, who understandably had a much stronger navy. The Aussie view of the British attitude in WW2 ignores just how many troops, squadrons and ships the British sent to participate in the Pacific theatre of operations. At a time when we really had our backs to the wall, fighter squadrons were sent to Australia and troops were sent in hundreds of thousands. By VJ Day the British Pacific fleet included four battleships and six fleet aircraft carriers, together with fifteen smaller aircraft carriers, eleven cruisers, and numerous smaller warships, submarines, and support vessels. It remained a substantially larger force than the RAN.

    Singapore was a disaster, but with personnel committed in so many theatres of war, it was inevitable that there would be losses due to poor generalship until such a time as the likes of Slim or Wavell were available in the Far East.

    Urban myth is often stronger than reality, and Churchill made a useful bogeyman. He was a man of his time, and were it not for his pugnacious spirit, the world, including Australia, would almost certainly be a far uglier place. Imagine if the Nazis and Japanese had been victorious.

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    On the positive side, according to family legend his driver knocked down my grandad in the 20's and Winnie stayed in town overnight to make sure he was OK. Even visited him in hospital. Could be apocryphal.....like the famous "and you will still be ugly" comment. But one hopes that both weren't.

    Thanks for the explanation. Learn something here every day.

    I guess however you see him, a compelling argument has to be accepted that he was instrumental in Allied victory, likley more than any other individual.

  9. Jimbo A Fixture

    Superb likeness, great sculpting and a great model...it's a "MODEL" eh!?? Not the bloke himself!...He's dead!... so why all the historical politics & BS etc etc :sleep:
    Just enjoy it for what it is, a very good sculpted bust, if you don't like it then don't buy it!
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  10. diamond cutter Active Member

    For all of his faults, Churchill was a good war leader and are we not at war at the moment? IMO Britain could do with a leader like him right now.
    It's a fantastic likeness of this great man and I look forward to seeing the whole thing
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  11. Helm A Fixture

    And they call us whinging poms :rolleyes:

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    Probably my fault for asking the question - if so, my bad! ....as a Canuck, I didn't get Waterman's context but I should know better by now. :eek: This is actually a pretty civilized discussion by all recent standards.

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  13. Alex Long A Fixture

    Pretty epic sculpting. I really think Life Miniatures have raised the bar in all round quality. I normally wouldn't be interested in a bust of Churchill but the quality is so high it's hard to not want to paint it!

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  14. Waterman Active Member

    Sorry, but I was merely quantifying my reasons for not wanting to own ,what is after all a superb realistic sculpt of the man. It is the historical, political, background that interests me, as much as the painting of these miniatures. I have learnt much from what has been posted on P F regarding many personalities, that previously I knew nothing about. If it is just a case of , yes I like I will buy, no I do not , I won't buy, then that to me ,that is boring. I like to hear others views, I like to learn of the subjects background, I want to know what part they played in history. I enjoy a good debate, and look forward to some one telling me something that perhaps I did nt know, and if I can also add any interest then that's a bonus, not as you put it BS. If this hobby is just about sculpting and painting skills, and that's all that can be aired, then I must admit I am so lacking in those skills that if you were to see my efforts you would be horrified. My philosophy is Why read fiction, when you can be reading something that is true, and PF is the vehicle for that, unless its members think otherwise.
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  15. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Amazing sculpt and one I will be painting.

    Cheers David
  16. Waterman Active Member

    Another anecdote regarding Churchill, sorry Jimbo. In the 70s I knew a lad ex Grenadier Guards, and he had been one of the Pall Bearers at Churchills Funeral. He was buried in a lead coffin, within an oak coffin, which was extremely heavy, and Lady Churchill requested that the Pall Bearers be awarded the BEM, to recognise their efforts that day, which the Queen agreed to grant to them. Mick later left the Army, and went to work as a lorry driver for the Southern Water Authority. In them days the gangs were paid their wages out on site, at the side of the road, by a manager going round to them in a van. He always wound the pompous bosses up by signing his name, followed by B. E. M. In large letters, the only time he ever alluded to it, and the Governers hated him for it. Many years later a Boss did get an MBE, for services to the water industry, but it was nt as good as Micks one, well not in our eyes anyway.
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  17. BobLff257 A Fixture

    Superb, a true likeness of a person is so hard to emulate but this captures Churchill's image really well. Excellent art sir (y)

  18. Jimbo A Fixture

    Maybe so! but what's all this got to do with the quality of a great sculpted bust and the skills of a great sculptor in the case of this particular bust, you have said far more about the life of W.Churchill and very little about the actual quality of the model itself! I thought this was a model painting & sculpting forum but you said that you find that part of it "boring" I reckon you must be on the wrong site mate, yes the historical facts are interesting and we all learn a lot from PF but I'm not all that sure what your going on about in your above statement, all I can say is I'm just glad that Winston was around in 1939-1945 or we might be having this communication in German rather then the Queens English! so why don't we just now get on with enjoying some very top class talent being posted.
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    I for one have appreciated Waterman's input and would not have the thought police to limit us to 100% toy talk. My 2 cents.

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  20. Osvald Active Member

    Friends do not need a policy, let's enjoy the work. Excellent bust!

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