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Life Miniatures January 2014 New Release

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Lee Sang Eon, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    I think the Moderators should ban this for just being to bloody good :)
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  2. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    I had to come back at this miniature :)

    You see, I'm an aircraft modeler as well.

    But figures are the finest example of human art & expression in scale modeling. Figures alone express more humanity and sentiment than all other modelling areas combined.

    I know so many, but so many so many aircraft modelers that today I showed some old buddies, this very same topic. I was speaking with some pure hardcore airplane guys that, unlike me, don't do nothing but planes: no armor, no ships, no cars, no figures - just aircraft kits.

    When they saw these very first images in my tab, I saw tears coming to their eyes! Yes, really tears - we figure modelers highly praise this miniature, but we are used to see top quality figures.

    However, my good aircraft fellows are not. And this miniature represented some sort of Holy Grail in miniaturism! They are not used to see figures, so they were in complete disbelief looking at this bust! I should have filmed them! I should, I really should ... there are some expressions one never forgets!

    A classic is born! And frankly, is the figure of the year 2014 found ... in January?

    Time, until December will tell. We already knew the amazing skills of Sang-Eon Lee since Young creations, but I can predict that Seung-Yeop Lee has joined the narrow group of World Elite Sculptors where only the best of the very best have a seat!

    Freaking amazing miniature!
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  3. Sturm Grenadier Well-Known Member

    I cried too, Blue Thunder, when I realized I'll never be able to paint as well as Sang-Eon Lee, but it will be fun to try. I hope these two, Sang-Eon Lee, and Seung-Yeop Lee, continue to work together at Life Miniatures, and keep bringing us museum quality art in bust form, to fill our showcases at home. Regards, SG:cry:;):)(y)
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  4. david pickford Active Member

    It would be nice if the commercial modellers behind this responded to the very generous response receive from this site?
  5. Wayneb A Fixture

    All has been pretty much said about this sculpt and paint; but I sure wouldn't mind having a framed print of this on my wall.......................Wayne
  6. TOMs2Na New Member

    Dear members of planetfigure

    Thank you for your every good responses. I haven't expected this much.
    Thanks to Sang Eon, this could have shown to you and looks better for his great painting.
    This is my first commertial work, so I was a little bit nervous about what response will come out.
    I have linked working note of 'the few' below.
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  7. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    If it's gonna be banned from this site... it should be because it seems to have made everyone here feel so bad about themselves. It shouldn't be, but excellence like this has the negative side effect of discouraging the rest of the painting/sculpting community :depressed:

    Seriously though, this truely is a piece of art from putty to paint... absolute masterpiece. I've never been impressed by busts or half figures but this one really had me shaking my head in amazement.:facepalm:

    Bravo :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:

  8. kiwi45 Active Member

    Have one on order....cant wait
  9. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    I had to come here a third time :)

    I received this miniature today.

    Well ... if anyone could doubt ... Seung Yeop Lee created an instant classic.

    What I sincerely want to stand out is that all you guys around are not going to believe in the realism of the puppy! It is absolutely unbelievable! From the complexity of the pose to its coat, it is absolutely jaw draping and incredibly sweet: The puppy is alive in your palm! The pilot himself is absolutely amazing, but with my deepest honesty I can not remember a sculpture of an animal so striking as this one!

    Hats off! A classic is born to enter the Valhalla of scale figurines. A place where only the best of the very best have a seat! And there are not many out there with this status!
  10. kiwi45 Active Member

    Well guy's received this bust from SK Miniatures (excellent service I might add) and it is fantastic, this is as good as it gets, stunning puppy and the pilot is magnificent, well done Life Miniatures..AAAA++++
  11. Mark Dollery Well-Known Member

    Wel, got to agree with all the comments here, got mine yesterday & spent quite a while looking at it...Sad isn't it but what a great piece.!:woot:
    Now, it's time to get the tools out & start playing with it....another group paint up anyone???? :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm:
    Mark D ;)
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  12. nautilas Member

    Also got mine yesterday along with two of his busts they are fantastic cant wait to get started but i am a bit worried about the tencilling.

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