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Lidl Paints

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by DEL, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. DEL A Fixture

    Just a wee heads up guys.
    Went down to Lidl's this morning to pick up some bakery and as I was wandering around saw that they had some paints on sale.
    Picked up a set of Oil paints 24x18ml tubes for £4.
    Now obviously Old Holland they ain't, but they dont seem too bad at all and certainly at that price they'll come in useful even if only to do groundwork.
    They are also doing Acrylic and Watercolour sets at the same price.
    Might be worth grabbing something before the playgroups strip the lot out.
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  2. foxyboy Member

    Did you notice the brand of the acrylics? I can't make it out on the photo you've posted.

  3. brian A Fixture

    At that price,who gives a toss who made them,but in all probability they'll be from China.I'm off to Lidls ,but knowing my luck they'll all be gone.Thanks for the heads up Derek
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  4. billyturnip A Fixture

    If that had been me I would have gone home with the paints and forgot the bakery..... did you Derek? :playful:
  5. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    The few times I have bought cheap oil paints they turn out to have very course pigments? So be careful.

    Janne Nilsson
  6. DEL A Fixture

    They are all branded as CRELANDO I suspect this is a trading name for Lidl.
    Nope :hungry:
    They don't seem to be too bad, as I said they're not top quality but at the price of a pint you can't lose (y)
  7. Babelfish A Fixture


    .... along with 6 freshly-baked croissants, four salmon steaks in chilli marinade and half a dozen individual trifles.

    Coarse pigments or not, it'd be daft not to at that price. As Del says, ideal for groundwork if nothing else.

    Made in Germany according to the box imprint.

    Good call Del. Cheers! (y)

    - Steve
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  8. Tommi A Fixture

    Now heading down there to pick some up, thanks Del

  9. brian A Fixture

    Just got back with a box of 24 and will be trying them out soon.Also got the wifes messages.I bought cheap oil paints, which were made in China,a few years ago.and although they weren't W&N quality,i used them to tint my oil mixes with no problems.
    "Never look a gift horse in the mouth"
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  10. OldTaff PlanetFigure Supporter

    I've still got some tubes of W&N from 40 years ago, still useable:happy: . Even re-tubed some of them with new, plain tubes from Cornelissen's in London.(y) Tight-fisted or thrifty?
    I'd be interested to know how the Lidl paints turn out.
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  11. Helm A Fixture

    Just got the last set from my local Lidl along with some acrylic "pearlescent" pots that I will check out. Oh and to the lady who tutted when I got them before her ugly, fat kid life is full of disappointments rather like your ugly child :smug:
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  12. DEL A Fixture

    There's nothing better than metaphorically ripping an object of desire from the podgy sticky fingers of an Augustus Gloop :LOL:
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  13. Huw63 A Fixture

    So I'm going to find if Lidl Schweiz / Lidl Suisse stock them. By the way they do a wicked vintage cheddar from Somerset which is as good as more expensive brands I've brought back from the UK. I know you're not interested but I felt like adding it so there!


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  14. Huw63 A Fixture

    Great to see others who are not tolerant of this season of merchandising!!! Excellent work Steve!

    I bet you think Xmas jumpers are crap and people who dare sing at you are scum. My ancient Xmas t-shirt has Taz with reindeer horns shouting " pull your own f***ing sleigh" and other than that I wear my usual black.


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  15. DEL A Fixture

    On the contrary, plenty of interest in a good lump of cheese,. I know I can speak for Roger (billyturnip) on this.
    In their 'Deluxe' range they have some excellent and authentic regional cheeses from UK, France, Italy and Spain.

    Just thinking about this, 3 things have got better since I was a lad....... Beer, Bread and Cheese (y)
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  16. billyturnip A Fixture

    Definitely and to add to your three things Derek, coffee. Admittedly good coffee was available to those that could afford it years ago but these days I don't entertain instant coffee at all.
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  17. chippy Well-Known Member

    Quote " By the way they do a wicked vintage cheddar from Somerset which is as good as more expensive brands", Of course it;s a Brilliant Cheddar It's from Somerset where the Town of Cheddar is located , right next to the Gorge . The same company Wyke Farm also make the best butter on the market .
    But back to the oils , there's also a set of pastels at a very low price I can't give you the price now as my wife put the Lidls brochure in the bin today but I hope to get a set tomorrow for weathering and grime affects .
    chippy in deepest darkest Somerset .
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  18. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture


    How fekin cheap can you go :eek: Four quid for that lot ! you will glow in the dark
  19. Helm A Fixture

    They are pretty good Paints not too coarse at all Rom
  20. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Don't encourage him Steve

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