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Less is more...or is it?

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Anders Heintz, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hola Guys!

    I have started a new project and I would love some input from all of you guys! Below you will see a picture of the figure I am doing, he wont be leaning on a table but on a stone wall of sorts. The question that I have is would this figure be a better and more comercially successful figure if he had all the web gear on instead of not wearing it as in the picture. What are your thoughs?

  2. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    Either works for me, an idea might be to sculpt the web gear seperately as if he has taken it off to better relax, IMHO. One question though, the dude in the photo looks familiar, do you know his name?
  3. Dan Morton A Fixture

    I agree with Matt! That's exactly what I'd do if given the project!

    All the best,
  4. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys!

    I dont know who it is, a friend of mine, Nate Phelps sent me these pictures from a reenactment last year.

    As for the equipment on the ground, that had crossed my mind as well, if I do that the base will need to be larger and the garrison cap needs to go. The more I think about sculpting him in full web gear the more I like it. Kind of like a rest during the battle of Normandy and one could paint him up very dirty and exhausted looking.

    The scale is 75mm btw.

    Thanks for your unput so far guys, keep it comming!!
  5. m@rp Active Member

    Hi Anders,
    I am agree with Matthew and Dan,
    The equipment on the ground is a good idea and in that way you will not follow the standard figures on the market.
    Keep up the good work
    My Website FHP
  6. thegoodsgt Active Member

    I guess I'll take a contrarian view. I'd prefer to see the gear on the figure. As a painter, the more I have to work with, the more engaging and interesting I find the figure.

    But then, you have to look at what other figures are on the market, and avoid releasing something that's too similar. (Look at the huge number of Highlanders on the market.)
  7. Pete_H New Member

    I must disagree about the gear. I find it highly unlikely that a paratrooper, knowing that he's completely surrounded and deep behind enemy lines, would ever take his web gear off for any reason. Leave the gear on the guy so we can have more detail to paint on the guy.
  8. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Anders - In your first post, you didn't give us any kind of setting for the figure - where he is, what he's doing, etc. The reason I suggested leaving the kit off was I think there's numerous figures of paras in action, etc. Since this is to be a commercial figure, maybe an original setting would make the figure more attractive to the buyers. ??

    An alternative is have him relaxing before or after the battle. Or possibly taking a break behind the lines or whatever. Maybe he could be having a smoke and a cup of joe out of one of those damn aluminum cups. Everytime I was out in the field I'd just get the cup filled with scalding hot coffee and the collapsible handle would wobble or better yet collapse! :angry:

    All the best,
  9. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    Pete is of course correct, if our subject is running around behind enemy lines, it is unlikely, that he would removed his gear. I assumed given the photo, that said para was "in the rear with the gear" and if that is the case, I stand by my opinion.
  10. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input guys!

    I have decided to do him as a para in England D-Day -1, sitting somewhere in England wondering what the war have in store for him. The pose will be exactly the same as the picture and he will be sitting on a stone wall section.

    I will make castings of the figure and perhaps make an equiped version as well.

    Thanks again for all of your input and thoughts!!
  11. captnenglish Well-Known Member


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