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Legolas, Knightmodels...well, Almost...

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by arxo, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. arxo Active Member

    Hello all,

    I would never have imagined that my first review of an open box/figurine would have this ironic feel...

    You see, I am a fan and regular customer of Knightmodels figurines for at least 4 years now and I own most of their Marvel figurines. I never had any problems with my orders, but for the last year or so delays and missing pieces started happening more frequently. My last order was three figurines costing almost 200 Euros through my local retailer which took almost 4 months to arrive. The order before that was Boromir, with no right leg. (the not so funny thing was that none of the other 6 Boromir figurines ordered by other customers had the leg either). The local retailer contacted Knightmodels staff, who never replied but send the missing leg after a few weeks (for all orders).

    I believe that these things do happen. And if KnightModels is understaffed or something, maybe contacting was not easy amidst all their business. And so I placed yet another order through their on-line shop, this time for Legolas, 2 weeks ago. The order arrived in the astonishing speed of under 10 days. BUT as you can see from the picture...no left hand and NO BOW!
    (I assume the bow and hand are one piece)

    Heh! Legolas. No Bow!

    I have emailed them and I am waiting for their reply. I want to stress out that I will continue to buy their products (hopefully), although I would always have the anxiety of these mishappenings.

    So, consider this post as part one.
    When the bow arrives I will complete the post ! :-p

    In the meantime, does anyone know a good tutorial for sculpting brooms?
    I can always make him a male-witch and set him against Gandalf.


    (The above post has by no means the intention to be offensive. But, ask yourselves. How would you have written it?)

    Thank you

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  2. Helm A Fixture

    Thats pretty crap quality control really :( Hope you get sorted

  3. Tarracus A Fixture

    Good review. I hope it will serve as a little (but respectful) wake-up call to this and other manufacturers.
  4. old grumbler Active Member

    hey, at least he got some of the kit, recently people on this forum apparently have sent money for kits in good faith and never received them. Now THAT is pretty crap quality control. I'm sure the missing part will arrive soon, this manufacturer looks like a pro outfit.
  5. Ong Active Member

    Thanks for the FYI. I too was interested in buying one, but after reading what you wrote, I'll pass. I too dislike headaches. Hope you get yours resolved soon.
  6. Drenth Active Member

    Not only missing parts are happend. I have order directly two Batman Miniatures in 35 mm. The package arrived me 3 weeks later.... I opend it and ... One miniature isn't there!! I sent a mail to KM, cause the Batman that i missed.... but no answer... What can i do? I'm very angry .. The products are nice but something goes wrong!!!
  7. arxo Active Member

    I guess there is crap and then there is CRAP! I think the only thing that anyone can do is either buy from known retailers that can serve as proxies for the headaches :-p and with whom there is a solid line of communication and of course since most of the purchases are via credit cards, to cancel the payment if one is able. And always share our experiences in communities like the Planet so that people are alert.

    Last thing, I don't want to avert anyone from buying Legolas or other Knightmodels stuff. These are really beautiful minis and as I said I like to think that these things happen. Granted, it seems that they happen frequently and let's hope someone from them reads these posts and sees to the whys and what-nots.

    C'mon Knightmodels guys. In all my good faith I am crossing my fingers waiting for this bow!

  8. Tubby-Nuts-REMOVED Guest

    I admire your faith in continuing to order from this company. With your description of past events, and other members posts who have also had issues. .. I for one will be avoiding them! despite my liking for LOTR's characters. But thanks for the review!

  9. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    That is really a bad show from Knights Models and especially the lack of contact.
    Thanks for the review, i have bought a few of the SW kits and found the sculpting superb but the casting hit and miss.
    What I have also noticed and having bought the speeder and vader that contain resin parts I avoid them now. The resin castings are terrible, warped and airholes and overpriced IMHO. The quality of resin casting would not be accepted in other modelling fields so not sure why for the price they think it is ok for figures. I can only think they are relying on fans to buy, which I am and unfotunately did 
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  10. Kegman40 New Member

    I'm a pretty big KM supporter despite the pricing...actually I'll clarify that by saying I'm a big Marvel and SW fan which sort of gives me little choice in buying miniatures in this genre:)
    I've purchased most of the Marvel/Star Wars range and been very lucky that I've had no quality issues...in saying that I've experienced some delays responses to queries and delivery of orders. Recently it seems that they are understaffed and struggling to provide service and making mistakes in orders, giving themselves a bad name.
    It's a shame...I will continue to support them, but I know a lot of other people that won't...
  11. arxo Active Member

    @Kegman40 : I too am a fan of Marvel, that's why I have purchased most of their products. And I too want to continue supporting them. I have even contacted their art director through his Facebook page and the PF member that originally posted the Legolas news. Keeping my fingers crossed! If all these actions in good faith, fail then I really will hate it to have to abandon their products.
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  12. Kandor8 Active Member

    I have ordered several Knight Model figures primarily from Red Lancers and Colorado Miniatures (both providers are top notch). The quality is never consistant (I own over 20 of their releases) and you never know if the item will be cast in metal or resin and you can't tell from any price difference because it doesn't matter what the casting material is, a resin Bane can cost the same as a metal Legolas.

    I have also ordered directly from the company. The first time was to get the "website only" Iron Man. That was a smooth transaction. Transactions with the company have gone from bad to worse. The last was my order for the Superman and Luthor figures, over one month with vague responses to my emails. I don't think I'll ordering from them again.
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  13. arxo Active Member

    Yes, the same here...I ordered the web exclusive Iron Man as well, without any problems. I think you are right for the 'gone from bad to worse' part...
    I remember that they used to have pictures of the figurines parts and their boxes, but not anymore...You could tell if something was resin or metal...
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  14. Kegman40 New Member

    To be honest, I gave up ordering directly thru them about a year ago due to a disagreement over VAT and delays. I generally only order from a supplier that has in stock ie el Greco, as I know that it will turn up in 2 weeks to Australia.
    @arxo I've just been really lucky to date with the quality from KM. From what I hear they are pretty swamped with orders, which may have impacted their quality control. Good luck with a resolution
    Personally I'm a little disappointed as a loyal supporter of these guys. I realise that they needed to make changes to their business model to be viable, but the loss of the Star Wars licence and no 70mm Marvel or DC releases in over 6mths, is a shame as this is what brought me back to the hobby...sort of feels like the guys that supported them since the beginning have been forgotten.
    This is 100% not a KM "rant" but I'm a big fan of quality service and loyalty working both ways!
    Apologies if I've spoken out of turn but its a frustration I needed to vent :)
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  15. arxo Active Member

    OK, good news. They contacted me saying that they have mailed the missing piece via post...the tracking number they sent seems invalid though and I asked for further clarifications, so let's see...crossing my fingers and waiting for that darn bow! :-P
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  16. Drenth Active Member

    Me too! I hope the Batman will arrive me! :)
  17. arxo Active Member

    And...finally the bow arrived! I will post a pic of all the pieces together ASAP.
  18. Drenth Active Member

    What a great day!!! The famous BANE in scale 35 mm and the missing batman arrived me too!!! thank you knight modelers!!!!!!
  19. arxo Active Member

    Hehehe. You almost forgive them when you have all your pieces together. Almost! ;-p
  20. Drenth Active Member

    Yes - forgive but not forget!! ;-)
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