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Legends 1/16 SEAL "Hide in the Smoke" Firepower and Equipment Analysis Review

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Ong, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Ong Active Member

    Legend Productions 1/16 U.S. Navy SEAL “Hide in the Smoke” Firepower and Equipment Analysis Review

    Read this build-up review for this kit’s technology and construction.


    A Review from a Different Angle:

    Legend Productions of South Korea’s 1/16th (120mm) U.S. Navy SEAL “Hide in the Smoke” kit has already been built and available for reading on Armorama’s Historica Forma, accompanied with fantastic photos of the parts and text on the build process. I will not even attempt to copy the excellent review and thus would take a different angle and analyze what this kit represents in the “What You See is What You Get” mentality.

    So what do you obtain in this Legend’s 120mm MK20 SEAL sniper kit and why? Many figure modelers don’t care or understand the parts that comprise this 1/16th scale figure kit. Their philosophy is that “It looks cool; I’ll buy it!” As more modelers turn serious with this hobby, the quest for detailed “tech-specs” of the kit helps in satisfying what they have purchased, assembled, and painted. Detailed tech-specs can be found online regarding the exact identification and specifications of the gear and weapons; I’m not going to detail and explain every gear and weapon part as that would be too lengthy. Instead, I am going to lightly discuss how this SEAL MK20 sniper is outfitted and why, and what capabilities this figure offers to the Legend Production’s SEAL Team of four released SEAL figures (as of Fall 2018).

    The Obvious First:

    Cast in light creamy gray, this kit appears flawless fantastic−well cast and exceptionally 3D rendered and printed. I detected no runs, warps, air bubbles, or casting imperfections. The small parts come in a clear sealable plastic bag whereas the figure’s legs and torso are wrapped in bubblewrap. Obviously, there are resin pour blocks to saw and sand off before assembly.

    What Do You Get in “Hide In Smoke?”

    This 1/16th SEAL sniper figure comes with the 10.7 pound 7.62 x 51mm SCAR MK 20 Sniper Support Rifle (SSR) with a 20-inch barrel that gives the SSR a point-target accuracy to over 1,000 yards. The SCAR is the United States Special Operations Command’s (USSOCOM) attempt to field a 5.56mm (SCAR-Light) and 7.62mm (SCAR-Heavy) replacement rifle for the venerable M-16A2 and M4 carbine that doesn’t carry the deficiencies of the Vietnam-era M-16 family. The SSR has an enlarged trigger guard and can have the charging handle mounted on the left or right side depending on the shooter’s preferred hand. The aluminum and polymer SSR could be used for the sniper/spotter role or as a designated marksmanship rifle. (Note: this figure’s 1/16 MK20 SSR does have the left hand molded onto the barrel so that negates using this rifle as a spare part for other figures).
    The customized SCAR MK 20 SSR consists of the SCAR-Heavy 7.62mm rifle outfitted with a long scope, short bipod, laser aiming device, extendable buttstock with cheek rest, upper and side Picatinny Rail System, silencer, and iron sights. It contains a detachable 20-round magazine. It’s a potent weapon, respectively, as the 7.62 x 51mm round can punch through body armor and unreinforced concrete cinder blocks a lot more effectively than a lighter 5.56mm round.

    To feed this weapon ammunition, this SEAL figure comes with eight vest pouches with a single magazine ( for a total of 160 rounds), and two side pouches each with two 20-round clips inside (80 rounds), for a total of 240 7.62 x 51mm rounds on the SEAL sniper’s tactical vest. The SCAR MK20 has a magazine attached to it, so this SEAL has a total of 260 7.62mm rounds, making it quite formidable in combat as most conventional U.S. Army soldiers carry anywhere from 180 to 220 of the lighter 5.56mm M4 carbine rounds. Obviously, this doesn’t include any additional rounds contained in the other side pouches or in the backpack.

    Two fragmentation hand grenade pouches are carried, considered standard in most U.S. soldiers’ personal combat load. Grenades are effectively thrown out to fifty-plus meters.
    Three additional M18 smoke grenades are given, one plain with no straps, and two that appear to have straps attached to them. No decals are included to identify these pieces.
    On the back of the tactical backpack is a tactical metal Downrange Tomahawk that allows for breaching, chopping, and close quarters combat.

    For self-defense, this SEAL sniper carries a Sig Sauer P226 pistol with extendable magazine. The P226 comes in 9mm or .40 caliber ammunition variants. Four spare extendable ammunition clips (they appear like rectangular sticks) are carried, two on the thigh straps around the holster, and two on the tactical vest.

    Crye Precision embedded kneepads come standard with the pants uniform, allowing the figure to kneel on either knee to steady and aim the MK20 and not have the binding straps of previous kneepad versions restrict movement and blood flow.

    The tactical vest comes with rows of MOLLE load-bearing loop straps and can carry a hard ceramic breast plate for body armor, which may or may not be inserted inside depending on the Operator’s personal preference. MOLLE loops allow for pouch attachment directly, eliminating the need for web belts.

    The MBITR tactical radio allows for tactical communications, complete with earphones and a bendable antennae.

    GPNVG-18, the latest Night Vision Goggles as of 2018, allow for 180-degree viewing at night in shades of green and black. They flip down for nighttime operations and up for allowing the Operator to see with his own eyes.

    A tactical backpack allows for any other imaginary items carried such as a Camelbak water filtration system. It comes complete with rows of MOLLE load-attaching loop straps.
    First Aid, compass, additional maps, tactical codes, and intelligence are carried in other pouches or in the backpack.

    The left wrist appears to have a strapped-on tactical map, wristwatch, and altimeter. Both elbows have Crye Precision embedded elbow pads.

    The SEAL sniper has a carabiner and removable cuff hook around his waist that allow for Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction (SPIE) rigging to the thick rope dangling from helicopters for quick vertical extraction from the scene.

    SEAL Sniper Figure’s Roles and Purposes:

    With all this gear, spare parts, and weapons, what role and purpose this “Hide in the Smoke” serve?
    This SEAL evidently throws a smoke grenade to screen himself, or for his colleagues’ tactical movements that normally occur at night, aided by the GPNVG-18s for full 180-degree nighttime viewing.

    Depending on the situation if this SEAL Team is advancing or retreating, this sniper might then kneel or go prone and cover them with his MK20 silenced sniper rifle, sighting down the scope, armed with an ample load of 260 7.62mm rounds. Any closing-in or hardened threats can be neutralized using two fragmentation grenades.

    For close combat or breaching, he has a tactical Tomahawk axe to knock down door handles or break windows, and an automatic pistol for self-defense at close ranges out to fifty meters.
    He can use the MBITR radio, wire microphone, and earphones to call for backup naval gunfire and aircraft or rotary platform Close Air Support. It’s not the latest Special Forces radio technology, but decent and still up-to-date.

    The MK20 Operator travels relatively light as no heavy backpack weighs him down. This SEAL is outfitted solely for direct action missions with no gear intended for camping or sleeping overnight.
    An infra-red strobe and laser devices on the sniper’s rifle and helmet aid in identification, illumination, nighttime guidance, and aiming.

    If this SEAL sniper needs to extract immediately and cannot race to the water, the SPIE rigging cuff would allow for rapid vertical extraction via helicopter.


    Legend’s “Hide in the Smoke” provides the 1/16th scale figure modeler with a comprehensive up-to-date U.S. Navy SEAL team sniper armed with a semi-automatic 7.62mm rifle. The gear, weapons, and communications devices form a logical ring of defense around this Operator, able to communicate, move, manage, and command from close and at a distance.

    Special Thanks to Legend Productions of South Korea for the review sample. 3D rendered photos are from Legend Productions.

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  2. Sgt. Red Active Member

    This is a cool figure. Hope we get more of them.
  3. Sgt. Red Active Member

    And thanks for a great review.
  4. Ong Active Member

    Thanks, Sgt. Red.

    I too hope that we can see more 1/16 modern Special Forces figures from vendors. The door has really opened and now we have modern 1/16 snipers, machine gunners, riflemen, grenadiers, pistol shooters, radiomen, and even figures carrying ATGMs. I asked and so far there are no sculptures biting on making new rocket, missile, or SHORAD SAM gunners. We can hope, but the emphasis is still on the Direct Assault modern Special Operations figures than the heavy weapons and support personnel because Direct Assault figures are the ones that sell.
  5. Paulo Well-Known Member

    Very beautifull, nice to see the modern military forces reproduced !!
  6. Kaws Well-Known Member

    Good story, the only thing I would correct:
    I think you can not call this unit squad sniper, more correctly to call him Marksman)
    For those who want to paint this fighter correctly, I would add a description of a few more things:
    1. Combat Uniform - Crye Precesion Gen 3 AOR1 or AOR2
    2. Shoes Lowa Zephyr Hiking Boots
    3. Oakley Gloves
    Без названия.jpg
    4. Body armor LBT 6094 AOR1 or AOR2
    34349932_2105601836389215_5805267020647759872_n.jpg CIMG1125.jpg
    5. Crye Precision AirFrame Ballistic Helmet
    I hope I helped a little those who want to paint this figure correctly. I am now painting one of the figures in this series.
  7. Ong Active Member

    Thanks, Kaws, great info in identifying the cool gear! :)

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