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Review Late Roman slinger 75mm

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Venko, Jan 25, 2020.

  1. Venko A Fixture


    I want to present you a review of an interesting figure from sculptor and Planetfigure member Georgi Stamov (Ryan_bg) in 75mm scale- a late roman slinger.

    The staff sling, known as fustibalus (Latin), is a variant of the classical hand sling. It consists of wooden staff, on which the sling is attached. This way of construction allowed for greater force of throwing, at longer distance. It works similar to the trebuchet, hence the nickname "hand trebuchet". It is known that the Romans used both the hand (shepherd) sling and the fustibal in battle. Even untrained person could construct it with available materials and practicing while on march.
    The main advantage of this weapon is the greater distance (some say several hundred meters) and higher arc, than the hand sling, which could be useful against obstacles like castle walls, fences etc. It could be used also in melee as close combat weapon. Another usage is for throwing incendary projectiles in ship to ship combats, something like grenade launcher.
    Staff slings are extremely powerfull, because the staff could be made up to two meters, which will create powerful lever.

    This is a production sample, so it is without a box. It's cast in grey resin, I didn't noticed any bubbles and deformations, parts are well done in my opinion. The arms and the head are separate pieces, with connection pins for easy assembly. We have also water bag (maybe for wine also ;)) and knife, again with connection pins.
    The staff is from brass rod, which I think is good option, because it will not break when handling and assembling. The hands are attached to the staff and pins are sculpted inside the forearms for easy assembly.
    The sling cord is provided as twisted copper wire, which again I think is more resilient and easy to manipulate without breaking, than if casted in resin. One of the ends usually is firmly attached to the staff, the other end has a loop which will loose the projectile when throwing.
    Attention to detail is very nice, like folds on the clothing, face expression etc :)
    The hat was made from animal hide and this is represented with nice texture.
    I really like the sculpting of the shoes and the wrappings around the lower legs also.
    There's small base, which is nice addition.

    The parts have snug fit, without gaps. I didn't glue them yet, but you can see that they attach very well to each other. I only used some Uhu-tac for securing the legs to the base, for the review. Just careful handling with the small parts is needed, to prevent any breakage.

    Overall I like this figure, very interesting subject and stay tuned for the painting, I will start it soon ;)






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  2. Zim PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nice review on a nice looking figure its great to see something different from the Roman era.
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  3. Venko A Fixture

    Yes, it's nice to see something different and interesting :)
  4. Gary_81 Active Member

    I agree really nice to see something different and those fabric folds look so good.
    Thanks for reviewing this piece.

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