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Last Stand of the Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard

Discussion in 'Completed Figures' started by khollar, Jan 7, 2023.

  1. khollar A Fixture

    My first completed project for the new year.

    All of the figures in this vignette were sculpted by Carl Reid - six were released by Mitches Military Models and four under Carl’s own company (one of the latter was not used).

    The vignette depicts the last stand of the Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard, at the end of the battle of Waterloo.

    Figures were painted in oils, inks and acrylics.

    IMG_6567.JPG IMG_6566.JPG IMG_6565.JPG IMG_6561.JPG IMG_6560.JPG IMG_6565.JPG IMG_6564.JPG IMG_6562.JPG IMG_6563.JPG
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  2. BigDaddy A Fixture

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  3. Martin64 A Fixture

    Awesome painting and good composition -although this last stand never occured the legend is stronger. Cheers Martin
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  4. misfit151 A Fixture

    Great to see these two sets brought together....a lot of assembly and painting done to get a fabulous result ..(y). Well done Mike
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  5. MoboSchreuder A Fixture

    Wonderful work and painted

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  6. MCPWilk A Fixture

    This has been superbly painted and posed. My understanding (for the sculptors, not the modeller) was that the Imperial Guard wore greatcoats at Waterloo. Obviously their dress uniforms are more colourful and make a more striking diorama.

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  7. harrytheheid A Fixture

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  8. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Kurt

    WOW! You've been busy for sure , excellent and very dramatic diorama , a lesson in presentation and painting the whites and blues
    The figures all work well together and a lot of work on the groundwork as well

    WHY NOT ENTER something into the class of your choice in the NEW Bimonthly comp ending 28/02/23 here: :)(y)







    There's also the Vignette & Diorama #5 comp


    Thanks for sharing

    Look forward to seeing more

    Happy benchtime

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  9. NigelR Well-Known Member

    Great work! I particularly like your groundwork, it's really effective and complements the scene beautifully.

    Although Cambronne's legendary utterances are myth, there were plenty of occasions during the final phases of Waterloo when groups of the Imperial Guard formed squares or tried to clump together to stem the retreat. So plenty of opportunities for a scene like this....

    Most of the Guard involved in the attack at Waterloo were the so called "Middle Guard" and they were a hastily assembled bunch that had a mix of uniforms and equipment. However, a battalion of the 1st Grenadiers had been in reserve all day and marched off the battlefield in good order as the chaos ensued around them. These guys were true Imperial Guardsmen (12 years plus service) and would likely have been in full dress. So the scene may not be as fanciful as it seems, although maybe there is a bit of artistic licence...... ;)
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  10. Martin64 A Fixture

    If someone is interested - a good read quite well researched IMHO. The flag so bravely defended by our Guard Grenadiers in their last stand dio limits the possibilities about their unit "somewhere on the battlefield" as the standard seems to be the color of the first Grenadiers a pied.
    Nevertheless historical notes should not take away from the brilliant execution of this scene. Once more - well done!
    Cheers, Martin
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  11. Zim PlanetFigure Supporter

    Fantastic work very impressive.
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  12. NigelR Well-Known Member

    Well, the rivet counter in me would refer people to Gareth Glover's two recent books on Waterloo, "Waterloo: Myth and Reality" and "The Great Waterloo Controversy, The 52nd Foot in the Waterloo Campaign" which sift through all the contemporary evidence to come up with some detailed theories on the Imperial Guard attacks (and the course of the battle). Both well worth a read. The 1/1 Grenadiers were in reserve and then formed part of the squares trying to stem the Allied advance, so the scene is perfectly feasible IMO. It wasn't really a "last stand" though ;).

    Still loving the scene though. I have the Andrea 54mm vignette in the to do pile and this is inspiring me to make a start on it......
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  13. Gooner Mike Active Member

    Great work Kurt
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  14. Warren SMITH A Fixture

    First class work...
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  15. Waterlooman Well-Known Member

    Superb work - top notch painting skills.

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  16. khollar A Fixture

    Thank you all for the many kind words. Carl did a masterful job of sculpting these figures, and they were a joy to paint. When Mitches released the first six, I know that I had to paint them. When Carl released the additional set under his own label, it was clear that the two sets must be combined.

    To Martin and Nigel’s points regarding the conflicting accounts and historical accuracy of such a scene, I guess we will never know what happened for certain. The legend of Cambronne and the Guard is powerful and appealing.

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  17. Waterlooman Well-Known Member

    I have a vested interest in it due to my Dio I am building.

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  18. Steve Ski PlanetFigure Supporter

    Beautiful work, great job!
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  19. 1969 A Fixture

    Excellent work all round Kurt.
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  20. Cannonball A Fixture

    Fantastic piece Kurt. Super job all round.


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