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Landsknecht Buste sculpted by Yury Serebryakov

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by megroot, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. megroot A Fixture

    Today arrived at the Postoffice (i was on vacation) my long expected buste of the Landsknecht sculpted by Yury Serebryakov.
    Never had such a large bust in order so i was eager to open the postbox from Russia.

    What i saw was incredible. A wooden box sealed with a paperband with several pictures of the landsknecht.
    landsknecht 001 (Medium).jpg
    In my opinion there is no better package then this for a resin figures. I saw it different times in cardboard boxes and they crushed by the postman. This is absolutely one of the best packages i've seen in our figureworld.

    Well it's time to open the box. landsknecht 002 (Medium).jpg
    Between softmaterial are the large components of the bust and in a sealed plastic bag are the feathers.

    This is the contain of the box: landsknecht 003 (Medium).jpg

    The Torso of the Landsknecht, i hope you can see the very crispy detail Yury sculpted and cast in a dark grey resin
    landsknecht 004 (Medium).jpg
    The hat landsknecht 005 (Medium).jpg
    The face landsknecht 006 (Medium).jpg landsknecht 007 (Medium).jpg
    The feathers landsknecht 008 (Medium).jpg

    Well, i hope i sound not to overwhelmed but in reality i am. It's a fabulous sculpted bust with very crispy details, no seamlines so far, but only some small mould blocs who are easy to remove.

    I only can recommend this bust, with this great character in his face.

  2. Robert Laclavik Active Member

    Marc, I have one at home too and I can only echo what have you wrote. It is for sure one of the best busts I´ve seen so far. For me its measures was surprise, I did´t wait it´s gonna be that big:D;)
    Can´t wait to start working on it.
  3. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Got mine a few days ago and it is awesome,mine was in a totally different kind of package a plastic tube with solid top and bottom and foam between every part, first class!!!

    Cheers David
  4. MattS Active Member

    This is a great sculpt and the packaging looks pretty nice too. That wooden box is great, but probably adds to the $$. How big is the bust? I thought it was 200mm?

  5. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    mine came in the plastic tube as well, would have preferred the wooden box by far.

    Matt - it says its 1/9 scale but the hat is 65mm diametre and 20mm from the eyebrows to the chin......

    its a cracker of a bust and ripe for a bit of converting...............!!!

  6. wappengenosse Member

    Hello!!!This bust haven't base?
  7. wappengenosse Member

    Where can buy this bust?
  8. megroot A Fixture

    No, most busts haven't a base just like the most figures.

  9. megroot A Fixture

  10. rosman Member

    wow the presentation is awesome!!! anyone can say how much costs the bust??
  11. MattS Active Member

  12. Kirtles Well-Known Member

    Thanks Matt - I do now have a supply.
    They arrived (literally) as I departed on holiday. I managed to fulfil pre-orders before I went but now I am back, I will be listing the model on my site etc. More are already on the way from Russia.

    I should have the model fully listed in next 24 hours, but in meantime, if anyone wants one, please let me know.

  13. megroot A Fixture

    I payed with Paypal and including these costs for Yuri and Post and Package € 55,-......and i must say it's a good price for this product.
    Without Paypal it is € 50,-.

  14. rej Well-Known Member

    I saw Ivan's at club last Wednesday and its just AWESOME, but...........................

    it was in the plastic tube :eek: (still a very solid package) and as Dave remarked I personally would prefer it in that beautiful wooden box!!!! Why was there two types of packages if the price is/was the same (always standing up for correction here)?

    Anyway, as I said its an AWESOME sculpt, with those inscriptions driving me crazy with AWE :) just INCREDIBLE :D

    However still haven't ordered one, but that wooden box is very very tempting :p

    Ray ;)
  15. Mike - The Kiwi A Fixture

    Hi Ray,

    From my discussions with Yury he was working on what packaging to use and did not intend to change the price regardless of which type he chose. I'd advised that if he should aim for something distinctive and that protected his product. I too can't believe the amazing box he has come up with and it does add to the allure of this piece. My understanding on the tube as you say it does a grand job protecting the contents too but doesn't have the extra appeal of the box.

    This is early days in his business development so I'm sure the positive feedback he is getting will reassure him he is heading in the right direction.

    Take care,


    P.S. Please don't think I "officially" represent Yury, I simply offered some advice where it was requested in the setup of his venture.
  16. Caught this a little tread late, thanks to Steve I had the bust as promised just before he went to his holidays well done mate ... mine as many others came in the protective tube, which was alreday something good and protected well, the cast is awesome, but now I am a kid again ... I WANT THAT BOX AS WELL!!!!!!! LOL!

  17. megroot A Fixture

    Guys, Guys,
    That box is indeed a great package. But i think the tube will do also. If you want a box maybe you can buy them in a giftshop.
    At least we are all kids and we all wanted a box like that, well i was lucky that get one for free :D:D:D

  18. Y.S. Active Member

    Thank you for kind words about my work!
    I look forward to see your painting!

    I wish to explain about packing.
    As you know, I only have begun own manufacture. Therefore I search for an optimum variant of packing while, and all first orders have trial boxes.

    The main lack of wooden boxes - the big weight. It very much increases the sending price. Therefore it is not favourable to dealers.
    Individual shiping are more vulnerable to post vandalism. And the price of sending of one box is identical for wooden, plastic or cardboard...
    The nearest individual orders will have such wooden boxes!

    Probably something will change in the future... Time will tell.
    But so while.

    Your responses, reviews and criticism help me to make correct conclusions!

    And I'm very grateful to a wise advices of Guy and Mike!
    Thank you very much!

    Yury Serebryakov
  19. Kirtles Well-Known Member


    I only wanted to add that the price of the 2 items is also different. Marc mentions that his boxed version costs Euro 50, whereas the other version in the stout cylindrical packaging is Euro 41 or thereabouts - I am retailing it at £36 plus P&P. Just updating my site today following my return.

  20. megroot A Fixture

    I payed indeed € 50,- incl P&P.
    For paypal it is + 10 % cost's paypal want's for his service.

    So buying trough skminiatures is saving money.

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