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WIP Kyle Reese from Terminator 1

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by Alaneye, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. Alaneye Member

    This is my current project again in 1/2 scale. I think the bust is just about done, just need to do some tweaking of the hair. I also made a 1/2 scale shotgun to go with it.

    IMG_1260.jpg IMG_1262.JPG IMG_1263.JPG IMG_1268.JPG IMG_1292.JPG IMG_1159.JPG IMG_1247.JPG

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  2. housecarl A Fixture

    Brilliant Al.
  3. JasonB A Fixture

    Ok, can I just give you my bank account number now? It will just be easier that way. And if you do Kristanna Loken from T3, all bets are off. Sanity may leave me, second mortgages will be taken out...
    Jamie Stokes likes this.
  4. John Long Active Member

    Really cool subject. Not sure why it hasn't been done before.
  5. Karlosfandango Active Member

    I agree Jason, I'm getting a systems overload too.
    I'm still discussing with Al the first one and he does this to me. Gulp!
    Could we not have waited until Dec like waiting for the 2nd part of the Hobbit franchise.
    Slow down Al and let us catch up.
    Stunning stuff though.
    You've got some talent Al.
    JasonB likes this.
  6. FigureLover A Fixture

    Superb bit of sculpting, the likeness is spot on and I love the gun over the shoulder. Your detail work is out of this world. You have to do copies of these!!!!!!!
    JasonB likes this.
  7. Alaneye Member

    Cheers, Carl! :)
    hahaha, I'd like to think second morgages won't be necessary.
    There have been one or two sort of half body type busts done previously, but nothing that focuses on the face like this one.
    Thanks, Karl :) These busts have actually been done over the last 3 years... yeah I'm that slow... but you just got them all at once :)
    Cheers, Ben, Kyle isn't finished yet though.
    Jamie Stokes and JasonB like this.

    1/2 scale is like a library bust. I would put one of these next to Shakespeare or Disraeli any day. :)

  9. Renéduret Well-Known Member

    yes, all of your range is super!
    love it.

  10. harrytheheid Well-Known Member

    To be honest, if someone were to do Kristanna Loken....:love:....as a full 75mm figurine the way she appears in this movie....then I'd be breaking down their door trying to give them the loot..!!
    Ring of the Nibelungs.jpg
  11. T-34/85 PlanetFigure Supporter

    This looks so good you wouldn't have to paint it. You can see the pores on his face! Incredible!(y)(y)
  12. Alaneye Member

    To be accurate, they are just under 1/2 scale, something like 5/12ths.
    Thank you, René
    Wow, a figure at 75mm tall... way beyond my skills :D
    Thanks... detailing in my favorite part :)
  13. Stephan PlanetFigure Supporter

    wow wow wow.
  14. nickk panther Member

    there are sculptors and then there is you my friend a world class portrait sculptor. your work is ore inspireing keep it up . i am looking forward to your next piece . very talented cheers nick
  15. Alaneye Member

    Thanks Stephan, glad you like it :)

    Nick, I dunno what to say... that is an incredibly flattering compliment. Thank you.
  16. Alaneye Member

    Been putting in a kitchen, but finally had time I knocked up a stand today... the idea sorta being it's the corner of the kitchen table. What do you think? (Kyle has been baked now, which is why he's a bit brown around the edges).
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  17. JasonB A Fixture

    The eyes make him look like a terminator in disguise! :woot:

    I would do some more work on the bangs and make them less symmetrical and neat (blocky) and more "wispy" and unkempt. Kinda looks like he just took a comb down the middle of his head and combed in the part. The nose might be on the small side as well, perhaps it could use more volume at the tip. Cheers

  18. megroot A Fixture

    Amazing sculptwork.

  19. Alaneye Member

    Kyle is done, there will be no changes. I used literally 100s of images when sculpting and it probably doesn't look exactly like any of them, including the one you showed... you take what you need from each image to try and capture something of the character you are sculpting. But the look I was going for mostly was this:


    The size of the nose depends on the picture you are looking at as the lens distorts depending on the distance and the focal length. His hair goes from a greasy, spidery mess to neatly combed after he took a shower. The choice I made about the hair was a practical one because it has to be moulded and cast. I took my cues from here:


    More wispy bangs can be added later with putty of course.
    Gellso likes this.
  20. Meehan34 A Fixture

    It may have already been asked, so forgive me if it has. Are you going to make copies of this?

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