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WIP Critique Kyateen, J. Palacios Studio.

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by franck edet, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. franck edet A Fixture

    Hello Friends,
    When i received Kyateen i was like a kid in a candy store, the review here on PF is absolutely right about every points !

    yesterday i primed her and had to fight myself to wait enough time for the priming to be perfectly dry.
    Today i just runned in my studio at 7:30 AM and got out at 4:30 PM. She's such a joy to paint, it's one of those sculpt with which the paint just goes where it'S supposed without any efforts. so to make a long story short : i will try to depict her as a Priestress of Sekmeth (she's wearing the Lion head afterall), regarding ambiant i will try to have a kind of hot light like the one of big oil lamps and a lunar light in her back. so after my first session with her here is were i am ... next week-end ... i can't wait for !

    i have included too a ref picture i've found of the kind of collar she's wearing, in case it could help folks over here :) regarding tattoos i've found an article showing tattoos on actual mummies and even some forensics drawings, so no it's not "artistic licence" not totally ;)

    as usual she's all painted in acrylics from the Scalecolors range.

    002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg collar_neferuptah.jpg

    thanks for watching and don't hesitate to comment !
  2. Oda A Fixture

    Even at this point it is more than obvious that you are in total control of your technique and medium.Absolutely sensational.Can't wait for your next weekend session too.

  3. Gary_81 Active Member

    Hey Franck it's great to see you doing a work in progress on Kyateen. Everything is looking great and I really love how you have handled the sheer fabric, it really does look amazing. I will be following this with interest and can't wait to see how you go with her.

  4. franck edet A Fixture

    Oda, Gary, thank you very much :)
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  5. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Absolutely stunning.
  6. malc PlanetFigure Supporter

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  7. TERRYSOMME1916 A Fixture

    Off to a flying start with this beautiful subject and bringing her life with the paintbrushes a a hell of a rate, looking excellent so far and as Oda stated it seems that you are in total control of your painting skills.
  8. megroot A Fixture


  9. franck edet A Fixture

    many many thanks ! i don't know if i am in control as the sculpt is really guiding the paint where it belongs ... but i do my best :)
  10. franck edet A Fixture

    I realize that i never talk about what i used for her skintones so here is the recipe : (all refs : Scalecolors but the primer)

    black primer (krylon can : flat black)

    zenithal primer done with the airbrush : Golden Skin pure
    basecoat front + back : African Shadow mixed with Arabic Shadow 75/25 paintbrush
    basecoat back alone : African Shadow mixed with Deep blue 25/75 airbrush
    first midtones : base + golden skin 25/75 airbrush
    first highlights : golden skin + pale skin 50/50 airbrush

    then a glaze (all front) of Orange Leather : paintbrush

    after that it's all paintbrush playing with shadows and highlights.

  11. Steve Brodie PlanetFigure Supporter

    Awesome, how do you do the translucent fabric ?
  12. franck edet A Fixture

    thank you Steve, this is actually more easy than it seems :
    first i did a glaze of pale tan, then i built up layers over layers with "off whites" ... actually there's no pure white at all as i want to push this further with lights reflections :)
  13. franck edet A Fixture

    hello friends,
    sorry no new picture today but ... i thought a lot about my next steps this week-end and i arrived to the conclusion that it was time to work the metals and jewels now.

    why ? well ... simple : IF there's a "oopsy" i can still correct the skin as it's not finished :)

    so here is the program for my next session : metalics and myabe a little bit of lighting :)
  14. Wayneb A Fixture

    Take your time Franck...…..What you've done so far on the skin work is enough to give me a chubby...…..:)

  15. Osebor PlanetFigure Supporter

    Excellent work...
  16. franck edet A Fixture

    Wayne, Osebor : thank you :)

    here is where i am today, didn't thought at first that it would take like 5 hours straight to get the metalics as i wanted. basically i used the whole gold range from scalecolors, mixing them with normal paints for the basecoats :
    Necro gold with deep blue for all back parts, viking gold with orange leather for all front parts.
    after that i work as if i was doing an NMM but with metalics, this way i keep my sources of lights where i want to.
    if you have any question : do not hesitate !
    the jewels in her necklace and belt are painted traditionnally with a glaze of inks once done.

    007.jpg 008.jpg 009.jpg 010.jpg 011.jpg
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  17. Osebor PlanetFigure Supporter

    Bastet will be pleased, methinks...(y)
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  18. franck edet A Fixture

    yes ... and her back is why she's near of Sekhmet too :)
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  19. Gary_81 Active Member

    Great work all over Franck. Those metallics add to the great atmosphere you are creating on this piece, can't wait to see how it turns out.

  20. franck edet A Fixture

    thank you Gary ... i'm trying to keep on the path to oil lamps lighting, til now i'm rather happy ... but my biggest fear is around the corner : working those lights on the skin
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