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Review Kyaaten - Poduced by Joapalastudio

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Gary_81, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Gary_81 Active Member



    Designed by Wendygital
    Sculpted by Joaquin Palacios
    Materiel Grey resin

    Packaging and contents


    IMG_0795.jpg IMG_0809.jpg

    This arrived from Spain to England in perfect condition. The sturdy white cardboard box was inside a plastic postal envelope which helped to give extra protection against the elements on it's trip to me.
    The Box has a nice photo on the front showing the unpainted model with some very atmospheric photography from Wendygital. Upon opening the box everything was packed between two thick pieces of foam, this really is more than enough protection and I can't see how anything could be damaged with such precautions taken.
    The contents of the box is pretty small as the kit only consists of three pieces. These being the ornate base, the torso with head and also the arm holding the dagger. Added to this is also a lovely art card which I believe is the work of the talented Wendygital and a nice touch to see.

    Kit Components

    Torso and Head


    IMG_0906.jpg IMG_0907.jpg IMG_0909.jpg IMG_0913.jpg

    IMG_0915.jpg IMG_0918.jpg IMG_0920.jpg

    IMG_0921.jpg IMG_0923.jpg IMG_0924.jpg

    Now I admit I might have gone a little photo crazy with this one, but I'm sure when you look at the sculpt you will see why I wanted to show so many different views to try and capture all the detail.
    The torso and head measures just over 10cm and is in 1/10 scale. For me this is a perfect size and the model really does feel nice and big. There is only one tiny mould line that will be easy to remove and doesn't cover any details at all. The pour spouts where located on the bottom of the model out of view and have been kindly cut off already saving me the job :). I am amazed how kit producers are improving all the time and this is a perfect example, clean up would really only take a few minutes before you are ready to assemble and then prime.
    Now the technical talk is out of the way time for admiring the sculpt. There is just so much to look at here, the face is amazing with that sultry Cleopatra look accompanied by that classic Egyptian style hair which has been sculpted in minute detail.
    One thing I also like is the body on this model it retains the feminine beauty of a classic sculpture, everything seems to have retained a realistic proportion, and while the sheer materiel is revealing the breasts aren't over the top or cartoonish which would have spoilt the model in my opinion.
    I love the detail that has been put into the jewellery on this model, the earrings and necklace are like something out of the British Museum they are that highly detailed, but I think my favourite part of the jewellery has to be the winged scarab at her waist a lovely little touch that just shows the effort put into this model.
    Now the last part of this section, the head piece. This is what really captured me when I first saw this model. That classical Egyptian cat design is perfect, it sits perfectly atop her head having just enough weight to look realistic without going over the top. The detail put into this I hope will be show in the photos and I really love the little earring in one of the cats ears just a lovely touch again.

    Arm and Dagger

    IMG_0870.jpg IMG_0873.jpg

    There isn't really a lot to be said here. The casting and sculpting are spot on and the fit is perfect, it matches up exactly with the arm band on the main torso. The dagger is a nice design and the arm is great anatomically speaking. The time when this arm becomes interesting is when it's attached to the model, then we see it hidden behind the back of Kyaaten. And this is when we get that lovely story telling in the sculpt, you can let your imagination go wild thinking about why she has that dagger so well hidden and what is she about to do.



    The base is a nice little addition to the kit and measures in at just over 5cm's tall. It has been really well sculpted and has the models name and some Egyptian hieroglyphs and designs on it. It has a nice texture to it and should paint up nicely. There is only one tiny casting line on it and once again the pour spout has been removed already saving me a job. I think having a ready made plinth is a nice touch especially for people who might not have many wooden bases laying around to use.

    Final Thoughts

    When I first saw this piece it had only just been posted and it took me a grand total of 5 minutes before I was placing my order. For me it had all I could want. It captured my love of ancient Egypt with my love of cats and my love of well sculpted and interesting female models. I have a feeling this model will be very popular with painters as it just has something about it that I feel will appeal to the historical and fantasy painters alike.
    One thing I will talk about is the price in euros it comes in at 60.50. Now including the base I think this is a fair price and I'm sure anyone who does get this model will feel very happy with there purchase. For me when I opened my box I knew I had made the right choice and that if I hadn't have gotten the model I would have regretted that choice. Currently some of the other models are available without there bases priced at euros 48.40. I'm not sure if that will be the case with this to but it would certainly be something to inquire about if you wanted the model without the base.
    To sum up I am over the moon with my purchase and would highly recommend this model to anyone, and if you are on the fence about it please look at the photos showing those amazing details and I think that will push you over :).
    I will leave you with one final picture showing the hidden intentions of Kyaaten.



  2. franck edet A Fixture

    Gary, i'm jealous as you got her at home while mine is still travelling somewhere between spain and Canada ;)
    by reading your words i realize we probably ordered her in the same time as i pre-ordered her 5 minutes after seeing the announcement over fbook hahahaa ! (the back view got me !)
    and once again great review !
    wendygital likes this.
  3. Gary_81 Active Member

    Hey Franck,
    I think for both of us this one was a no brainer, it really is just a model that the moment you see it you want it.
    I'm also sure that when it does arrive and you can see it close up in your hands you will love the details, I really don't think a photo can do justice to how amazing a sculpt of the female form this is.
    It's nice to see we have similar tastes in models to, I hope some of the other reviews I will do will be interesting for you as well.

    wendygital and franck edet like this.
  4. wendygital New Member

    Hey Gary,
    Thank you for the detailed and lovely review! Great photos too!
    I've tried to pour some life of their own in every character and Kyaaten has a very special place in our hearts! ;-)
    I'm happy that you enjoy her!

    Nap likes this.
  5. Gary_81 Active Member

    I'm glad you liked the review Wendy. Your company really has a strong line up of models and I'm sure there is a lot more to come:).

    wendygital likes this.

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