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Kuan Yu - Chinese Warrior 90mm -The base

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Major_Goose, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    Hello Guys , it was about time to start something new .

    So there was a figure that when i have seen painted from Jesus Gammara in Euro 2003 , i was really astonished and wanted to paint it. I think now ihave the pocibility that i dont make a crap out of it !!

    So Andrea's Kuan Yu Chinese Warrior in 90 mm is already assembled after a weeks work ! many gaps , pretty bad fit , needed to resculpt parts of the cloth in the joints area as there where huge gaps and more...

    Anyway that was done ...

    Now i had to do the base before starting the figure .

    I made a relatively big baseewanting to give space to my figure

    So thats a yard of 2 levels , with stairs. there is a symbol statue ofthe Dragon, thats is also present on his clothing (he was the master of dragons believed by people)

    Upper surfaces sculpted on plaster block.

    On the lowers maller level the floor has embossed chinese ideograms sculpted (if you can see them). The chipped wall cover is still fresh and will be refined whne is totally dry . i will try to achieve some peculiar effect i have in mind, even if this shows some extravagant

    The stone made stairway , was tried to recreate schistolithic stone (a kind of stone that is made by many thin layers of stone over the years , and when is broken down they show up one by one ),so i hope in the closeups you can see the multileveling construction of the stairs.

    European looking railings will almost be covered in the end so , i just needed them formy plants to grab on. So the fleur will not be showing !!

    The base is not finished yet since i wanna scratch a big ceramic base for plants andsome minor details more .

    But i had to show you that i am not a siting duck gentlemen , i am working !!!!! LOL

    All critisism and comments appreciated






  2. Christos Well-Known Member

    Looks promising Kosta.You have to do a lot of work my friend(many details etc).Looking forward to see some updates.
  3. MAB Well-Known Member

    Hello Costas
    I must say that this being a great plan
    beautiful the idea to cover the base
    it compliments aspect to see it complete of painting.
    Good Job My Friend.

    MAB ;)
  4. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    Great work so far my friend Costas. Looks very promising. Take it easy and soon you will have a masterpiece.

  5. nagashino New Member

    Hello Costas

    You have picked a good one this time. I too have this figure and I agree, there are many flaws in the assembly requiring a lot of hard work and filler. Not one of their better pieces I'm afraid.

    I like very much your idea for the base - very innovative. I am looking forward to watching this one develop. May even get around to finishing mine sometime :lol:

    Best regards

  6. megroot A Fixture


    You have a lot off time when i see this.
    What a great figure you have there. Alot of details to paint.
    Well about your base: I really like it. But i have my doubt's off the fence.
    Why don't you change it into a bamboo fence. For Japan it seems to me better then a iron fence.
    Again,, great work and i hope you finish it some day.

  7. ArturM Well-Known Member

    Hi Costas!
    Looks very interesting. Can't wait to see scenery :)

    Best regards
  8. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys . Advice appreciated and will be considered !!!!!!Base not finished so i have more to do !!!!!
  9. aiantas Active Member

    great start my friend,very succesfull the steps and all the scene,bravo costas,keep walking......
  10. Roy New Member

    Hi Costas...great work so far..it's always a lot of fun and very interesting to watch your bases take shape..they really make your figures special..
    Good luck with all that work.

  11. Graywolf Active Member

    hi brother,
    This time you chose a very very nice figure to paint and i believe final will be great with your slow :) and careful paintwork and extra good figure base skills. I agree the comments about the fence.it looked underscale to me for this figure.
    this figure is also painted by Roberto Ramírez Gutiérrez in 2005 and i think the following link can give you some hints.
    bestest regards

    Kuan Yu by Roberto Ramírez Gutiérrez
  12. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    Engin thanks a lot for your comments . I think ill try something different onthe railings area . Well see. as for the p[aitning you suggested ihave already seen it and took some ideas of this . Butthanks anyway . helpful as always
  13. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    Roy thanks a lot . Just trying !
  14. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    Babinio thanks a lot !!!!
  15. arthur Member

    This is very cool looking (y)
    As always your scenery will enhance this figure immensely :)
  16. yeo_64 Well-Known Member

    Costas,my friend,VERY IMPRESSIVE INDEED !!!! Your choice of Chinese ideograms certainly enhances the figure tremendously !!! Looking forward to the next step in the project,my friend. (BTW,Kuan Yun is a character from Chinese mythology,not Japanese.) Cheers !
    Kenneth :lol: .
  17. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member

    Hey Costas,

    You sure go the extra mile for bases, I applaud you! I wish I had as much energy to do something extra as you do with the base. Look forward to seeing this one painted.

  18. John Bowery A Fixture

    Glad to see you back up to speed. It looks GREAT so far. You are an inspiration.
  19. MikkoH Member

    Damn good looking Costas! Ecspecially the base! Can't wait to see it painted!

    Cheers Mikko
  20. Bill Mayo New Member

    To the woodshed with another troublesome Andrea figure. From the posted results I'd say it was time well spend!! Base looks great thus far. The idea about bamboo is a good one too.

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