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Knight models Loki

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Jazz, Jan 14, 2021.

  1. Jazz A Fixture

    Hi everyone,

    Long time no see. Hope everyone is ok in the current situation.
    I've been out of modelling for quite a long time as my eyes are getting a bit poor. Since I stopped painting about two years ago I put all my energy into drawing. Pictures are also easier to store than figures.

    I was up in the loft the other day and I came across a 54mm figure that I never got around to starting. It is the Knight Models original figure of Loki the Norse god sitting on his throne with a horn goblet in one hand and a trident in the other. I thought it was such a nice figure I wouldn't mind having a go at painting it to see if I have any skills left but I didn't keep the box and can't find any photos of the figure on the web. I've recently bought some new powerful lenses for my optivisor to assist the old peepers!

    Is there anyone out there that has any photos of this figure to work from?
    Best wishes to all,
    John (Jazz)
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  2. Helm A Fixture

  3. Nap A Fixture

    Hi John

    Nice to see you looking in , hope your all safe and well

    Did a quick google ...is this it image.jpeg

    Hope we see the painting from you

    Best wishes

    Stay safe

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  4. Jazz A Fixture

    Thanks Helm, good to see you're safe and well. I tried googling too but couldn't find it for some reason. Thanks mate. I will put it on here when it's done. As I've been away for a while it should cause a few laughs.
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  5. Jazz A Fixture

    Thanks Kev,
    Hope you and Swmbo are ok. Now I've got something to work with. Cheers guys.
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  6. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    Why with a trident ?!!
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  7. Babelfish A Fixture

    Welcome back John. What is the casting like on this figure? I ask because on every Knight Models figure I ever owned, it was shockingly bad.

    Note I say "owned" (past tense). That's because I sold them all on so that they'd become someone else's problem :D. I think I might have just one left buried somewhere deep in the bowels of the stash.

    - Steve
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  8. Forté A Fixture

    Thought that was 70mm.

    Knight Models have a bad reputation for poor casting.
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  9. Jazz A Fixture


    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the welcome. I didn't think anyone had noticed i had been away.
    The figure is moulded in white metal and like a lot of the old white metal castings it isn't as crisp as resin. But it's not that bad. I have the old figure of Thor too (the early comic version) which I am also repainting and that's a better cast IMO.

    Hi Forte,
    You're right, they are 70mm. I did say my eyes are bad!!

    Hi Mirofsoft,
    No idea why he has a trident. I've googled that but there is no mention of one.
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  10. Forté A Fixture

    You might find that it is meant to be Odin's trident. In one story arch he was the king of Asgard.

    loki jay anacleto.jpg
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  11. Nap A Fixture


    Hi John

    Your welcome , good to see you back and painting ...just look after those eyes

    Happy benchtime

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