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WIP Knight Models Gollum

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Jamie Stokes, May 8, 2016.

  1. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    Knight Models have produced white metal figures of famous (and occasionally, infamous) movie characters....

    A friend of mine is a Lord of the Rings fan, from about 25years ago......

    So ultimately this will be presented to him, this Gollum figure in white metal.

    It's a tiny figure, even for 70mm..... he is a halfing type creature, and wonderfully sculpted as a very gaunt figure (Coming soon to you, the Gollum ultimate diet; live in a cave for a few hundred years, eating nothing but raw orc and goblin, some fish, and become obsessed with a Ring that is magically imbued with power). Close inspection shows lash welt/ scarring on his back so that would place him after he had lost the ring, been tortured by the dark lord, and sent out to hunt down Hobbits.

    Options are happy head, angry head, left hand with ring, left hand with fish.

    I opted for happy with fish.

    Made out of white metal (not my favourite material to work with) they also include a hollow cast base out of white metal that resembles some kind of rock pile.

    Here, given the thinness of the limbs, white metal is the right choice of material, plus give the small body size, there isn't a great deal of weight to worry about

    So, parts break down is head (choose one) left leg, right hand (choose one) and base.
    I'll probably melt the base down, as the fit isn't quite right feet to base, and I'd prefer to make more own ground work (makes me sound like a dirt snob......)

    Cleaned up, put together, primed with Tamiya metal primer, then a week later, Vallejo grey.

    I'm going to snap off the fish hand, and micro drill, glue and pin. I've already pooped it off once, and can see it happening again at expo or similar....

    Work so far....

    P1090576.JPG P1090577.JPG

    Updates as gaps are allowed in my 'Honey to do list..."


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  2. Mark S Guest

    Looking forward to seeing the progress on this Jamie.....but please mate keep the stories about pooping at expos to yourself.
    I don't think it has any relevance here....cheers.
  3. pgarri27 Well-Known Member

    Love Lord of the Rings. I will enjoy watching this.
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  4. Joe55 A Fixture

    Gollum is one ugly dude, but I'll be watching to see what you do with him and how he is displayed :) .

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  5. Joe55 A Fixture

    Mark, I think Jamie just made an error in typing. Most likely he meant popped as opposed to pooped, but if he truly meant pooped, then you are giving sound advise. I wouldn't want pooping as my claim to fame either o_O!
  6. Martin64 A Fixture

    pooping parts off a figure - a new technique for easy disassembly - you should first give it at least a try before condemning it Mark:D.
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  7. Gaudin A Fixture

    That's what happens when quality of casting is crap ....
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  8. tonydawe A Fixture

    You're lucky Jamie. My Knights Models Gollum came without any arms. I'd love to complain and ask for replacement arms but I simply can't be bothered. Perhaps you could poop me out a set of new ones??:D
  9. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    how's it go......

    I eat Pegaso for breakfast,
    piddle out Vallejo
    and poop out Andrea metal parts....

    nope, nowhere near as tough as Clint Eastwood character in Heartbreak Ridge.....


    (something about eating barbed wire, and so on)

    So I really, really, need to check the settings on my spellcheck.....:confused:

    After micro drilling, I've got the arm and happily joined again, reinforced with some thin wire and super glue.

    The casting quality was ok, once polished with a brass brush.
    Detail is a little soft, but acceptable.

    My chief gripe, and the same with the Andrea Figures, is that getting the all the bits to align is a brain ache, at best, and may result in a bits being slung against the wall!!

    I wouldn't be in a hurry to cough up for knight models again, unless for a gift, commission, or a masochistic streak.....

    Now I'm wondering about how to place his setting.....

    Caves like in The Hobbit?


    Or among ferns such as in the Lord of the rings trilogy?


  10. Mark S Guest

    The cave would be an interesting challenge....... and one I'd like to see Jamie.
  11. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    The rocks and pool
    Is nice and cool
    So juicy sweet

    Our only wish
    To catch a fish
    So juicy sweet

    So if I'm going to do Gollum as a fish hunter in the cave,
    then it's going to be cool, blue tones for the shadows,
    and work up from there.

    So in a moment of "Well, lets give this a go and see if it works....."

    I undercoated Gollum in a dark blue for the dark shadows, then added a sky blue (both Vallejo acrylics)......

    well, that seemed to work....

    P1090586.JPG P1090587.JPG P1090588.JPG P1090589.JPG

    (pity the focus didn't......)
  12. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    Then I did the highlights in a Vallejo pale flesh
    (not a lot of tanning in the caves under Mordor)

    The whip scars I did in a very light Jo Sonja Napthol Crimson.

    The fish got a flash of red on the gills, and the mouth, and black eyes

    Gollum, still need to fix that gap under the wrist holding the fish (looks like he's got a baseball mitt 0n)
    and redo his eyes......

    Time to watch the lord of the rings, and see which version of his eye colour I want to work with......

    I'll sketch up some shadow box ideas on how I want it to turn out, and move forward from there.


    P1090601.JPG P1090596.JPG P1090599.JPG P1090604.JPG

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