Knight Hospitaller pegasomodels

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by rodrigrinch, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. rodrigrinch Member

    hola!! hi all, finally i finished this one, its a pegaso figure, a great one, i was working in the axe and shield, well i hope you like it, an as you know, all comments are more than welcome saludos

    this one with another background,
  2. magister militum New Member

    Very nice. I love this kit.
  3. Christos Well-Known Member

    Very good work,I like the weathering and the dust effect!!!
  4. Clarence1 Member

    Superbe chevalier!!!!:)

    Really like the painting. The ground is simple but I think that figure doesn't need a lot to be beautiful.

    Dust is excellent. Like also the blood. Can't really see but looks convincing.

    Good job

  5. Guy A Fixture

    Excellent painting and weathering Rodrigo.
  6. Aterz Active Member

    Great painting for a great figura!
    I like it!

    regards from Italy
  7. Hardy Guest

    Great painting Rodrigo. Hardy
  8. rej Well-Known Member

    Very nice Rodrigo!!! Welldone!!!!

    Ray ;)
  9. JGREEN A Fixture

    Wow!! Awesome work there Rodrigo! That is probably the best version of that kit I've seen. Could you explain how you painted and weathered the black?

  10. Alex Lopez Active Member

    Good work Rodrigo !!
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. québecpainter Member

    Hi Rodrigo!

    Verry good job!

    I feel a lot of potentiel in your brushwork.

    Being in the figurine world for 20 years,i have learned how to detect great potentiel and talent and i think that you belong in the category of upcoming painting master's , also my year's of experience have make me learn that good critic's make you better , always remember that the following comment's are no critics but differant impression about your work.

    -The detail are well done.
    -I feel that your piece miss a third intensity of shadows especially in the verry deep area.
    -The white cross on this subject seem to be less worked than the rest of the figure ( atmosphere must be all over the place).
    -The shield ,miss the light and shadow intensity that the rest of the figure have(always remember to threat your subject as a whole not as differant subassembly .)

    Again remember that good critic's will make you better.

    Verry good job again........!!!!.



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  12. jjgurk Member

    Rodrigo that is one of the nicest figures I've seen in quite some time. Extraordinary paint and weathering.
  13. rodrigrinch Member

    hola, thanks Magister,Cris,Clarence,Guy,Andrea,Hardy,Ray,Jason, amigo Alex,Claude, and John i apreciate all the commentes, I glad you like it

    Claude,thanks for your words, I begin about 5 years ago, and im still learning, i have a a lot of problems whit black, i dont know how many light or howmany shadows apply, but that will be more practice on the black, on the shield its the same thing, its a large flat area, so a can´t handle quite well, i want to do somthing like the shield in your picture, somthing like Diego ruina,(big fan of dark techniques), but i don´t know how achive that efect, the white cross is worked as the same of the rest of the figure, but i dont know why in the pictures looks less worked,:confused:, but maybe needs more shadows:pjaja, ok i apreciated your tips, as allways, more than welcome
  14. québecpainter Member

    Hi Rodrigo!

    thank-you for being receptive to my comment's.

    Let's talk about black....
    The mistake that almost every painter do,is to paint the light to much diffuse
    (large area) remember that black must look black even when the area is large.
    Try to keep your light as thight as possible,your mid tones(Black),and your shadows( now i see you coming, How can we shade Black?) the secret is in the shadow intensity! (How do we build shadow intensity in the darkest hue of the pallette?) buy color build-up. (How do we do color build up?) it is verry hard especially in black, my technique is :
    -base coat: black acrylics
    -light'S: black oils + whatever oils
    - Shadow's:Black oils +black oils +black oils back and back again until you are satisfied, that hue as the particularity to intensify as you put more and more into it, needless to say , at every layer try to ,put the paint in a smaller area than the precedant coat (similar to acrylics painting).

    An when you feel you make no progress no more into the shades ,then go back into the light,s lighter and lighter as thight as possible.

    The trick is to keep your light as crisp and thight as possible and your shadow's more diffuse but much more visible than your light (large area).

    Hope this will help!

    Will talk about the rest tomorrow.

    ( my wife is waiting for me!).


  15. rodrigrinch Member

    hi claude, and thanks for the tips, i aprecciate:)
  16. 湘雅学子 New Member

    Excellent painting
  17. John Belcher A Fixture

    Hello, Rodrigo.Fantastic painting.I really like your weathering.Very realistic :)

  18. I love Hospitallers and I like ithem more when they are painted great ...Prosit!

    I also like the dust effects ... my reservations are for the blood on the foot, it looks like he has a cut on his foot made with the axe rather then dripping [which surely the blade will not hold so much blood flow to create a stream], and if it is dripping from the axe, he'll be covered with drops alover and surely a larger area then concentrated on the foot, something that can easily be arranged IMO.

    Painting is very good ...

    Ivan Cocker
  19. megroot A Fixture

    Excellent brushwork.
    The blood looks good, but not convincing from the area where it is coming from.
    If i see this, i think that he has cut himself with that axe.

  20. A question to Claude ... as I have followed you remarks with interest, regarding blacks have you ever tried to add a Cyan/Blue in the mix or as an underlay, this technique I have learned trough digital and offset printing on paper when designing, and it works, to have a rich deeper black just add Blue to the mix or as an undercoat, the choice of Blue or Cyan depends what density and richness of black and choice ... some might also call on BlueBlack by WN but I prefer doing my own mix and have more control on the pigment and spectrum ...

    Great discussion and well done for the imput, lately I was very unreluctant to participate as seems many sat back on such discussions and kept the usual comments to 'awesome and well done' ... though those comments give credit to the work and artist I think such discussions and sharing work more and are of help to many ... thanks you guys!


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