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Knight Hospitaller Knight - 90mm Pegaso Review

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Guy, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Guy A Fixture

    Knight Hospitaller
    1203 - 1204
    Pegaso Models

    Photo 01.jpg

    Historical Note:
    The fourth Crusade was perhaps the most anomalous military expedition of all the Crusades. This figure faithfully represents a “franco” knight from the first half of the XIII Century with a characteristic helmet with a flat skull piece and bulb mask. The Hospitaller Monks during that period wore black with a white cross. The figure may also be painted with the Heraldry and colors of other knights of that period.

    Figure Review
    Hospitaller Knight, 1203 – 1204
    Pegaso Models
    90mm white metal
    Sculpted by Andrea Jula
    Box Art by Danilo Cartacci
    18 white metal parts

    Photo 02.JPG

    Above we see the 18 part white metal kit out of the box and ready for inspection. The 90mm figure torso is cast in 2 parts and joins at the waist. The rear cape is also cast separately as is the front tunic below the waist. The following photographs will show the attention to detail Andrea Jula has given this figure.

    Photo 03.JPG Photo 04.JPG

    Photo 05.JPG Photo 06.JPG

    Above are shown the upper torso with the head cast to the body. The chain mail is sculpted crisp and clean with minimal seam lines down the sides.

    Photo 07.JPG Photo 08.JPG

    Photo 09.JPG Photo 10.JPG

    [FONT=&quot]Above we see the lower section of the torso with the legs and feet. The seam lines follow the edge of the rear tunic and are ever so slight down the chain mail[/FONT]

    Photo 11.JPG Photo 12.JPG

    Above we are shown the front and back of the Hospitaller cape and can clearly see the beautiful folds Andrea Jula has sculpted. Dry-fitting the cape to the rear shoulders was tight and no filling would be needed.

    [ continued in next posting ]

  2. Guy A Fixture

    Photo 13.JPG Photo 14.JPG

    Above is the front tunic that attaches right below the waist belts. A slight seam line down the outside edges can be quickly removed with a file or hobby knife.

    Photo 15.JPG Photo 16.JPG

    Above we see the front and back of the right and left arm. The left arm is slightly hollowed out where it is attached to the shield.

    Photo 17.JPG

    [FONT=&quot]Above is the optional bulb mask that attaches to the front of the helmet leaving the eyes to show through[/FONT]

    Photo 18.JPG Photo 19.JPG

    The Knight’s war axe is cast in 2 parts and joins together at the right hand.

    Photo 20.JPG Photo 21.JPG

    [FONT=&quot]Above are shown the front and back of the sword and leather belting[/FONT]

    Photo 22.jpg Photo 23.jpg

    Above we see the shield with battle scars on the front as well as wood grain on the inside of the shield. A light seam line is all the way around the shield and easily removed.

    Photo 24.JPG

    Above we see the small parts and accessories cast separately.

    Photo 25.JPG

    Above is the square white metal base supplied with the figure and is slotted for positioning of the figure to the base.

    [ continued in next posting ]

  3. Guy A Fixture

    Additional Box art by Danilo Cartacci

    Photo 26.jpg

    Photo 27.jpg Photo 28.jpg

    Additional version by
    Tommi Worton
    United Kingdom

    Photo 29.jpg Photo 30.jpg

    Photo 31.jpg Photo 32.JPG

    Additional version by
    Mario Peiro
    Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Mario 01.jpg Mario 02.jpg

    Mario 03.jpg Mario 04.jpg

    [FONT=&quot]The above version of the Hospitaller Knight by Tommi Worton and Mario Peiro was painted as a different Knight of the Crusades[/FONT]

    I find this to be one of Pegaso’s best cast and sculpted figures. Very light seam lines in the right places where they are easy to get at. Dry-fitting of the parts was good and a tight fit was achieved in each case. I would highly recommend this figure for those interested in the Crusades.

  4. magister militum New Member

  5. Tommi A Fixture

    Real nice review Guy on a figure that will become a classic in time, very popular at the moment with lots of painting options, I am starting on the second of three for another collector, thanks for posting.
  6. megroot A Fixture

    Seen this figure a few times and it is always amazing painted.
    I think the figure ask for a good painting, and with every good figure you get a good painting.
    From all the figures above i like Tommi's version the most. (that is personal)

  7. DEL A Fixture

    Love this figure, but it'll stay on the shelf for a while yet.
    All 3 renditions show the benefit of well controlled weathering, nice and restrained.
  8. John Bowery A Fixture

    All three are fabulous.
  9. Franco Active Member

    Thanks for the great review Guy.

    As I mentioned to you I have this beauty and now am cleaning him up....

    I think Pegaso has done a wonderful job on this one - design, sculpting and casting on mine is perfect.

    Ciao for now
  10. Clarence1 Member

    Wonderful figure!

    My god,

    How can I resist??? :confused:

    They almost got me with the Templar Sergeant, XIII Cent. I could resist but it was really hard. But now, I must give it up. :(

    Now, where is my credit card? :confused::confused::D

    Wonderful figure!!!

  11. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nice review, Guy!

    The only bad thing about this figure is that it is going to be so popular that we will see a lot on display at shows. Not that it will reach the Maximus popularity at Euro a few years back but still will be seen a lot. I like the renditions postened and wasnt Hardy doing his as Couer de Lion?

  12. mario Active Member

    Hello Guy

    Thanks a lot my friend to post my work beside these two great works.
    I agree ,this figure is highly recommendable .

    Warm regards
  13. MCPWilk A Fixture

    The best version of this I've seen is of Richard the Lionheart!

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