WIP Knight Hospitaller c.1250, 75mm original

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Anders Heintz, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Here is something unusual for me, a knight! After recently splashing some paint on Elite Miniatures Norman Knight by Latorre I got an interest in doing another knight piece. What initially started out as a mounted 54mm figure turned into a 75mm single figure. What happened was I had a mannequin laying around that had already been posed so I thought I'd try some chain mail, and instead of a test to try out the chain mail technique it turned into a whole figure.

    Another thing about the figure is that it is 100% scratchbuilt, I need to learn to sculpt heads better so have made a vow to try it more often. Once the bare head was finished I made a mould of it and the helmet and used Resin copies on the figure. Too much work to do another helmet should the occasion arrise!

    All in all it has been a super fun figure to do, and I am looking forward to get started painting on it this weekend.

    It's sculpted with Magic Sculpt, Lead Foil and Pro Create was used for the chain mail.

    A huge Thank You goes out to Mr. Mike Spivey, aka Renarts here on the forums. He spent a few hours on the phone with me discussing the various pieces of equipment and how they were used etc. Thanks man, really appreciate all your help!!










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  2. ghamilt1 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Great job Anders, I can't wait to see you get some paint on this one.
  3. Mat Lambert A Fixture

    Hi Anders,
    The knight figure is superb and a good head sculpt too. The chainmail has really worked (I can see why you continued the full figure) and the effect of the unclothed hand out of the mitten is a clever touch. I have been checking pf and the bench for ages to see what you have been working on lately and now I can see where the time has been spent - that chainmail must have taken ages.
    Looking forward to seeing the painted version - any chance you can make a few notes of your mixes etc for the armour.
    Thanks for posting.
    Cheers Mat
  4. Joseph Brubaker New Member

    Nice Sculpt....................
  5. came Member

    splendido, veramente spettacolare. great
  6. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Excellent sculpt Anders ,IMHO I think this would do very well as commercial release.I for one would love to paint it.

    Cheers David
  7. Meehan34 A Fixture

    very very cool. Excellent work and as you know I like knights. keep those knights coming :)
  8. gordy Well-Known Member

    Very cool Anders, nice work on the mail (y)

    I like the head and the straps on the back of the legs
  9. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys!! It was a fun figure to sculpt and also a fun one to paint!! I have the figure about 75% finished now and will post pictures of it once finished.


    The chainmail was surprisingly simple. A tool made from a hyperdermic needle which was filed down to a "C" shape with a thin brass rod inserted in the center of it made the job fairly simple. I'm not thrilled about the 'lines' through out the chainmail, but it was the first time I tried it so I hope to be able to get better at it over some time.

    Thanks again guys!
  10. 1969 A Fixture

    nice job Anders, looking forward to seeing your painted version.

  11. Christosjager A Fixture

    Excellent work Anders, well done.
  12. Mike Stevens A Fixture

    Very nice Anders. I really like the chain mail and the detail on the back of the legs. The head is sculpted very well too.

    I can't wait to see the painted version. Will it be done for MFCA?


  13. Marcel Active Member

    Excellent creation Anders!

  14. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Thats guys! The figure is actually finished now, all that it needs is a name plate. I will bring it to SCAHMS this weekend. I'll have it for MFCA as well Mike.

    I'll post some pictures later today.

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