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Kits for Sale many OOP List 2

Discussion in 'Market & Commissions' started by Tecumsea, Sep 21, 2021.

  1. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    I have decided to reduce the grey army once again after a 2 year lapse. I have too many kits and most here are priced at 25-50% off retail many are OOP and hard to find. I am more interested in creating space than making any profit. At well over 70 and declining sight I realise most of these will never be painted. After this sale I will still have around 600 kits remaining and further sales will follow. My main interest is Napoleonic and this is reflected in most but not all of the items for sale.

    Please note nothing is sold until the money is received, the first to pay gets the goods unless you notify me reasons for delaying payment.

    All items have a label priced in £ sterling. Please PM me if interested for postage costs.

    Thanks for looking.........Keith

    Below list shows Make, Code, Description, Scale and £price

    Aitna 54-010 Drummer Grenadier Lifeguard Russia 1809 54 10 Kit
    AMIS Show Figure Kingdom of Italy Honour Guard 54 20 Kit
    Benassi 80-20 Trooper Chevau-leger "Prince Clement" Regt Saxony 1812 80 15 Kit
    Bonaparte 88th Connaught Ranger Bust 200 20 Kit
    D.Grieve CL4 Lt 10th Prince of Wales Hussars 1890 100 30 Kit
    D.Grieve Mounted Camel Corps 65 40 Kit
    Elan Miniatures EL100 Mounted British 10th Hussar Officer 1815 54 20 Kit
    Elan Miniatures EL57 Prince Alexander Menshikov 54 10 Kit
    Ellies Miniatures EM009 Imperial Guard with Flag 1807 75 15 Kit
    Ellies Miniatures EM011 French Foreign Legionnairre 1854 75 15 Kit
    Ellies Miniatures EM005 French Foot Chasseur Trumpeter 1870 75 15 Kit
    Ellies Miniatures Chef de Bataillion, Tirailleurs Algeriens 1870 75 15 Kit
    Figure International FOC-6 Major 10th Hussars Sudan Subscription Issues 21-24 54 5 Kit
    Figurines Magazine (6) Latorre Hussar of the Republic 1796-1798 54 25 Kit
    Il Fuedo S54-14 Beauharnais on Horse at marengo 54 20 Kit
    Le Cimier GRF Republican Guard 90 20 Kit
    Metal Models MM52 Officer of Cuirassiers 10th Regt 1809 54 15 Kit
    Le Hussard Du Marais 70-8 Landsknecht Drummer 70 20 Kit
    Modeles & Allures B3 Flag Bearer Foot Chasseurs of the Guard 54 10 Kit
    N-S Productions Seated Infantry Drummer 75 25 Kit
    Oniria Miniatures Galvey at Pensacola 28 15 Kit
    Real Models RM100-07 Maryland Volunteers 1812 100 10 Kit no Box
    Real Models (Premier) RMC100-5 Officer of the Regt of York Hussars 1795 100 10 Kit
    Romeo 54-26 Hussar in Stable Dress Kingdom of Naples 54 15 Kit
    RP Models RPM-75-03 Sun Tzu 75 45 Kit
    Tartar Miniatures TR75-75 Woodland Indian 18th Century 75 20 Kit
    Tartar Miniatures TR75-99 Landsknecht 15-16th Century 75 15 Kit
    Tartar Miniatures TR75-129 Sioux Warrior 19th Century 75 20 Kit
    V&V Miniatures Celtic Chariot 40 15 Kit
    Dublin Model Society ltd Edition Dublin Volunteer Drummer 1779 75 20 Kit
    Barton Gen Seydlitz 90 45 Kit
    Pegaso 54-506 British Mounted Dragoon 54 30 Kit
    Pegaso 54-507 French Vistula Lancer 54 30 Kit
    Pegaso 75-095 Sergeant Second Eagle Bearer 1810 75 25 Kit
    Pegaso 54-239 French Horse Artillery 1800 54 18 Kit
    Mitches Military Miniatures (RDG) French Tambour Major 120 25 Kit
    Romeo 75-57 English Drummer 1775-83 75 30 Kit
    El Veijo Dragon TN01 Princess regt Hamburgo 1807 54 9 Kit
    El Veijo Dragon TN04 Drum Major Cataluna Regt Hamburgo 1807 54 9 Kit
    El Veijo Dragon TN11 El Chaleco 54 9 Kit
    Almond A31 British Officer 7th Hussars 90 35 Kit
    Almond A9 French Marine 1751 90 35 Kit
    Beneito MV91 Drummer 77th Foot Albuera 1811 54 10 Kit
    Beneito MV3 British Drummer 27th Regt Salamanca 1812 54 10 Kit
    Beneito MD1 Tambour Major 54 10 Kit
    Beneito B7-10 Drummer Infantry Marina 1760 54 8 Kit
    H & V Miniatures Drummer 27th Regt 1775 54 17 Kit
    Model Cellar MC75008 Voltigeur Drummer 1870 75 20 Kit
    White Models 90-23 Tambour Major 90 40 Kit IMG_20210916_110304220.jpg IMG_20210916_110651781.jpg IMG_20210916_160835280.jpg
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  2. JD64 New Member

    Hi Keith, email sent. Thanks.
  3. custer760 Well-Known Member

    PM sent Keith
  4. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Offers invited for anything that is left.

  5. red tom Active Member

    Is the Tartar Sioux Warrior still available Keith?
  6. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Tom, good to hear from you and hope you are keeping out of harms way in this crazy world my friend!?

    If you PM your address to me Tom, I'll send it over to you post free

  7. Richard Baxter A Fixture

    hi Keith,

    PM sent re the 2 landsknechts.


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